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17 May 2015

Hello Sweeties  It's been awhile since the last time I went here and it changed a lot. When I say ALOT = It's totally a big change. I can't imagine how much effort and time the owner put into this boutique. I knew here since 2 years ago and I can't believe it turned into this! Such a warm and cozy cafe + boutique now. The main concept is not just about clothes or boutique BUT a place which the owner hope to spread out her fashion ideas and trend for her buyers.

The owner, Kiki told me that she used almost half and a year to make this happen. From planning , ideas, renovation, interior design to every piece of's her baby and it's the only place to make her feel happy and comfortable with. She doesn't want her boutique is just like a normal boutique! She hope people who came here to experience something special other than just a boutique. She set up a mini cafe area , coffee bar and renovated the whole boutique into a new place like this. 

Allow me to show you more!

Not the first time I show you this cute little place but please this is just way too pastel!! All of you know that I'm a sweet pastel lover right?!! I could die with anything in pastel colour and this time they only added with a cozy mini cafe but the rest remain the same except the fitting room area , shoe & accessories area and some of the decoration. It's not just mint and pink or peach colour this time because their previous monthly collection is more on shape pastel colour but I know some of you rather prefer black and white and some casual wear outfit. Am I right?!!

 It's really been awhile..about half year I never come here but now you see...everything changed! Included their collection. It's now more casual and wearable not just specially made for a special dinner date and those super fluffy pastel fairly collection. They came out with their own manufactured item. Congratzz to them! I can feel how happy she is now!!

From sweet style to casual wear even dinner or you looking for something really can always come here to have a look because last time I got most of my pastel item from here too. But for your information now it's more on self manufacture item so the price itself will slightly higher if you compare to other but it's quality guarantee. From small item to luxury and lovely's all hand picked by the owner.

It's no longer just a shop but a COMFORTABLE & COZY place to shop with your friends or besties!! The owner actually travel to diff country and get some inspiration from there and bring all their fashion or trends into her shop. For example this lovely piece of white lace top , the material (lace) was imported from Korea and guess what...I never say Yes to lace top because I always ended up getting itchy all over my body due to the low quality of lace but this time...I grabbed two item from them. It's their white lace top and their feminine skirt. 

Shoes , Accesseries 
Hair accesseries

 I'm glad that I'm finally here! Everything was so new to me and I'm really excited to shoot some photo inside their cafe. I normally come here when Kiki was here because I'm quite shy to talk with her stuff but their stuff always so friendly to me. I can't believe I missed everything here and look at the drawing on the wall!! Lots of effort needed !!

The fitting room
Big and Huge mirror
The cozy area - Room808 Cafe

Luckily Smelly♥ was here to take some beautiful photo and show you!! Why?!! Because I'm just busy shopping around and look what I picked for myself. I think it look like a studio than a boutique! HAHAHAAH It's very pretty inside and I love the whole concept!

Hmmmm....Which one I should go for?? I always ended up very confuse but Kiki always pick the best and gave me the best decision ever! I always dilemma on picking the right colour and I always ended up either getting mint or pink but this time Kiki showed me the latest collection. Their hot seller , Korea Imported Lace top!! Wooohoo it was their self manufacture item too! Should support them :p


*shy* Smelly told me that the white lace top was way too pretty!!! I got myself a white and black one and I can't pair it with my own short too. The lace won't make my skin feel itchy at all!! This is why I love it so much and it's somehow consider a cropped top rather than the normal one. So if you are so shy you can pair it with a high waist bottom or else you can just wear it out and look really sexy and lovely too~

 Happy Princess Look

About the bottom it's their self manufacture item too!! *again again!!* It's their feminine version of tutu skirt. Compare with my previous tutu skirt (the one I'm wearing during my Japan Trip) this one is more feminine and not too fluffy. Because some of you actually mention that it's too 'kua zhang' and if you are looking for a more ladies or feminine style of tutu skirt with good quality and reasonable price...

You should check this out. It's only RM79 for the white and medium length one. Quite reasonable and you seriously need to visit their store personally to know the quality and see what are you looking for. I personally prefer both because one for normal casual wear and another type of tutu skirt which is more fluffy and dramatic for my dinner or special date! Both look really chio as it easily match with any top! Wooohooo!!

Added into my wardrobe!

 First time came here with my short hair! I think now i can easily wear it in a mature way! WOOOHOO I wanna look older lol~~ But I'm happy that they finally came out with a more casual kind of collection. Love this cardigan!!

Taaaa-daaaaa!! My third look with their special self manufacture item!! Look at my bright smile!! Now I just have to wait to get my salary and come here to shopping again~~ See you next time and pretty clothes please wait for me ok!! Don't so fast sold out T.T

For those who interested you can drop by Time Square , 7th floor and find Kiki! She has a magic hand and make each of us look more confident and pretty.

Address : Level 7 No 52 West Wing , Berjaya Times Square
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