01 May 2015

There are so much things I care about. It's all related to my life. The society , my future , relationship with my parents , animal especially pet and I care about our country too. I hope that through what I study and my knowledge I can benefits the world. At least did something to the world. Learn to be giving rather than having and getting.

Sometime I asked myself, what can I do for the world , the society , for the one I love , for the animal I care. I just think but never thought I had a chance to do so. Until I start to join my friend for the donation and went to special orphanage to spread the love. It somehow doesn't relate to the knowledge I had learn but it relate to our heart. 

We as a human, should learn to do the best thing for the society , NOT JUST YOURSELF. The feeling after did something good , after giving something for the society can't describe in words but it's a feeling of satisfaction. After doing that, you will then realise everything good in the society and you will always do something good with more opportunities coming to you.

Next, you will become wiser and will always make the right choice for your betterment. This is what i actually learn from my action. If you always care for having and getting you will tend to become more 'selfish' and your mind is all about yourself, no other! You will then feel lonely :)

So start caring for people around you , your parent, your partner , your friends or even your pet. By caring, you learn giving. Isn't it good for all of us? 

Now, it's time for you to tell me what you care for? Tell me your story and it would be glad to hear this from you. I will always reply my email because I care about all of you too :) Without you guys there are nothing much could motivate me.


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