25012016 | BirkenStock & Rocku Buffet Dinner

26 January 2016

Hello Sweeties! Good night :p Sorry for the late update but just feel like talking to all  of you and this the reason why I'm here. AHAHAHA Just some random personal daily post about my life recently. It took me around 1-2 weeks to eat normally after I tighten my braces and finally I can eat soft food , rice , noodles and maybe meat! To celebrate this (the best day so far...) I will just date smelly or my friends to window shopping with me. Yea window shopping and maybe a buffet at night?

So I woke up in the early morning and shoot for a post regarding sanitary pads. Most of the time when I updated snapchat (@chanwon92) it means that it's either an outing , travel or some important tips / items i love until I wish to share with all of you. So if you want to hear i talk crap and I'm here to welcome you & add me on snapchat! lol My hair was quite messy at that time because smelly already reached my house but I still left 1-2 photo have to shoot for the post. Then I immediately run from my house , just simply apply as many blusher as I can, run again to toilet , grabbed my bag , say bye to Bebe and last but not least, say Hi to Smelly with a flip hair pose!

Next, accompany Smelly to get his haircut. I got nothing to do but just enjoying my lovely subway bread.  I'm so in love with Subway Tuna Bread or the chicken ham one! Since I put on my braces, it's like 4 months I never eat subway. OMG I feel so happy and smelly told me that I'm so easy to be happy. Yea, I finally can bite the bread!! Then, after his haircut we went to One Utama!

While walking around + window shopping...My wedges spoiled wtf!!! Then I was like WHY?!!!! Why before CNY I need to spend so much. Then I just walk around those random shoe shop but can't find anything and we went to look for directory.  Then Smelly told me to get a nice & long lasting one and I was like Birkenstock then?!!! So we just walk around until I saw this I immediately fall in love with it.

Smelly picked this for me and I was like 'wah..now you know how to persuade me and get a pair of birkenstock??' To be honest, I won't buy any shoe that is more than RM150 because all the shoe or heel i bought normally last me for ..about...6-8 months? The longest should be 1 year. I will wear until it spoil only get a new one lol. I'm quite kiam siap  on this but if you ask me buy camera I can just say OKAY THEN ...BOUGHT IT HOME! lol

Then, think about this I think it worth for its price. So I just ask whether is there any size 5 available here and the stuff told me YEA! ONE LEFT ..then one you are wearing right now! wtf!!!! Then I was like ok then get this but I saw a brown one ....then i was like..HOW SMELLY WHICH?!!!

Ended up I get a black one because it look nicer with my outfit on that day + more easy to match but actually I personally quite like...the brown one! lol but I can't get anything that easy to get dirt on and also hard to match most of my outfit so...I bought the black one!

After that I'm so happy because it's buffet dinner time @Rocku, One Utama. It's my first time here and my friends told me that there will be a singing competition at the same time & I was like..WOW. That's cool! Lots of their family and friends were there and we just look around on their menu and see what's included in the buffet dinner. Fyi, the buffet dinner (weekday + weekend) was RM49.90+++  Quite a surprise for me because the whole buffet restaurant was quite BIG!

 Mic testing before the singing competition


Now I know the reason why everyone was shouting in front! DJ from one fm were here with us too. Pretty interesting and it's so fun just imagine having a buffet dinner on a concert! ahahhaahha

Yea, this is the reason why I'm here! The temperature is quite hot and I can feel my stomach shouting at me! We ordered a jar of hot green tea + scallop + meat (bacon , chicken , lamb , beef) + salmon + prawns + Enoki & so on..

One of my favourite - Enoki! I means it's our favourite. All of us can't stop this! It's so yummy and seriously I'm craving for this enoki again. Have no idea why this simple vege can be so good! It's some butter and a secret sauce mixed together with the enoki + the butter melt when you heat it. OMG taste heavenly. I eat this more than the salon and meat wtf!!

 More meat!


 Best combination ever : Enoki + Bacon!

 One not enough?!!

 How about 5? xD

 More scallop!

 New friend :D Rice!!
Forgot to selfie with Allen & Mia!!
 Busy eating lol

 Add on more enoki! HAHAHAHA this shows how crazy am I

 Ice cream!

Sake Kasen

Thanks for the lovely buffet dinner! I love this buffet dinner because of the super yummy enoki! lol HAHAHAH For those who haven try Rocku then you can click on http://www.rocku.com.my/menu/ for more information and there are two diff outlet, one located @One Utama & another one @Pavilion! 

This is how I spend my weekend for food & friends! lol That's all for today. Love, xx.

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