Pampering My Nail with Organic Foot Spa@ BMIC Nail Spa Salon, Pavillion

09 May 2015

Good Afternoon my little sweethearts  I feel better after that day and now really tempted to get something to feed my stomach! I'm so hungry right now but wait me finish this post and I shall look for some yummy snack or food later. So yea, this post is gonna be a new experience for me because it's my first time went to Pavilion newly launched beauty hall to experience the BMIC Nail Spa few days ago. Smelly was there with me but he can only be my photographer of the day! AHAHAHHAHA He feel funny when I need to show my ugly leg and nail on my blog.

Guys will never understand how important it is to keep our nail clean and nice. Especially for us!! Because I always love to wear shoe that cover my toes and sometime I wear heels or wedges that show my nail to the public. It's quite shy to look at my own nail because I never do my nail except a week before Chinese New Year. lol Even my hand...I only need it when it come to my special day or I purposely do that for my own purpose. But other than that I got no nail polish on my nail! lol

I received an Invitation from Pavilion Beauty Hall and they would love me to experience their organic Foot spa and at the same time I can pamper my nail! So good it is and this time I asked Bobo to join with me if not i might feel really bored and I need someone to talk to me while waiting the nail polish to try! Impatient me! lolll Really happy throughout the whole spa experience because the environment makes me feel so good.

Have you been to the beauty hall at Pavilion? It's my first time...REALLY!! The whole beauty hall was so big and it's a total of 20,400 square feet featuring a myriad of beauty salons and spas. You can get everything you need here! Not just for girls but EVERYONE! Lots of salons and beauty facial shop that can make you pretty...seriously!! From head to toes!!!! 

Gave my first time to this Organic Foot Spa!! I never experience any foot spa before but my mom did. I remember I accompany my mom once and it's completely diff from what I experience at BMIC Nail Spa Salon. At BMIC, the whole foot spa was so hygiene! They even cover a plastic cover on the pedicure sink. (As you can see on the photo above) I remember the one my mom went was not as hygiene as this and after back from there my mom got the fungal infection on her toe! So scary and this is the reason why I feel real good on the first day I step into this shop.

Everything was well covered and they even sterilise it after each treatment to ensure the best experience of nail spa for all their customer like me. They even attached the whole information right on our table.
After that I just have to sit down peacefully and enjoy my very first foot spa and pick the nail polish for my toe.
They started to clean my leg and toes! I'm excited and at the same time keep asking Smelly to take a photo of me enjoying the foot spa. He was jealous and envy :p  Just afraid that I feel so happy until forgot to take photo of my own leg. lolll life as a blogger!


Enjoying my precious TV time

Plus, fresh coffee and macarons!

Please fix my nail!!! It look quite scary but not pain at all.
I'm so nervous! HAHAHAHAHA
After fixing my nail's the best time ever!! They started to massage whole leg with their special organic cream (fyi, they only use organic product) and I'm just playing with my phone and looking at Bobo removing her gel nail. 

I feel sorry to their stuff because my leg muscle was quite hard and they need to stand up just to  help me massage my leg. lol but it's so comfortable and relaxing!

This should be the funniest part! After massage with the special organic massage cream they start to cover my leg and I can't wait to see the before after photo of my leg! lol

xiu-lai-lai's life should be like this right? How good if every month each of us can enjoy this spa once!


Then their take it off and I can feel the tightness on my leg. Then, I can obviously see the two-tone colour on my leg. One darker (before) and another part look lighter (after) 

Nude color!!!

Before (Part above my knee) & After

See the diff?!! Look quite scary but luckily I wear a pant that can cover half of my leg so it wouldn't look so obvious after the spa.

Next, it's time to apply my nude nail polish.

TAAAA-DAAAA!! I'm done!!

The whole process took me about one & half hour to 2 hours. I love the environment and Bobo so happy because there are coffee available here! HAAHAHAHHAAH So nice of them and I saw some of the product placed above the table under the TV area. 

It's all ORGANIC product. Surprisingly the spa lotion actually absorbs and dries in less than 2 mins but it last for more than 10 hours and keep our skin moisturise for a day. They applied it on my leg and after a whole day even when I reached my house (at night) I still feel the smoothness on my skin T.T Really so diff from the normal type of lotion I used. 

REALLY!! You get what you pay for~

For those who wonder the beauty hall shifted to Level 7 @Pavilion KL and you can now enjoy your organic foot spa at there! Remember to bring one plus along so that you won't feel bored during the foot spa but I guess each of you can just fall asleep (just like bobo & I) because it's so relaxing!! Plan your girls dating time with your bestie and drop by this beauty hall to experience the foot spa too! 

Thanks Pavilion and BMIC for the opportunity :) I'm so glad to be there too! That's all for today's post and I need to take my lunch now!! Love, xx. Ciaozzzz!


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