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21 May 2015

Hello my SweetheartsThis is something interesting and I would love to spread this to all of your. I received an email regarding this new app that have been launch in Singapore and finally it's now in Malaysia!! I'm so happy and this is why the reason why I'm here!!! Are you single and available?! Looking for some perfect match and hope to get to know someone else? Believe in fate? and here's a very fun app called - LunchClick that allows you to find your true love with just a click!

What's diff from others?!! This one has a special security features that caters to women who want a safe experience. Normally the existing market for dating apps seem to mainly cater to guys, and females don't get such a great experience but now we have LunchClick!!

The whole interface is super interesting and you can just sign in with your Facebook account! This app will NEVER post anything to your Facebook but it require a manual profile approval before you can start finding your perfect match!The love assistant vets through all incoming profiles and rejects 20-30% of people who sign up! 

P/s: Normally these are the people who have inappropriate pictures, or people who are already attached (as can be seen through their Facebook profiles) 

 hmmmm~ Quite interesting!! Let's see how was it~

I'm going to try this out and just to show you guys ya! 

If you are taken just keep this in mind because who knows... you might need this in the future?!! Or you can just recommend this for your friends!! Hehe~ 

After signed in you can jump into this page and it require you to fill in your information. Please be honest okay!! Key in your actual height as well as your occupation and it automatic update your Facebook profile picture into this app profile. Included your basic information too so you no need to key it again!

 As I mentioned just now , after the application you need to wait for them manually approve your profile! So just be patient and wait them to approve it!

Besides, it's only ONE match per day!! So that guys aren't able to swipe endlessly to check out female users, and this reduce the chances for guys who just want to play "the numbers game". For the safety purposes, females won't easily get bombarded with tons of messages by creepy guys!  

Need helps!? Need assistant?! Don't worry here's a button for you to chat with their special assistant and you can ask anything here and don't be surprise with it.

 You can have the record and they even came with a datebook with the amount of your successful matches! So cute!!!

To get the perfect and true match you can add on with your others information and let others know you better.Think about the date idea and tell them more about yourself and how your personality , hobby and things you like.

Other than that, you can change your preferences anytime to get your perfect love! So easy right?!! Don't say I never tell you and let you be alone for the rest of your life! Just try this and who knows that you might get your Mr/Ms. Right from this app? WOOOHOOO!!!

 So what are you waiting for?!!

 Do it now!!
 Have fun with it and....
Get your perfect match now!

Download LunchClick from the App Store or Play Store today... your perfect match and true love is waiting for you!! Good Luck People!


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