Chanwon Travel In Japan : #3 Finally I'm In JAPAN!!

29 April 2015

I'm so excited now!! REALLY!! But this post might be quite bored for some of you because the first 2 days in Japan I was still very blur and just...take it slowly. The fun part will be here soon because I took too much photo and ended up I can't edit it with my lap top so all the photo edited with my iPhone photo editor. lol So sorry for that because I know you can't wait for my trip's post!! So yeah!!! I'm still need to calm down because time flies so fast and I don't realise it until I'm in Japan!!! ARGHHHH FINALLY AFTER one year!!!! Hard work finally paid off until that point~

 10 hours before my flight! Because I'm so forgetful I always need to pack it a day before so that I can still use my teeth brush , skincare product or phone charger. lol I worried that after I take out from my early packed luggage til then I forgot to put it back. Good reason to stay awake and guess what bebe did to me. He want to follow me as well but he seems like doesn't care anymore :'( 

 Luckily I updated my top 10 travel checklist a day before my trip! So I just follow the checklist and pack it + check it again & again! Just to make sure I bring everything to my trip if not I have no idea how can I stay there for half month. lol After done packed for it the next early morning I'm awake and hug bebe tight. Told him lots of sweet talk and kiss him. But he...doesn't care anymore -.- JUST SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!! I told him like 'MUMMY GOING TO JAPAN HALF MONTH...WEHHHH...?!! ehh?!!! HELLO?!!!'

He was like '........' then just looked at me! Last time he won't :'( Now he just don't care ANYMORE!! 

Sleep like a pig -.-

Is fine then!! I walk away with a super down and emo mood and I'm gonna miss my home like hell but still I guess I must be REALLY enjoy once I reached Japan. So, it was a complicated one! HAHAHAHAAHH Then I mess up with myself and almost kill myself because I don't have any plain white paper! Except for the sticker paper!! End up I got no choice to use the thick sticker paper to print on it.

I remember the people asked me 'Why don't you use the normal thin paper?! Why this so thick?' I can only laugh for nothing! lolll So back to the topic, it's my really first time to travel alone with lots of luggage and backpack. Luckily my friend borrowed me a luggage weight measurement tool so that I can upgrade my weight before my flight. I booked a 25 kg luggage weight but end up I realised that the pink luggage itself already 28KG!!!

wth....ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! I brought too much clothes for this trip because I over worried that I can't get enough cloth to take OOTD and I don't even know Japan cloth was so reasonable and CHEAP! I thought it was RM200 like what my friends told me but it's just RM50-60 around that for a very comfy normal + good quality top!

wth x2!!!

The best thing to cheer me up! It's the printable flight check-in ticket! Now I know how to check in luggage and thing myself. Last time I don't even know where to search for a gate number and which entrance should I go in...finally!!! Shame on me! lol

First thing I worried was the money! I thought my few thousands in Ringgit Malaysia can change lots of Japanese yen. Then I might need to carry lots of heavy and thick cash which my wallet doesn't fit at all BUT...WAIT!!!  -.- The exchange rate was quite bad during my travel period but still...I have to change with it even the rate was bad. 

Afternoon flight but reached there quite early. Enjoy my alone and lonely boarding time together with my phone. lol
Look good even without any makeup on  my face because I just did the eyelashes extension a day before my trip. Then I can just apply some sunblock with lipstick everyday during my trip. Save time for travel! HAHAHAHA

So nice right?!! Love it!!
My super fat backpack! Reached Japan airport at night and my airport @Haneda Airport. It's nearer than Narita Airport but because the flight always reach Japan at night it means that you can't go for public transport and you MUST book or go to your hotel with only one choice ...TAXI! It cost around 13,000-14,000yen (Around RM380+) So it's quite expensive >.<

So for those who wish to travel to Japan please keep this in mind. Or else you might need to overnight at airport to wait the next day for their public transport ya!! Some random tips for you guys~ I'm lucky enough to have my bestie to pick me up. Thanks Danny & Daph...also my first time to meet KICKER!!!

 Hello Kicker!! Jiejie finally here to meet you!!

Night still young?? Nope!! I'm really tired during my first day trip because I can't sleep on the flight then once I reached Japan I need to unpack my stuff and enjoy my first little night with my friends. They slept but I didn't sleep for a whole night because I still excited! lolll 

But unfortunately, i'm old now!!! so I can only tahan until 4am then I fall asleep after that! HAHAHAHAA The next day was a wonderful day for me. Didn't really care about OOTD outfit or anything but just randomly get anything with a better coverage to cover my whole body because it's so damn COLD! Not joking !! I have no idea why it's so cold while a night before that daph asked me whether I need an extra blanket anot!! I told her I'm not even need that because I still can sleep with only one blanket.

Then the next day I regret! I asked for 2 extra blankets! AHAHAHAHAHHAHA Shame shame!! 

