Chocolate Ville @Bangkok

11 March 2016

Hello Sweethearts! Due to the overwhelmed questions regarding my visit to Chocolate Villa @ Bangkok last month, I decided to come out with this post and show you how amazing this place is. It's my second time in Bangkok but this trip is mean to be more relaxing. I didn't shop a lot on this trip but just go there for exploring some new place and foods only. Will update another post regarding my 5D4N trip in Bangkok that suitable for your coming family trip or maybe friends?

Meanwhile, let's get started with some frequent asked questions that I received when I posted this on my instagram.


I think this is the most far area that I went during this trip. For your information, it is located outside of pratunam or I can say it's totally outside of Bangkok where you have to take taxi in order to reach there. I'm quite shocked that we can't reach there by other public transport except taxi. Since I go there with my friends & her family (total 8 persons) we have to look for a bigger taxi rather than the normal one. 

No worried for the price because personally I think it's quite reasonable. We never book a taxi at first because we just simply went down all the way from our hotel and look for a bigger taxi that can fit in all of us. My friends asked around but some of the taxi think it's too far for them and they rejected us for taking their taxi. After 5 minutes of searching, finally a kind heart taxi driver offer us a reasonable price to Chocolate Ville.

Go and back from Chocolate Ville for 1500baht. I'm so surprised because it's around RM23 per person only. Remember the taxi driver actually fetch us there and wait for us (about 4-5 hours) and fetch us all the way back to our hotel again. I guess it was really lucky to meet the driver because the rest of the day we just contact him for the transportation. If you go with your family it's best to take taxi than tutu car to save time and more convenient actually. 

Therefore, getting there was super easy. You just need to take a taxi , show them the address and arrive at there safe and sound. It took us almost 1 hour to reach Chocolate Ville and it's worth! Worth for everything in term of the environment , food and price too! Want to know more? read until the end xx.

Chocolate Ville 

The first thing I hear the name of it I asked my friend whether is there any shop selling chocolate here? The answer is NO! There are no chocolate at all and surprisingly, there are only ONE restaurant here. The restaurant is actually the whole area / park of this Chocolate Ville. Really interested and I can't believe on my eyes at all. lol 

Look at the photo below!! I can't believe i'm in THAILAND!! Nothing about thai here except the food! Thailand seems better than Malaysia now lol 

The whole design and ambiance was so western! Look at the white buildings, gardens, bridge, lake and everything was just so perfect and beautiful! We didn't make any reservation but I heard some peak season might take some time to order your food and wait for your turn. We were so lucky because it was Valentine's Day and my friend's parent just look for empty table , sit down and start looking at their menu.

Dining in the park?!! Exactly! Oh god if you plan for your coming trip you must visit here at least once!! No joke there are lots of table and seats available and our taxi driver told us there are at least 700 people dining here?!! WHAT?!!!

Since it was my friend's brother birthday, we actually spend our whole day here. Other than food, it's a great spot for photography too. You can take as many photo as you can and on the day time itself & night were something totally different. Let me show you now!!

 Day time Chocolate Ville

 Sky getting dark

Look at that!! So beautiful right? It's completely different and you have to be there to experience this. The restaurant start at 4pm so you can plan your morning activities and then reach here before 3pm.


The food here wasn't that pricy I personally think it's slightly cheaper than those expensive restaurant in KL and it's quite reasonable. We were quite satisfied with the food because the food came to our table quite fast just that it's very hard to ask and call for a waitress and ask for something (I guess it's because too many table & crowded sometime) So you might need to have extra patient to ask for something you need. It's best if you can look at the menu first and then order all at once because the waitress there seem to be so impatient and feel like rushing us to end our order lol.

But overall it's still acceptable. I won't come back just for the food but for the overall experience I will definitely recommend to pay another visit here with my friends or parents again.







I think we order more than 9 dishes but have no idea why I forgot to take photo lol Busy having my dinner here I guess :x But we get really fully after all!

Photo & Selfie Time 

 Lyvia :3
 Valentine's Day Special

TED? lol 

Happy Birthday Nelson!

 L.O.V. E.

Run out of battery T.T The rest of the photo taken by Lyvia's camera & my iPhone lol

 Their toilet also so pretty !!!!

Contact Details 

 Chocolate Ville
Address: Kasetnawamin KM. 11 Rd
Kasetnawamin, Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 083 - 077 - 3738 (reservation start after 4pm)

Opening Hours: 4 PM - midnight 12AM

That's all for this post. See you on my next post. Love, xx.


  1. Wow I love your travel posts very much! Mind telling where you live while in Bangkok? You're so pretty by the way! Lovely post xo

    1. I live in Baiyoke Sky Pratunam there :) Thanks for your comment!

  2. hi,
    Can you share the kind big taxi contact number with me
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    Thanks in advance for your help

  3. hi,
    Can you share the kind big taxi contact number with me
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    Thanks in advance for your help

  4. hi, can u share the kind taxi uncle's contact number pls ? my email

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Dear,

      So sorry i only get to check my comment notification now. I couldn't recap the phone number of the taxi but no worries because you can always look for a taxi there and ask them to provide you a whole day trip package or bao their taxi during your journey. Enjoy your trip!

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  6. Hi, do they have any foldable compartment in ladies toilet for mummy to change their babies diaper? Or any baby room at this area? Thanks

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