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10 May 2015

Moshi Moshi!! It's me again and this time I'm going to share my personal thoughts and experience on my eyelash extensions I did before my Japan Trip. I received quite a numbers of request and question about this. Before I did my extensions I'm having the same question and very curious about it too. So here's some of the FAQs on the eyelash extensions with the before-after care tips. Might be useful for those who interested in trying out the extensions.

I did some research before I decided to go for it and the time before my Japan trip was actually my second eyelash extensions. The first time was in year 2014. I love how eyelash extension actually makes my eyes look brighter and more attractive. It save my time ALOT! So it's the reason why I love to go for eyelash extension before my trip and also some special event. Normally I just did it for my trip since it's really tiring for me to apply makeup everyday during my trip.

With eyelash extension I can sleep and rest more half an hour and I can just go out without any makeup on. Very convenient but everything has its pros and cons so on this post I'm gonna talk about EVERYTHING! I did it twice at TopLash but first time @Rawang branch and the latest one they actually moved to Sunway Giza. Will share more about TopLash later and their new shop that I visited last month but before that let's talk about the extensions.

Before I decided to go for any eyelash extensions my friends and mom told me not to do so because they did it before (few years ago) and all their real eyelashes damage and dropped. It's quite scary because I treat my eyelashes like my baby it's so precious but it's really tiring for me to apply mascara and remove it every day after my daily outing and so on. So I guess I should try and experience it first before making any decision.

I talked with my friends and I saw some of them actually went to TopLash and their extensions look really light and pretty. They told me that you can actually pick your favourite length , curls , thickness  and colour of the eyelash extension. So cool!!! Then the first time was June did my eyelash extension. I love her because she was so patient to me and explain every detail for me.

#1 Consultation
Great consultation EVER! It solved all my problem and during the consultation they will slowly explain it one by one to you. I'm so worried that my real eyelashes will fall after the extension and they even explain the reason why our eyelash extension could FAIL. So you need to be careful on choosing the right eyelash extension! Don't go to those cheap cheap one because you might then say BYE BYE to your real eyelash.

FAQ 1:- Will extensions harm my natural lashes?
To give you a clear guideline and explanation I just combined some of the photo I got it from google image. Some cheap eyelash extension could be a nightmare for us !! WHY?!!!! Here's the example!
It will hurt our natural eyelashes if the extensions aren't applied properly! That's why it's really important to of to a professional shop to do our extensions. Don't just go for it without any consultation and without doing any research on the stylist. Just like the photo above , if the extension on our natural eyelashes got more than one lash, it can actually pull our natural lashes out and it could look really clumpy!

So a good and nice extension will only apply ONE extension lash on ONE natural eyelash. ONE BY ONE! Excess amount of extension could hurt your natural eyelashes. They will do it one by one and slowly! It takes quite a lot of time and effort in order to complete the whole procedure but trust me...those which can done within 30 mins ...and very cheap one...I CONFIRM to you~ Your natural eyelash would be the same as the photo above and will be pull off to 'botak' after few days or weeks.

This is why make sure which shop you go for and try to consult it before undergo anything ya.

#2 Customise (Fullness/Color/Curls/Length) 
This should be the best part ever! I prefer to pick something I would prefer. Eyelash extension available in a variety of curls , colours , thickness , length to meet each individual's real eyelashes. The thicker you pick , the more expensive it is because the price based on the thickness of the extension. I normally go for 200-250 fullness/thickness one because I wish to make my eyes look bigger.

FAQ 2:- Culrs?Colours?Length?
I tried both black and dark brown eyelash extensions. Personally I prefer brown because it look much natural than the black one but if you wish to look nicer on the photo you should go for black one. P/s: Black look more obvious than brown!

For the curls and length I prefer to have medium-long length with medium curl so that it won't look too dramatic and fake on my eyes. It's based on your own preference so you can ask for the recommendation whether you love to enlarge your eye or make your eye look longer with longer eyelash extensions.

If you prefer something special you can actually customise combine two colour on your extensions. You can add on some pink eyelashes at the end of your eye and it look really cute like those Japanese Makeup Barbie Doll Look. In the end the overall effect is added curl, thickness, and length, which helps to open the eye up for added definition.

FAQ 3:- Lower Lashes?
Yea! Now it's available!! I did the lower eyelash extensions too! I look cuter and more BARBIE EYES. But it's quite struggle for me each time I wake up on the next morning because it tend to tangle and stick with my upper eyelashes extension. So you need to carefully open your eyes each morning. But after few days I totally get used to it already!