I love their toilet and every morning I have to bath with super high temperature. Not get used to it at first because normally I can only bath with 30 celsius degree of water but the first day I accidentally press 42 celsius. Babe told me that it's very normal for them to bath with a super duper high temperature water. 

But after that I get used to it. I feel fine with that! It's so warm and NOT HOT AT ALL even it's super hot. lol if you get what I mean! Then after my shower time it's time to have my first meal in JAPAN!!!

Before my lunch time we went to the nearest post office to get their limited edition spring postcard. There were a special name for this. Wait me figure out and update you guys on next post! This was the spring one and there are lots of other design featured hello kitty and my favourite Melody too~

Sushi as my first lunch in JAPAN It's super yummy! FOR REAL!! So delicious and yummy. I remember the feeling of having the first bite on my favourite salmon sashimi!! GOD!! IT'S SO THICK AND SWEET!! UOBEI, I love you!! This restaurant offered reasonable price & fresh sushi.

Order with a tablet and the interesting part should be this!!! (look at the photo below)
It delivered by a super adorable car or train!! It's so cute and really my first time to see this in my life! OMG OMG Such a cute idea and now I know why there were no one walking around our table. Everything can be done without human! lol *macamyes!*

my all time favourite - Salmon Mentai & Tuna

Actually we ate a lot but really no time to take photo because it's my first meal in Japan! so I just focus myself with the food and once it's in front of me I just EAT THEM ALL without taking any photo! AHAHAHAHAH Really goes crazy one this time!


Guess what's the next destination?!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA yea! you're right!! A must do in japan!!

UFO Catcher Machine A lot! I swear I can spend the whole day in this building. It's whole building!! 4-5 floors I forgot and even I can't really understand Japanese but I still can look for the how-to and step-by-step on the machine. 

The crazy thing was everyone was there and this can be an addiction! Once you try it then you really feel desperate to get the soft toy and win it home. You can't stop but keep exchange for extra coins to win the toys home! Their staff will come near you and give you some real & useful tips!

Catch?!! No!! it's not about just catch it with the catcher but you have to actually move to toys from one point to another until it near the exit space you have to PUSH it into the space. I always thought I can catch with it but NOPE!! You actually need to push rather than just catch with it. Then if you still can't make it don't worry you can seek for help from the staff.

They will come close to you and ask you whether which key chain or soft toy you want. Then they will placed it near the exit place which you might need to have some extra skill to win it home. Or else you just need to find someone smart!

Our life saver! Danny!! HAHAAHAH He got a sanrio unicorn for daphne T.T So nice and wish smelly was there with me so I can just laugh at him if he fail to do so! lolll 

Daphne's Unicorn!!

Then, it's my show time!!! lol I lie one! Danny was the one who win this for me too! AHAHAHAHAH

No eyes see I just stop myself from that and I saw a super cute game! It's tsum tsum time!!!

So cute right? but i prefer to play it on my phone because I'm shy to show my result to people there. I surely fail to make it one! Really not talent on that! After that (it's like 6pm already) sky turned really dark and I feel like it's already 9pm or 10pm! ahahahaha 

We walk to the nearer place to get our favourite drink! Actually I just grab everything with nice or unique packaging since everything in japan was JUST TOO NICE! Having the rest of my day chit-chatting with both of them while Daph was breastfeeding kicker. Long time no see both of them and the last time was in 2013! Miss them now!! Miss mimi too and kicker!

MIMI,  a 8 years old fluffy boy. He was so manja, lovely and cheerful. Pure white and he was just too cute! meow meow~ Then, I continue unpack my stuff and brought some special item to them! AHAHAHAHAH they love it so much and keep it secret! lolll will bring it more next time :p

Normally I feel more comfortable to write on my midori travelersnote at night. Just did a small record and things happen on the first day onward so that I can update it on my blog. Wooohooo really enjoy every night in Japan but then next few day will be heading to Tokyo! Woohooo disneyland!!!

For those who lazy read my blog you can actually scroll until here to read from my own travelersnote! lol  but my handwriting was quite terrible >.< if you don't mind!

How wonderful if Malaysia 7-11 can bring in all Japan rice ball or Taiwan rice box here. I miss rice ball I miss sushi a lot T.T Malaysia one really can't compare those in Japan!! T.T Please , someone bring me go!! I can hide inside your  luggage please!! 

I thought i'm quite tired on the second day but still can't sleep at night so I used 3 hours to complete my 3 pages diary on my own travelersnote. It's 3am that time...I remember everything because every single thing I  need to record it on my blog again then you guys can read it back anytime :) First few day was quite relax but the next few day totally exhausted and bought too much until I need to increase and purchase additional luggage weight again + extra hand carry bag -.- OMG!! Will keep you update and thanks for the reading. Hope you like it!

That's all for today! Love , xx. Coming post will be all about my Japan Pocket Wifi.


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