How to Repair Cracked wall and Nailing Holes | DIY

29 April 2015

Hello Peeps!! Time flies and I'm here again because I'm lack sleep since yesterday until now. Was fighting with the ants in my room! Have no idea how they get into my room but basically once in awhile they will visit the wall or my room or hiding it under my bed -.- By the time I'm searching for it , I just realize that I have a super BIG BIG BIG problem!! It's something that you might be familiar with...

Plenty of Cracked Wall , Unsightly Drilling and Nailing Holes on the wall!!!

I just realize that it slowly increase and it's more than TWO now!! Last time I use to cover the hole with sticker / washi tape but now one of the hole has became so much bigger by days. Thanks God, I’ve found a solution that can able to solve my problem permanently!

(This is how I cover it -.- lolll)



Onetime Lightweight Spackling & Onetime Wall Repair Patch (used together)

It's a product that brought in by Sri Rx which suitable and easy to be use. I'm very surprise with the texture and order of this product. Although it's my first time using it but it's really SO SIMPLE! Just like a piece of cake! (When i say it's's REALLY EASY) Takes only few step with just few minutes!

Step (1) : Apply Wall Repair Patch

Repairing your holes & cracks in drywall or plaster surfaces easily with the ONETIME® WALL REPAIR PATCH. It's just like a sticker to stick on your wall. Specially made for a serious wall holes and the application is simple!

Just clean the surface, apply the patch, spackle, and finish. 

A self-adhesive mesh holds the sturdy aluminium patch in place so there’s no pre-pasting required and after finishing it becomes virtually undetectable. This is a permanent repair on walls and ceilings. It's also composed of Rust-Proof, Galvanized Steel & no need professional skill! Can DIY your own!!

Step (2) : Apply LightWeight Spackling

Thanks god I got this, ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling!! It makes the whole repairing walls and ceilings process fast and easy! It immediately fills cracks, dents, nail heads and other holes in just a single application. This pre-mixed formula goes on smoothly, dries quickly and can be used indoors or outdoors. Oh yea, it won’t shrink, sag or crack after being applied, and because it’s so lightweight, it requires no sanding. Try ONETIME and you’ll see why it’s the professionals’ #1 choice in lightweight spackling!

From how I use and tested, it's really SUPER DUPER LIGHTWEIGHT. Look like and feel like those cream or mousse. It's really so light weight please be careful not to eat it xD lol I prefer this than the usual one because this don't have the weird smell and DRY REALLY FAST!

Lightweight and fuss-free the product is if compared to other brands. Now I know why it's so easy to use! Even I'm a female I can repair my own wall now! HAHAAHAHAH

#1 BEFORE Onetime Lightweight Spackling & Onetime Wall Repair Patch

 AFTER Onetime Lightweight Spackling & Onetime Wall Repair Patch
I only apply first layer on this~ Have to apply more layer to cover the repair patch. Then after repaired the hole you can stick wallpaper on the surface and also re-paint your favourite colour. Another example here for small wall holes.

#2 BEFORE Onetime Lightweight Spackling

#2 AFTER Onetime Lightweight Spackling

#3 BEFORE Onetime Lightweight Spackling

#3 AFTER Onetime Lightweight Spackling

Now!! No more holes on your wall~ You can sleep nicely and plan some time to re-paint my room! I CAN'T WAIT!! Bye bye to all the holes and FYI, this is being sold at a very low rate compared to retails and Sri Rx is absorbing the 6% GST for all customers who orders through them. You just need to email them at for ordering this and remember to enjoy the special promo!!

OneTime Lightweight Spackling; brought to you by SRI Rx: How D.I.Y Should Be.


Onetime Wall Repair Patch 
Size  Promo Price  Retail Price 
4’’ x 4’’  RM 10  RM 12 
6’’ x 6’’  RM 13  RM 16 
8’’ x 8’’  RM 16  RM 20 

Onetime Lightweight Spackling  
Promo Price 
Retail Price 
1 Gallon 
RM 79 
RM 99 
1 Quart 
RM 27 
RM 33 
1 Pint 
RM 16 
RM 20 
. pint 
RM 11 
RM 13 
6 oz. tube 
RM 14 
RM 17 

Thanks god I got this and would love to giveaway 5 of these product to my reader who need it. So you can try and test before everyone does! What you need to do is just answering my question through the caption on Facebook share (Share this post and caption just write the correct answer). The first 5 will win a set of the product!! EASY ENOUGH????! GO AND WIN IT HOME!! The question is ..

Name the supplier for Onetime Lightweight Spackling and Onetime Wall Repair Patch!! WHO WHO WHO? Hint and answer can be found on this post!

That's all for today!Enjoy reading and til the next post! Love xx.


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