08032016 | Eye irritation & discomfort

08 March 2016

Hello Sweetie! What a bad day for me but still, I hope your day can be better. I'm worry about my eye since few days ago. Yea, as you can see from the title of the blog post! Have been lying on my bed for whole day today. Non-stop tearing and I can't describe how discomfort am I now. 

I was on my phone with Smelly yesterday (it was 2am midnight). Chatting and talking non-stop with him and discuss about our year end trip again. Suddenly, I feel something poked on my right eye. It was so discomfort. I feel something on my eye but I can't describe what is that. Next, I turn on the light and went all the way from my room to the toilet.

After that, my eye tears a lot. I start searching for 'the thing' that poked my eye. I start rubbing my eye but still I can't find anything. I use water to wash my eye and put on some eye drops but still it can't help. I feel super discomfort and start rubbing it again and again.

About 5 minutes later, I realise that I have poor eyesight which only allow me to see 80% of my normal eyesight + there are something blocked / pokes my eye. I feel like 'the thing' is on my eyeball and I can't get ride of it. I feel so angry -.- don't ask me why and I turn all the light off again and go back to sleep thought that it might be alright on the next day.

So the next morning, I saw something appear on the bottom part of my eyeball. Sticking on my eyeball and it look like a white transparent jelly. Idk what's the name of it but I thought it is the transparent layer (cornea 眼角膜) of my eye. I shocked like hell and thought I'm going to be blind soon. Scared me out of my wits!

It was Sunday morning and I tried google it around but no eye specialist open on Sunday. This is the worst thing ever and only Sunway Medical Centre open in the early morning. I can't drive alone and Smelly was so worried too so he woke up quite early in the morning and try his best to contact most of the eye specialist nearby my house + his house.

After 30 mins, his mom contact the doc from Sunway Medical Centre and they told us there are no eye specialist doc on Sunday too except the 'ON CALL' doc available only. wtf! On call doctor so expensive but I don't care I want my eye back. My eye getting more and more serious and I never rub it since yesterday. So I clean both of my hand and never touch my eye anymore.

I call Smelly again and we both cried on the phone. So dramatic and I feel like I'm so stupid! lol..This is how cute of us and I'm laughing right now! I really thought that my cornea drop and I have no idea what's going on. 

Then, the white jelly thing getting bigger and bigger. I have no idea what to do again T.T Crying so hard like a baby! Don't laugh me!!! My mom told me it's because I face too much lap top , playing phone or wearing too much contact lens. I told my mom that 'pls la, is so sudden one ok?!! I never wear lens or play phone at 2am yesterday!!'

Praying so hard and at waiting Smelly come to save me. After 25 mins later, Smelly picked me up at my house and both of his parent sit on the car seat behind. I was so shocked because I thought Smelly never told his mom but his parent brought me to the clinic nearby his house and ask me not to worry.

I almost tear again lol. Then Smelly keep on touching my head and trying his best to calm me down. He told me not to worry but still I tears a lot. Don't ask me why I really so scared!!! Ask for some advice and help on my snapchat and I never dare to look at my eye again.

So we went to the only clinic around Taipan, Subang USJ area. I waited about 1 hour++ and I feel like crying but the doctor really so steady. He look at me and ask me what happen. I zoom in the photo I took and ask why there are jelly on my eye and I really feel so discomfort + something poking + tear a lot + redness.

Then you know what he say? He just stand up and wash his hand and tell me don't worry & stay calm. It's eye irritation and he understand it's so discomfort. Then he simply write something on his tablet (so high tech) and say will gimme few medicine and some eyedrops again. I stunned and ask why is this happen on me so sudden! Is this because of facing too much computer ? phone? wearing lens??

He smile and look at me say is okay. WHAT?!!!!!!

Stunned to the max. Waited for 1 hour+ and the whole consultation only took me about 2 mins. Lol and until now I still don't know why. So I start to look for my snapchat and some of my follower & reader told me that it going to be alright but just stop wearing contact lens for a month.

I was like!??? Are you serious? 1 month?? April I will be going to Japan and I can't wear contact lens for a month? This week I have 4 meetings leh! HOWWWWWW!!!

Then some of the reader ask me to rest well and I got nothing much to do other than sleeping & looking my eye in front of the mirror. I feel better this morning but my eye turns super duper dry but no more discomfort. Just a little pain when I accidentally touch my eye.

Plus, some contractions of the muscles of the under eye. So sorry to my eye because until now I still don't know why I get the eye irritation. I can't find anything from my eye and doc never explain further to me. But is okay, from today onward (until 2-3 weeks time) I can't wear contact lens and make up anymore. Oh god! Please make sure my eye can fully recover before my coming trip.

I really worried now because doc told me once my eye get irritation, it will be back easily. Ask me to take care my eye but i really have no idea what's going on because I did nothing but suddenly my eye become like this?!! Bad luck to the max but I really hope no more eye irritation again!!

I don't wanna be like a panda again. My eye only recover like 80% since yesterday. Left 20% hopefully the next meeting my client still can recognise me. I really can't see anything if I never wear my contact lens. Maybe just stick with my spec this few weeks.

Dear eye
Please recover as soon as possible because I need you....
Need you so much!

That's all for today. A little update on my blog and to remind me how stupid am I xD ( I really thought I'm blind wtf!! Thanks god it was just eye irritation only lol) Need to take some rest again. Bye! Love, xx.


  1. Oh gosh... get well soon babe! Eyes are really important!

    x NicoleYie.com

  2. oh my....what medicine did u put? ointment or drops?

  3. I got similar case like yours few years back. Is bacteria infection. Don't not wash with tap water and rub eyes. It will make it worst. I went to consult a optometrist and was prescribe a antibiotic eye drop (tobrex). And also artificial tear drop to sooth the irritation. U might want to go and consult a optometrist just to be sure. My infection clear up within 2 days.

    1. oh really? Then next time i shouldn't rub or wash with tap water too. Thanks for your comment it help me a lot.

  4. I had exactly the same infection like you. Mine was due to cat allergies. Doc gave me a jap and rest for 2 days. Ever since then, i dare not get close to cats anymore.

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