Chanwon Travel In Japan : #4 Kazan Ramen, Shopping , Purikura Japanese Photo Booth @Utsunomiya

03 May 2015

Konichiwa Sweethearts  I should continue spreading my love from Japan and today's post gonna be more interesting than the previous one because i tried the super tasty and yummy ramen which seriously look like a volcano , I did my first shopping in Japan , playing with the Japanese photo booth machine- Purikura and lots of fun stuff to share with all of you. Be aware for a super long post with lots of fun facts too! Plus, lots of my selfies photo!! lol

PS: I received lots of comment and email asking me to write this post in Chinese because some of you actually prefer that. I found a solution which you can scroll and basically look at my photo and see the highlighted words, after that at the end of the post I will post my midori photo which wrote in Chinese word so you guys could actually read and have fun with it. lol 喜歡看我寫文字的你可以按下去最後及張我日記的照片裏面我記錄了所有當天的東西 但可能會有錯字,別介意哦。希望這些東西可以讓你們好好讀我的部落格因為我知道有些甜心好想讀~希望你們喜歡哦

ARE YOU READY FOR THAT?!!! Let's get started!

Wake up in the early morning again and purposely went down stair to take some selfie with the super natural light from outside. It's not like I got nothing to do but I must selfie with my grey beanie that I got from H&M last year! It's a must you know~ because I purposely bring them here from Malaysia and thought my short hair can match very well for my outfit but end up I still keep it in my luggage and really for the purpose of selfies only -.- It messed up my hair and I think it look better without it.

I realize my short hair suddenly grow so fast and too long to curl it myself. So I asked whether is it expensive if I cut my hair in Japan. Babe told me that it's around RM150++ I still thinking but until the next day before I'm heading to Tokyo I decided to cut it since I prefer shorter hair look! Even it's a little bit pricy because I swear I won't cut it if I'm in Malaysia with that price but I think it worth for the price. So the next day I went to a hair salon which recommended by Daph and will blog about it on the next post ya! Stay tuned~

So back to the topic, my hair was really long until I'm really disappointed with it! lol But still I have to selfie with it so that I can use my pocket wifi to upload some of my photo on my Instagram. 

Really so in love with my eyes! Just a eyeliner will do and it's all about the eyelashes extension! WOOOHOOO But a bit hard to take care but still...I need it since I really wish to travel without any huge makeup bag and I'm lazy to stick the false eyelashes!

 Messy hair don't care!

 hmmm..look better?!!

After some selfies shot with my camera I heard some noise from another room. It was quite scary at first because I forgot mimi was in another room! HAHAHAAHA Then it sound so weird! I stop my selfie mode and went to the room and guess what~~ I saw this! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA 

#1 Selfie Story with Mimi

Look at it! It's Danny's precious son and it's much older than kicker! 8 years old mimi was there to accompany me. HAHAHAHA Then I decided to get close to him. I went to a side and firstly!! I have to say hi with him!!

ME: 'konichiwa...mimi~~' 
MIMI: ......
ME: 'Hii..konichiwaaaaa!! mimimimimi~~'
MIMI: 'meow....meow.....'


ME: 'Mimi~~ Can I take a picture with you??'  Added with my super chio blinking eyes!!!
MIMI: '.......'

Then mimi show me this expression -.-
Then it scared me at first but after that he jump to its sofa and I say ' would you mind...if I take a selfie with you so I can share and show off to my friends how handsome you are? ' Then he agreed!

He agreed to take photo with me but he still a bit not get use to it. So I went closer and closer and keep take pic with him. 3 out of 10 photo he look at the camera and others he just totally ignore the camera -.- But he's really so lovely!! REALLY CUTE!!!

ME: 'mimi~ look here ya! Look in front!!'
MIMI: .....

 WOOOHOOO!! FINALLY one photo!! BEST PHOTO IN MY LIFE!! WOOHOOOO first selfie photo with this cute kitty!! Smelly must be jealous on me because he loves cat a lot!! Then next second, mimi expression turned super emo -.- like this...

