Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia @Viva Home Shopping Mall

20 January 2016

Hello Hello Hello Sweeties! Is me chanwon~ This is another post that I can't wait to publish it on my blog and now it's done. Woooohoooo~ Yeap! If you followed me on my instagram you probably will know how I spend my first day of 2016. I spend my first day of 2016 with Hello Kitty and Smelly. I'm so excited when I get their invitation through email and I was like OKAY! Let's go tomorrow! Thanks for the whole team for making this happen and I guess this should be a good beginning of year 2016. Am I right?

I can't believe my eyes because the whole carnival theme was amazing. You can now expect it to be  a vintage American carnival theme with displays of Hello Kitty artworks,  lots of game booths and workshops. Admission fee is inclusive of game vouchers, a limited edition lanyard and a collectible card. All printed with HELLO KITTY face on it!

Okay now....you might be so sad because Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia will be available until 20 Jan... Don't be sad because they extended it until 20 Feb 2016 + new price list & package available too. Want to know more? Read until the end of the post I will be showing you the complete price list and family package so you can enjoy it as much as I do.

Let's follow me now! Are you ready?!!!!

Admission Ticker for me & smelly

There are an entrance counter to collect and tear off your admission ticket. You will be getting back a small part of your admission ticket and remember to keep it nicely so you can re-enter it if you need to go toilet or anywhere.

First impression = WOW! Wow +2 from Smelly! AHAHAHAHA To be honest, I never expect too much at first, but once you enter here you will be like...OMG?! Really nice! The decoration, music , people and the whole interior match the theme so well.

This is what you see once you enter from the entrance door. They will ask you to pose with all cute hello kitty and take a photo for you on their camera. At the end, you can collect your photo at the photo booth counter and decide whether you want to buy it or not. The hello kitty limited edition frame is super duper cute! Worth for the collection and if you are a fan of Hello Kitty I'm sure you will buy it! HAHAHA

At this point you can't take a photo or selfie in this area because they will help you to take photos with their camera, but after this....IT'S TIME TO BOOM YOUR CAMERA. Please prepare your camera, selfie stick or phone and take as much photo as you can!

HAHAHAHA The whole carnival theme isn't small at all. It's quite big! There are lots of activities going on , game booths for you to win some limited edition prizes home , Hello kitty post office for you to get their postcards , workshops for you to DIY your recycle bag & so on.

It's just like a big theme park for me and there are so much fun to explore each area with your friends and family. Smelly just don't understand why I'm so excited but he's definitely the best photographer of the day ever! If without him the post wouldn't be so interesting! AHAHAH No more selfie again if someone willing to help me take photo with hello kitty! Wooohooo

Thanks Smelly <3

#1 Game Booths
Ring Toss Game Booths

 This is quite hard for me! lol I didn't win anything home T.T

Remember to date someone who very good at playing this kind of game booths! I didn't win something home and was quite sad about it because all the prizes = SUPER CUTE AND ADORABLE. I believe some of it were limited edition one.

So kawaii!

 I didn't win something back :'(

After you walk away from the first , second and third game booths...turn left you can see a Hello Kitty Memory Garden.

#2 Hello Kitty Memory Garden


This is another photo spot for you to take pretty photo. This look exactly like a real garden with lots of hello kitty artworks. CUTE TIL THE MAX!

 At first I thought it was a phone but it's actually a calculator. lol

 If this is real I would be getting one for my coming trip.

 Stamp set! Oh....can i just stamp it on my book? AHAHAHA

 is this a hello kitty vintage pencil box?

Next, STRAWBERRY Hello Kitty!!! The Ichigo Man!

#3 Ichigo Man

 Lovely Ichigoman!! Look at the strawberry ears! HAHAHAHA

#4 Hello Kitty Canteen
Feeling hungry?! No worried because it's a CANTEEN for all of you!

Remember to walk around and spot diff kind of Hello Kitty & take photo with them! 

#5 MORE Game Booths
I think everyone knows that I'm a fan of Melody too and it's why I'm here in this game booth. You have to use your game voucher to play at each game booths. One game voucher = one game session! I want to win back this cute melody soft toy but as usual :'( I never win it home! OH NOOOOOOO

 I'm so serious on this game but still I'm so noob! lol

 Anyone there? Please bring melody home ok?? She need a hug! lol

#6 More photo spot
I'm not sure the name of the frog and monkey so I just skip that! lol

 I'm the maximum height! lol

 When hello kitty holding hello kitty doll lol

 Why you so cute!! Okay la, give you a kiss! enough? xD

 Shy Shy!

#7 Hello Kitty Post Office
This is quite fun because you can buy or exchange the game voucher for one hello kitty postcard  + a stamp. You can write anything you want with a receiver's address and it will deliver to the receiver's address. So cute right! I also spotted a cute window for me to take insta-worthy photo lol

There are lots of postcard + limited edition one & ended up I pick myself a hello kitty shape postcard. It's lot cuter than other design I think!

