Mix & Match Western Buffet @Zenith Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya

13 January 2016

Hey Sweeties~ is me again! I'm back with my favourite post ever and it's regarding a newly opened buffet restaurant: Mix & Match Western Buffet at @ SS7/26 Kelana Jaya, nearby Paradigm Mall. Yea I'm serious! You now can eat all you want for only RM55 nett per person! The best thing was ....everything here served at an affordable price! This mean that you can take your time , enjoy it and EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT.

This is my first time here and the place wasn't hard to find but you need to pay your parking ticket when you leave this area. Plenty of parking spot for you and I just park at the front of their shop. Quite big and let's see what's inside. 

This buffet restaurant feel quite diff from the usual buffet restaurant that I went before. This feel really warm and the lighting was quite romantic. It's quite a good alternative for you to celebrate someone's birthday or gathering / farewell party here too. They just opened in DEC 2015 and it's still new I think. That's why we are here to review their food before everyone did! AHHAHA The stuff , owner and chef here were quite friendly. When we almost finish our food they actually came to us and asked about the food + feedback from us. They are kind enough to hear from our feedback and hope to take this as an improvement.

As I mentioned earlier this is a western buffet restaurant and what makes me curious was their buffet main course menu that served from 5.00pm to 11.00 pm daily. Since it's buffet it means that you can order as many as you can but make sure you can finish everything and don't waste the food ya :p 

Not just buffet but they also serve set lunch from RM9.90, which includes free soup and drinks! I tell you..YOU MUST TRY their signature mushroom soup because it's so tasty and yummy!! Wait me show you later!!

 RM9.90 nett Set Lunch

Their set lunch menu (served from 11am-5pm daily)

But the main purpose I'm here is to try out their buffet dinner so I will focus more on showing you guys their buffet set and how this is WORTH for the price. Since it's RM55 nett per person for their buffet, you can order anything you want from their buffet menu and it includes all the grilled chop and steak. You think it's enough??? NO FOR SURE!! 

Except the main course for their buffet menu, this place also serve with desserts , their signature mushroom soup , free drinks , 100% fresh fruit juice , ice cream , fruits & extra western food like spaghetti , cheese oyster , veggies and  many many more + not everything was western because I saw there are some chinese food too. So it's actually a combination of western and chinese buffet but their main focus is more on western. 

To be honest there are not much of choices like those hotel buffet but personally I think the buffet variety here was more than enough for us since we are here for their western buffet. There are few things that I wish to highlight and reason that I fall in love with their buffet :-

  1. 100% Fresh fruit juice blend on the spot
  2. Main course cook upon order
  3. All their buffet food there were piping hot (steaming)
  4. Affordable price
  5. I'm loving their signature mushroom soup. So creamy and taste heavenly 
  6. Small portion on their main course so that we can enjoy other food and CAN ORDR AS MANY MAIN COURSES as we like

 This desserts corner is so tempting!  Tarts , cakes , fruits and salads!

People always told me that girls have second stomach empty for DESSERTS! Yea!! That's right!


 Oh well, they always refill their soup at this corner because their signature mushroom soup really can  compare with those expensive 5 stars hotel / restaurant mushroom soup!

 Everything can order and already included with the RM55 nett buffet price 

 cold drinks

 Fresh Fruits!

Yea!! This should be one of the thing to differentiate with other buffet restaurant!! Their buffet included unlimited order for 100% fresh fruit juice that blend ON THE SPOT. Yea, no joke because I always order orange juice at other buffet restaurant and we need pay extra for ordering fresh fruit juice but at here , YOU CAN DRINK AND ORDER AS MANY AS YOU CAN!  All of us were like, OMG OMG OMG!! WE REALLY LOVE their idea of having 100% fresh juice blend on the spot included in the buffet price.

WORTH and it's value for money. You drink 6 cups of the fresh juice here already worth for RM55 hahahaha! You eat their main course for more than 3 plate also worth more than the price of the buffet! 

 There are also a photo wall for you to take photo with your friends and family!
Plus, a instant printing of the photo for you!

So cute right!!

So after all the photo showing you guys the food let's see how was the main course!

Their lamb shoulder and sirloin steak were imported from Australia and this is why it's so satisfying us! Normally those buffet main course like this sometime could taste too dry or often too dry / cold when they just place it on the food corner but at here, they only cook upon order! The other food that placed on the side and corner were all piping hot and they did a good job on controlling the temperature and take care of the food. This is why we were so happy and had a nice experience during our buffet dinner.

 Grilled salmon with mushroom sauce

I love how tasty is their salmon. For just RM55 nett on their buffet i can order as many as I want. But their main course was in small portion (they told us it's small but i think it's quite okay) so that we can enjoy and try many other food available at the buffet. Just don't be so greedy first and slowly order it one by one with your friends. I think this is the half portion of a normal grilled salmon that I eat at the normal restaurant.

Pretty good because normally it's too dry but this one is just fine for me. Quite moist and not greasy at all. Personally I think their  lamb shoulder , pork steak and hainanese chicken chop were taste better than what I expected from a buffet dinner!

 Grilled Salmon with creamy spinach sauce

 Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder* recommended*

Hainanese Chicken Chop *recommended*

 Signature mushroom soup *recommended*

 No joke this mushroom taste like heaven and I'm so satisfying with this because I actually grab 2 big portion for just their mushroom soup. I miss this so much!! It's so creamy and well cooked.

 See my 3rd cup of 100% fresh blend  orange juice!


Thanks May , Apple and Allen for the accompany for that night! Nice spending time with them and thanks April for the food review opportunity too xx.

Honestly I think this is worth way more than just RM55! I'm not looking for a huge variety of food but what am I loving here was the quality over the quantity. The food served in a satisfying condition , well cooked , main course cooked upon order , fresh blend juice , affordable price , their mushroom soup that rated as good as 5 stars western restaurant and although some of you might think the main course should serve in normal portion but I really prefer it to serve in smaller portion so that I can try more diff flavour food and why you have to worry the portion WHEN YOU CAN ORDER IT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT?

Not forgetting to give this place a thumbs up because with such a price and quality food we get it's totally worth more than it and this is how a buffet restaurant shows us what is our value of money. From my own experience, I had a great time and all of us were satisfied with the food and service too. Will definitely recommend this for our friends and family. This is why I'm recommending this for you on my blog now!!RM55 NETT!! WHY NOT to give this a try?

If you are interested to join their buffet dinner you can come here anytime after 5pm and remember to make your reservation before you come so that they can reserve a whole table just for you and your friends/ family. Here's the detail of MIX & MATCH Western Buffet Restaurant:-

Mix & Match Western Buffet
Address: 43A-G, Block G, Zenith Corporate Park,
Japan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Selangor.

Tel: 03-7886 8827

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