 After that I still don't give up! Die die also want to take photo with him! So, he also die die don't wanna look at the camera! 

I think it's enough! One is enough and I turned my camera to off mode continue talk and play with him. I think he feel better after that so no matter what I asked and talk he replied me with a meow meow sound! I think he love me as well even I'm just a stupid lady who forced him to take photo with me! AHHAHAAHHAHAH After that all people awake and we planned to try the Kazan Ramen (火山らーめん) @Utsunomiya. It's something special that only available at Utsunomiya!!! I think Tokyo don't have this!

TAAADAAA!! Kicker was with me everyday and he sometime bully me but still I love him a lot. He really mean to be kicker because whatever we hug him > he kick , daph hug him > he kick , play with him > he also will kick! So strong!! Next time grow older must protect your mommy and daddy okay?! Jie jie will come again to celebrate my birthday month with you ya. Please be good boy don't kick me again ok? xD AHAHAHAHAH

#2 Kazan Ramen 火山らーめん @Utsunomiya

Around RM30+ for one whole set with after meal dessert. Not that expensive actually if compare to KL's ramen. Almost the same price and I wonder who the hell telling me that Japanese food and items always so expensive. The set was quite big and full for me too because it's not just only ramen but added with a small bowl of Japanese rice. Arghhhh I love Japanese rice! Very easily to get full in Japan.

 No lipstick selfie! HAHAHAAH So this is why lipstick was so important for me. Without it I really look super pale and unhealthy. lol 

Oh yea!! My kazan ramen was here!! HUGE!!! This is my brunch but no worried I can finished it all by myself~ The ramen was super duper hot and we have to use the white paper to cover our body!

 Look at my expression! I was totally shocked with the amount of ramen on my bowl!HAHAHAHAAH Not joking!!


Arghh!! It was so yummy and I really hate to look back all the photo I took now! So tempted! I wish.....this ramen could come to my dream tonight. One thing of this ramen was the spoon was way too big for me -.- my mouth really so tiny if compare with it. AHAHAHAH But overall i give this 4.5 stars out of 5 because it's so YUMMY! Price was quite reasonable not really expensive actually!


 I finished the whole ramen within 20 mins! I got record one because I scared I forgot to include it into my blog so everything I did I will record it and note it down on my phone. Then it's the reason why my blog post always ended up too long and people always tend to ask the same question again and again but actually I already mentioned it on my blog :X So please read it when you are free! I already included everything here~ lol

#3 Indoor & Outdoor Shopping
 The most excited part on this post! It's all about shopping!! Girls please noted that I bought 2 top and one grey outerwear on that day. The top was around RM45-50 and the thick outer was just RM60. Who told me that everything was expensive?!! I found the answer for myself because the whole trip I went to quite a lot of place and did some shopping there. I mean I shop quite a lot! lol Most of the shopping complex @ Tokyo , especially those famous one their boutique was really expensive. Maybe one top can cost you about RM200 minimum but place like Harajuku and here were not expensive actually.

I can get item that around RM30-55 at Harajuku. Know the brand monki??I got a purple fluffy sweater at Harajuku for RM21 ONLY! WTFFFFF SO CHEAP CHEAP TIL DIE but I got no space for clothes because everyone told me very expensive I end up brought whole luggage which full of my clothes to Japan. Very regret really!! Japan top around that price also make it worth because the quality was DAMN GOOD.

When I say damn good it mean it's TOTALLY GOOD! UNBELIEVABLE !!! So it's all depend on the place you visit whether you prefer branded place like Ginza and all kind of luxury shopping mall then it's very pricy if you often to be like me prefer something reasonable, same style then you can try your luck by going to Harajuku. REALLY CHEAP TIL DIE! shop until drop!

So apart from my pudding hair I really so glad that I'm able to travel like this. People sometime telling you the wrong thing and just don't believe as much as that until you experience it YOURSELF. Most of their style is wither black & white or sweet pastel. Japanese girl look super sweet and even some of them couldn't tell whether i'm a local or from Malaysia HAHAHA they keep talking to me in Japanese but I just answer them ' yea yea yea yea!!'