Oh yea, a stamp too!

 It's the secret! I'm going to write this postcard to someone I love

Smelly: ' is that me??? :D' 
Chanwon: 'No for sure because I don't know your house address lol'

 Letters Mail Box! Just put the postcard here or else you can keep it for your own collection xD

 So cute!! I can't resist this! OMG

Oh...you can't see me...! HAHAHAHAHAH 

#8 Bus Stop

This is the time when I realise I never exercise after such a long time. I feel my leg wasn't mine after posing like the panda behind me -.-

 There are a small map illustration at this bus stop.

#9 Hello Kitty Go Around Map & Melody
OMG! I wanna cry because I saw my favourite MELODY HERE!!

Chanwon:' Can I hold your hand and kiss you melody??'
Melody:' Yes you can do whatever you want!'

 I can do whatever I want but I can't bring you home :'(

#10 Hello Kitty Fashion Catcher
 My favourite spot out of all!!!
 Catch me pls catch me! AHAHAHAH

There are two big hello kitty catcher for you to take photo. A small one like this and a big one which can enter more than 2 person. Luckily not much people at that time , so it's why I can take so many photo here! HAHAHAHA

Someone just catch me and bring me home...pls~~


 Why you walk away from me :'( Come back!!

Then, this is the big catcher! Thanks for the girl who help me to take this photo. No need request they also will automatically come to you and help! So good!!


 I'm so happy that Smelly was here to enjoy this fun time with me! 

 HAHAHAH Spoil image photo +1 

So funny his expression..It's like forced by me to take picture with all the hello kitty here xD

Hello Kitty!!

#11 Hello Kitty Merchandise Shop

If you are a fan of Hello Kitty I'm sure you will buy everything here! hahaahahh There are selling lots of Hello Kitty items including passport holder , hello kitty mug, luggage tag , hello kitty touch & go card , stamp set , T-shirt , folders , pencil case and more! Some are limited edition for hello kitty go around malaysia only! One of my favourite is this!!!
Hello Kitty headband!So cute right! 

#12 Apple Temple

 HAHAHAH This is super cute! Apple temple  xD 
All gold apple and I hope it's real lol

 Close your eyes and pray for the peace!

 idk why but I love tis photo so much!

#13 Sanrio Cinema
Even Sanrio Cinema here too!

#14 Kitty Totes DIY Workshops
Want to DIY your own kitty totes bag? 

 HAHAHA the hello kitty expression so cute lol

#15 More Hello Kitty artworks
 No one here to help us take the photo so...it's a photo without smelly! :'(

 I swear I will bring my son or daughter here one day..one day!! AHAHAHAH
in the future lol

#16 Lucky Ribbon Game Booth

I don't have extra game voucher after that and smelly ask me don't waste the ticket even I have because we can confirm that we won't win anything back! We aren't a smart game player lol! But if you really want for extra game voucher ...then you can purchase it at their counter!

#17 Hello Kitty Sticky Candy
 So mini & so cute!

#18 Mimmy's Toy Shop
 Not sure what is this until I go inside and have a look on it!
All Sanrio's Characters

 Their name and spot this bunny too! So kawaii!!

Hello Kitty :D

#19 Hello Kitty Meet & Greet | On Stage
 Yay!!! Meet real hello kitty!!
I'm so lucky because there are a meet and greet session on the same day I went too.
 The first 30 person who queue for this can have a special photo session with hello kitty.

 Even stand so far still able to feel the happiness! All kids were getting so excited when they saw the real hello kitty!!

 Hello~ Hello Kitty!!!

#20 Good news to Share: Extension of Hello Kitty Go Around
So here's the exciting part!!! Hello Kitty Go Around In Malaysia extended to 14th February 2016 due to the overwhelmed responses. Plus, there will be featuring a new Family Package & other exciting event

As I mentioned early, there will be a new price listing. To continuously bringing surprises and memorable moments to visitors to this interesting event, the visitors who purchase every 2 tickets will receive a limited edition Hello Kitty official merchandise – Colouring Book, Colour Pencil or Plate for free during admission for 20th – 27th January 2015. While stock last!!!

To those who missed the chance, here comes the opportunity that you could grab before Hello Kitty Go Around!! go around to another country! 

Each ticket comes with 1 limited edition lanyard, 1 Game Voucher. For weekend, visitor will get 1 additional Hello Kitty Collectable Cards per ticket. In addition for Family Package, each package comes with 1 set of limited edition Hello Kitty Colour Pencil, 4 limited edition lanyards, 4 Game Vouchers & 4 collectable cards. Sound interesting???

Mark your calendar and date your friends or family here now!! Remember the extension date so you won't missed anything ya! Can't wait to see your insta full with hello kitty photo too :p That's all for today. Love, xx.

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