SpongeBob Squarepants Summer Holiday Splash @ Pavilion KL

28 May 2015

Hello Peeps  Are you a SpongeBob lover?! If yes then you should date your friends and pay a visit to Pavilion within this two week. Why?!!! Because I'm just back from Pavilion to celebrate the new Summer Holiday Splash together with a super duper huge SpongeBob behind me!!! Can you believe that?!!! The whole centre court of pavilion was full of blue and yellow colour and you can easily spot it once you enter their main entrance. OMG OMG OMG

Look at this!!! The largest Bikini Bottom inflatable playland in Malaysia, which is 20 feet tall and has a combined length of 60 feet. Now everyone can have the chance to bounce into Bikini Bottom, the underwater city where SpongeBob and his friends live in, within the animated series. Fun right?!!

 Hi SpongeBob!
Nice meeting with them and met some new friends too! Thanks to the gentlemen who took this photo for me <3

 This is just TOOOOO CUTE!!!
 Wanna sit on SpongeBob's Face! AHAHAHAH


To kickstart the event, Pavilion KL invited over 40 children from Rumah Hope, Lighthouse Welfare Home and Shelter 1, to be the first ones to bounce around the giant inflatable playland. I'm also one of the lucky person to be there!! Had a blast for the whole afternoon session with all the friendly people I  met and those children too.

 Holiday Dance!

The fun-filled event peaked when Bikini Bottom’s most famous residents, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star made a special appearance at the Centre Court. OMG THEY ARE JUST TOOOOOOOO CUTE!! Patrick!!!

Ms. Kung Suan Ai, Director of Marketing, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur said, “Bringing in international experiences for our shoppers is one of our mall’s USPs, which is why we chose to partner with Nickelodeon for this iconic showcase. I am confident that this inflatable playland that is the largest of its kind in Malaysia, will bring about many memorable experiences for all. While we host families here to a great day out at our mall, we are also sensitive to what other families around the world are undergoing. In light of the recent Nepal earthquakes, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur will be donating part of the money collected from the inflatable playland passes to Mercy Malaysia, in support of their relief efforts for Nepal.

 Happy Kids!

 They gave me two ticket!! I should bring my friend's son here and I'm sure it's super fun! How about you?!! Don't worry you all can actually drop by here to take photo with this HUGE SPONGEBOB and if you wanna bring your kids or anyone between age 4-12 to have fun with this huge bikini bottom bouncy fun REMEMBER to spent RM200 at any specialty store OR RM100 spent at children stores! Then you can get this 2 limited tickets for your children! MUAHAHAHAHA

I wish I could play in this playland too!! :'( But I'm so old not! Not a kid anymore T.T I wanna have fun with all the kids there too! HAHAHAAHAH !! In addition, if you donate RM50 for NEPAL, you can at the same time redeem 2 passes for the bikini bottom playland!

How about the meet and greet sessions with Spongebob and Patrick?!!! You are so lucky because anyone can meet them on 5-7 June & 12-14 June | 1pm , 4pm and 7pm!! 

 Hi Patrick!
 Remember to visit Pavilion and meet SpongePop & Patrick in real!
Thanks Pavilion for this exclusive party with my Favourite cartoon ever!!! I can sleep now! :p HAHAHAAH

 That's all for today. Love,xx.


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