Chanwon Travel in Japan: #6 Sukiya (すき家) Cheap & Yummy Food in Japan!

25 May 2015

Hello Food Lovers  I just went for tooth extraction this morning and I'm resting now (on my bed) I'm happy that no pain at all (this is the main point) and I can jump up and down just trying hard not to smile with my teeth since it's a big hole now. Hopefully everything run smoothly and will share about it soon. So back to the topic, today's post gonna be the best and most favourite food that I love in Japan. I took this almost every night as supper and lunch during my trip. This is super affordable and reasonable.

Who told me that things in Japan was really expensive? I tell you...NOOOOOO! If you have your own budget or you left only few hundred during the last few day of your trip...except for the seven eleven rice ball this should be another alternative that can melted your heart. I'm serious! This is way nicer and easily get addicted than all those food selling in Japan. I tell you no joke one....I'm craving for it now.

 It's SUKIYA すき家 is a Japanese restaurant chain serving gyūdon, other donburi, and curry. Remember the melted cheese , meat and rice instavideo I posted on my insta? Yea!! It's from Sukiya!! There are tons of choices for your to pick and you can choose the size too! The cheapest restaurant food I tried in Japan. Just RM11-12 for the normal original size and if you wish to order LARGE or EXTRA LARGE portion then you just need to add on few ringgit only! 

SUPER CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE *keep repeating this* I swear I can take this everyday if I'm really poor and got not much money left in Japan. 

 I always pick the no.1 one! I just pick whatever no.1 written on the menu.

Except beef they served Chicken and other meat as well. MUST TRY when you're in Japan!!! Spot my favourite cheese on the menu and it's NO.1 !!

NO.1 Popular Order

Play the video below!


For supper after dinner I take away this EXTRA LARGE one! SO HAPPY YOOOO~ So tempting, so yummy, so tasty!
Take away version also so yummy! LOOK AT THIS!!!

That melted cheese!!!

I need to google it see whether Malaysia having the same sukiya anot and see whether it taste as good as this!! Let me google it out later and I should take my dinner carefully after my tooth extraction now! That's all for today. I'm hungry!! Love, xx.


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