#3 During the Extensions 
The whole process took me about 2 hours included the first consultation. You will be comfortably reclined with your eyes closed for the entire extensions. The stylist will apply the lash pads over your lower lash line so that it won't tangled up with my upper lashes. Then the stylist can extend each lash carefully and patiently. During the process you were recommended to take off your contact lens for more comfortable experience.

I didn't bring my lens case together with me so I have to sleep with it. My eye feel really dry and uncomfortable. Removed all your makeup before that and just go with your bare face.

FAQ 4:-How Long do the extensions last?
The extensions actually last for 3-5 weeks. The first time I did was last about 3 weeks plus and the second time I did last for 5 weeks. Before my Japan trip until now left few lashes on my natural eyelashes! AHAHAAH It's depend on you whether you take a good care it or not.

FAQ 5:-Give my eyelashes a break?
You are strongly recommends to give your lashes a 1-2 month break after half or a year of eyelash extensions in order to avoid any damage on your natural lashes. Your lashes need to breathe too and therefore, you need to give them a break! 

#4 After Care  
After done your extensions, you will received an after-care card from your stylist (depend on which place you go for) TopLash gave me an after-care card and I just keep that in my wallet! Here's some after care tips for you:-

FAQ 6:-After Care Tips?
a)Firstly, do not get them wet for the first 8-10 hours. 
b)You just need to beware of this and after that you will be able to wash your face with water (as usual) and remember you can only go to swim or pool after 24 hours. 
c)Do not simply rub your eye and need to have extra care on it. 
d)Remember to make sure that you must removed makeup everyday.
e) Do not apply mascara or false eyelashes after your extension. You don't need it. lol

FAQ 7:-Can I Makeup?
You can wear your daily makeup as usual. For me I'm just applying a thin eyeliner and eyeshadow! No further makeup needed after I did the extension! Reduce time consuming and BEWARE OF OIL-BASED PRODUCTSOil is what breaks them down, so oil-free cleansers and makeup removers are best to use when you have eyelash extensions.

After everything done you just need to comb your eyelashes every morning with the eyelashes brush. Other than that you can apply eyelashes coat too. Some shop actually sell it to extend the life time of having eyelash extension and make it last longer. I got it from TopLash and they even came out with their own range of makeup remover pad.

It's imported from Taiwan and suit all skin type. I love this because it's so easy to carry and the application is like those makeup remover tissue. I got this because I think I need this during my Japan Trip. I bring it along with my luggage and I just use to remove eyeliner + lipstick only. It did a great job on removing liquid eyeliner but not pencil eyeliner. I found that it require few attempt to remove pencil-liner and those very waterproof one!

It's RM50 per box and you need to place it upside down when you place it on the table. For those who prefer remover pad you can try this out and it's quite cheap. You can cut it into 2 small piece and bring it with you during your trip too.

FAQ 8:-How Much?
This should be another frequent asked question! For my case it's around RM180 because I did the `200-250 lashes extension. So it's range from RM150-220 depend on the length, colour , fullness and curls on your choice. My friend did the RM150 one so her eyelash was thinner and shorter than mine :) Think about it and customise your own extension which suit your taste!

#5 TopLash @ Sunway Giza  
It's so big and nice! Cozy environment with a touch of purple and gold as their theme. Of course a super huge logo placed on the side of the entrance. Compare with my first experience this place is much bigger and more space to run around :p jkjk* There are a storage locker corner to place your belonging and beside that area you can actually remove your makeup + hair dryer available on a side too.
 Clean Toilet

Waiting Corner

Haven end yet because for those who come here with bf or family you can actually ask them to wait inside their TV room!! It's just like a cinema~

So nice right?! They think about us and think about their customer and that's always a reason why I share this with you. I recommend June for you guys as she's the one who did my eyelash extension but the second time I can't choose the stylist :'( But still I believe June trained each of them to give the best service and professional skill for us. 

For those who interested on eyelash extension you might need to check TopLash out! It's located at:-

Lot A-5-2, Sunway Giza,
Jalan PJU 5/14,
Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ.

03-61416954 / 03-61516954



Call them to book your appointment because they do not except walk in if it's full house on that day. Can't wait to hear from you soon! That's all for today. Love,xx.


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