16032016 | Memorable and Happy Day

16 March 2016

 It's hard ... It's tough.. It's difficult for me?! 
Yes, maybe??
I will treat this place like my own diary because I need some space to express how I feel recently.

There are some things time cannot heal
There are some relationship time cannot forgive 
There are some things that can't explain 
There are something that you can't fix it
There are something break your heart
There are always something there ... in your heart that you can't forget about it.

Sometime we cry , 
sometime we sad,
sometime we can't forgive and 
feel depressed.

We aren't perfect at all..
We always have ups and downs..
Good time or Bad time..
Either one ..

We start blaming ourself, complaining it to someone and start feeling unfair of everything in our life.
Start to think negatively..
Crying over and over again...
It wasn't you...
wasn't yourself...

You don't know what to do
no one can help
and you just feel soooooo depressed.

I had depression last year and I know how it feel but I'm lucky enough to have lots of love and supports from my friends.

I have all of you 
I have no one else to blame but myself...

Because I always have a choice..

but I never appreciate the choice...
the choice to speak out for myself 
the choice to overcome the problem
and last but not least

We somehow have to admit that it's a part of lesson in our LIFE.

I feel so much better now because I choose not to blame anyone.
I choose to trust on myself and not to say sorry anymore.
I choose to move on.
I choose to become who am I today.

Thanks for the lesson.
Thanks for everything and I feel so happy and fine now!
I'm just taking a moment be thankful to everyone who support me during my depression last year.

And for that person,
I feel thankful too because it's the most precious lesson that I can't learn and get it from others.

I'm so happy that I'm able to move on without the obstacle and I can be better!
Remember, you can always have a CHOICE.

I'm so happy that my choice was good enough to meet the coming opportunities in my life.
Thanks god! Thanks to You and everyone who loves me <3

A little appreciation note to myself. 
Honestly, nothing can stop me from being happy now!

After all,
my hard work paid off now!

I can't wait to be in Korea soon..
I can't wait to go back my favourite country Japan in April!

Love by Chanwon.