Planning for my next Trip: Osaka & Kyoto

01 March 2016

Hello Sweeties! It's always my favourite time of the day when I'm actually planning for the next coming trip. Yea, for your information I have been travelling most of my time to Tokyo last year and Osaka & Kyoto are still in my wish-to-travel-list! So, a good news for myself...

I WILL BE GOING TO OSAKA & KYOTO on this coming April. Yea, I'm going to make my insta & blog full of pastel pink photo again :p

Look at this!! It's some popular place in Osaka & Kyoto. I have been waiting for this and finally I'm able to make it this time. Next thing who should I travel with?? One of my secret admire! xD No lah, will be going with one of my close friend and just two of us. We both were super busy in the past few month and since it's CNY now....we finally have some time to plan and research for our trip! Yesssss~

| The Best Time to travel / visit Japan 

So if you ask me what's the best time to travel / visit Japan. It's either Tokyo , Kyoto or Osaka...personally I dislike summer because Malaysia's weather is always summer lol. This is why I normally travel to Japan during their Spring / Autumn (Fall) season

  1. Spring: Early April for the cherry blossoms 
  2. Autumn / Fall: Mid to late November for the autumn foliage

How I stay Connected & Should you rent a pocket wifi?

As I mentioned earlier on my previous Japan Travel Post, it's really really really important if you able to rent or get one of those pocket wifi device in Japan. I find that it's a MUST & quite useful and handy when you travelling around in Japan. For example, you can connect the data with pocket wifi to check the train arrival time (on an app) , google translate OR navigate your way around new country as well as doing extra research during your trip! 

I'm so excited now and always be prepare with a pocket wifi with me before I fly to Japan. This time I will be getting the pocket wifi from Travel Recommends because I had a great time with this pocket wifi when I'm in Melbourne. I can't wait to experience how I could 24/7 stay connected with their pocket wifi data. With this I will be able to contact my loved ones and share scenic photos,  new discoveries and beautiful places through social media!


Above are the reasons why I'm in love with Travel Recommends pocket wifi!! This means that as long as I have the pocket wifi, I can enjoy UNLIMITED DATA abroad and stay CONNECTED with my loved ones and contacts without having to pay the costly data roaming bill! I'm so glad that I stick to TR pocket wifi again this time & I just done my booking on their website now!! Woohooooo Just being too excited to rent a travel Wi-Fi from them again and I hope this short information post can help you planning for your coming trip too!!

RM15/day?!! & Discount Promo Code
Did I told you there are having an Early Bird Sakura Promotion, where you get to enjoy UNLIMITED WIFI at just RM15/day when you travel to Japan, Korea or Taiwan. Not only that, there are also offering 2-way FREE courier delivery service for everyone! This Promotion valid until 30th April, customer will have to book before this date to enjoy the promotion.

Other than that for all of my readers, you can get Rm10 off from your total bill by quote this promo code 'CHANWON'. (Remember, it will expired on 30th April ya) 

Where to play & go in Osaka & Kyoto

My very first plan should be Universal Studio @Osaka & dress in kimono@ Kyoto and take a lot of selfie again with the sakura blossom! oh no....I'm soooooooooo excited now I cant sleep! lol Any recommended to-go or must-go place again?? Hmm...I'm still doing my research this time!!.... Can't wait to update you again with my plan #2.

I guess that's all for now! Love, xx.

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