Coca-cola Limited Edition personalised can | 可口可乐限量版新年汽水罐

07 January 2016

Hello Sweethearts~ Happy New Year!! Omg this should be my first post in 2016 and guess what after this? Ya!! This means that Chinese New Year is around the corner. What else better than celebrating this special day and sharing the happiness with your family and friends. I'm super duper surprised when I saw the new Coca-cola personalized can. I thought this should be another great ideas or personalized gifts for someone you loved.


So nice OMG!!

Normally based on our CNY culture, people will still take various steps in hopes of bringing good to every aspect of their life or their loved ones’ lives e.g. sharing and wishing others, Lou Sang sessions, gifting auspicious & symbolic gifts, giving angpow, etc. But this year, WE MAKE IT SPECIAL!! Why not giving your loved ones a pretty personalised Coca-cola cans to wish them good fortunes in the year ahead. Good idea right! 


So as I mentioned earlier , Coca-Cola has released a series of cans that are rich with auspicious symbolism, wishes and was designed to convey special personal greetings to usher in the new year. This limited edition Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans are now available in stores and I'm so lucky because I collected all of them! Waiting a good chance to spread my love to all of my friends. Let me show you the 8 wishes personalised cans now.


From left to right:-

  1. Abundance In Wealth 财源滚滚 (Pineapples, Coins, Ingots)
  2. Lasting Youthfulness 青春常驻 (Cranes, Peach Buns, Plum Blossom)
  3. Benefactors Aplenty 贵人相助 (Ruyi Knot, Peach Blossoms)
  4. Prosperity In Business 生意兴隆 (Double Gold Fish, Water)
  5. Academic Success 学业有成 (Brush, Ink, Paper Scroll)
  6. Smooth Sailing Career 事业顺利 (Sail Boat)
  7. Flourish In Love 情场得意 (A pair of Magpies)
  8. Peace In The Family合家平安 (Gourd, Stone Lions)

Let me show you how each can design can be used to convey heartfelt greetings to those you care about!让我来告诉大家应该把什么祝福瓶送给什么人~

First, there are cans conveying heartfelt special meanings for the older generation where cranes, peaches and plum blossoms are used to convey the wishes of lasting youthfulness


Second, for older generations like your grandma , your aunty they normally will place tremendous value on peace in the family, especially during Chinese New Year, so to maintain harmony during the reunion dinner present them with the cans to protect the peace in the family that feature a pair of stone lions to protect the family members in the home and a gourd, another important symbol for family in Chinese culture. 


Next, for the career minded person they might loving this can that designed with a sail boat and it actually symbolises smooth sailing while a budding relationship between love birds can be taken a step further during Chinese New Year with a pair of magpies which are symbols of happiness in Chinese culture. 


To wish one abundance in wealth, it is immediately conveyed with the can that is decorated with the traditional Chinese New Year symbols of pineapples, coins and gold ingots while another can designed with double gold fish and water is for wishing someone prosperity in business



For students, their scholarly ambitions for academic success can be given a boost with the can that is decorated with brush, ink and paper scroll while those who desire many benefactors in their life can be given the can with a Ruyi Knot and peach blossoms that symbolize good wishes and prosperity. 


To make this even more special and memorable I decided to add a hand writing greeting card so that they know the wishes behind this limited edition Coca-cola can.


It's time to put my thinking cap on and guess who can get this? Yeah!! I just can't wait to see their happy expression when they receive it.


Going to give this to Smelly's mom or his aunty soon!! 我要把这个给男友的妈妈或则她的阿姨~

This Lasting Youthfulness 青春常驻 should give myself :p I hope that I can stay youthful and pretty all day long! LOL Stay tuned for my next post about how I shared each cans to my friends or family members. Guess this is another new way to convey my auspicious Chinese New Year greetings together with Coca-cola and for those who would like to share your Chinese New Year celebrations in social media, there are also opportunities to win limited edition collectors gift sets when you share images of their images on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #CokeCNYmy.  

GOOD LUCK!! Share this happiness with all of your friends and family now~ See you on my next post. Love,xx.

最后青春常驻留给自己 :p 开玩笑啦!下一篇文章我将分享我把这系列的可口可乐给了那8位幸运儿~也一一告诉你们为什么哦!呵呵 真的好期待我给他们的惊喜呢~最后,当然有好消息啦!所有拥有可口可乐祝福的你们可以把照片上传在Instagram/Facebook 然后hashtag #CokeCNYmy可以有机会赢取限量版gift sets回家哦!把爱与祝福送出去吧! 现在我要继续写我的祝福卡了~下篇文见哦!

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