Actually idk what's that! lol so the whole outfit I purposely brought it here. Grey outer I bought it years ago! lol
 Topshop Black Top | Double Beauty Skort | Others all bought at Sg Wang or Time Square years ago and you will noticed this if you read my Taiwan or Korea post! It appear again & again! AHAHAHAHAH I only dare to wear like this when I'm traveling.

 Best moment when your bestie was your photographer! I'm quite good in taking ootd for my babe! AHAHAHAHAHAHA I took quite a number of photos with kicker but the one i love the most was this!!!

Without edit! So nice right!!

Went to a nearer toilet beside the outdoor shopping place. The whole makeup cosmetic room for girls was just TOO CLEAN to be true! It's damn clean and you can't see any rubbish on the floor.

So clean right?

Cute kicker changing diaper!

 I think most of you have notice this again and again on my post. I did mentioned it on my previous part#2 about the reason I love Japan  post. It's just EVERYWHERE! I just can't try it all because I got only one stomach! lol

PASTEL T.T Even drinks also came out in pastel colour!

Eyelashes heaven! Some shop not allow me to take photo so I just can curi curi snap some to show you!

#4 Gudetama
If you know this you probably will go crazy like I do. It's my first time to see the whole shopping complex store that full of this new sanrio character, Gudetama. A yellow egg york with expression it it. It either has its own expression or cooked and placed together with sushi rice or maybe covered with the yummy bacon. 

It's a very de-stress character! I was walking to the Sanrio store and there are a music playing on the TV and big radio!! A very brain wash song and it's just few second but you can totally memorise it after watching it.

Not joking gudetama item was super expensive. A phone case was around RM120+, key chain cost around RM60!! I think it's really too exp so I ended up got myself a gudetama sticker and a book of it. Book was quite cheap in Japan i think!!!


>.< can't resist it!!!

You can type 'gudetama' on youtube and enjoy watching their video. It's really really cute and the egg yolk some how look bait stupid! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA LAME LAME LAME!

#5 Purikura (Japanese Photo Booth)

Crazy me just can't wait to share this with you. Japanese photo booth can totally enhanced our eyes, skin and body shape immediately. You can't actually edit it yourself but the machine itself auto change it for you. Your eye can enlarge until like those character from comic and when you were taking the Photo Booth it automatic adjust the angle to a lower one when you taking a full body shoot. So updated!!!

This was the first Photo Booth we took. It's pink and lots of fancy fancy pastel background available for you. Then after this I told daph say it's not enough I want to go for another one! So we picked another fashion photo booth that more on black & white one! So cheap!! It's RM12-RM15 per time only!! SO CHEAP WTF

The first machine
Second Photo Booth!

Fun thing about Japanese photo booth was always related to the editing frame part. It's the best moment to increase relationship with your friends and babe. Both of us keep worrying the time left on the screen and just few tap needed to come out with a new pretty photo of you and your friends! So happy!!

But make sure your eye don't open too big if not you will turn out look really funny! Like what I did -.- AHAHHAHA

Final outcome!!
So cute!! 

Our haul of the day! Baby car become our shopping cart! lol

Bought this earphone plug!! So cute and photo taken while babe was cooking for us! Kicker, Danny and I were waiting for our first lovely dinner cooked by Daph! HAHAHAHAHA I eat two bowl rice and tons of meat!! Thanks babe for the dinner and it was so fun to meet you in Japan!!

Back home activity!! Check and unpack all my stuff and placed it all into my luggage. I always did that because I can't stay if my room was too messy. See the plastic bag also damn cute!! don't wish to throw it away so I keep until now!! 

Lovely night spent together with my midori travelersnote. Love how cute the purikura turned out. So adorable and I love the pink and black one I took! Yesterday took quite awhile to continue my travelersnote and it's my pleasure to show you guys!

#6 Chanwon's Travelersnote

Sorry for my ugly handwriting and hope you like it. Enjoy reading to the max! See you on my next post~ That's all for today. Love,xx. 


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