Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

21 March 2016

Good Morning Sweeties! How are you today? Just done my last minute check on my luggage since I'm flying off to Korea this week and Japan in April. It will be a fantastic month ahead and I can't wait to share my happiness with all of you. So back to the topic,  I'm going to review this #SchollMY new electronic nail care system with all of you! 

I'm sure with the whole Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day celebration last month, you've had fair share of nail & hair salon trips! I guess those are really a must-do for a girl right?!! Now that all the celebration is over, it's time for a little break...a little break on our nails!

After all the fancy coat of nail polish and gel manicure, it's time to go back to my original looking nails. I think it's time to give it a proper rest and breather. This is the reason why I was freaking excited when I got the new Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System. You will not believe how much this little device here will help you in your life.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System
The nail care system comes with an electronic nail file with 3 different heads for filing, buffing and polishing for both toe and fingernails. It's so easy to use you can bring it with you anytime & anywhere.

3 simple easy steps to have beautiful, healthy and good looking nail at all times.
But ....

 Battery Cover (Battery Included with this device)

 Turn it on and you can switch to normal speed / faster speed too.

 The three different heads label with number 1 , 2 & 3.

Just take the head and put it on the device. It can be removed easily too!

How to Use [3 simple steps]

I'm not joking but its application is super duper easy. Starting with the first head (label as number 1) and use it to file your nail. Then second & lastly the third head to complete the whole nail care system.
FILE: straighten & reduce nail damage 
BUFF: even out & smoothen nail surface 
SHINE: create instant healthy gloss on nails

A quick tip - For Step 1 & 2, I used the normal speed for a more precise filing and a faster speed during the third head for a better shine result. So let's try and test this device now!

 Buffing my nail after the filing step!

 This is the after! Perfectly buffed nail!

 Turn to a faster speed, exert light force and start to SHINE your nails!!! look at the amazing result without any nail polish!!

Review & After-use thoughts
At first I thought the nail care system was complicated but it turns out super easy which means that everyone will know how to use it easily! Secondly, I really appreciate that it's light and portable - I'm keeping it in my make-up pouch. Perfect for accidental nail crack / chip. 

Immediate result right after ONE use!

It save my time from going out and look for someone to do it for me. Personally I think this is one of my best investment so far! HAHAHAHA I'm quite amazed with the shiny and healthy looking nail without having to apply any nail polish. Thanks to Scholl - beautiful nails now can achieved effortlessly! 

Discount Code
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That's all for the today. Love, xx.

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  1. Oh wow! This thing look cools~! Gotta buy one to try in our nail salon <3