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25 April 2015

Hello Hello My little Sweethearts How are you today? What a great day and guess I'm working in this hour but I still can't wait to publish this post and share with all of you. I guess most of you can read and get some hint from my previous Japan Trip post and this post's title! Am I right?!!! because I got so many request about the macarons backpack I got for my Japan Trip. It's too caught people's eyes and that's the reason why I'm here!! I'm always here for you :p

I'm really excited now because I did a 'photobook' post to show all of you what's my best travel buddy I had during my trip. Not about camera or people but the TRAVEL'S BAG! Since most of the time I need to move from one homestay to another one and have to bring all my camera , tripod stand along with me, so I need something to carry all my daily essentials. So the final decision I'm getting a hand carry bag , a backpack and a makeup pouch to fit all my things in!

Except the function of their bag I love their new collection especially those special collection they came out each session. I'm really eyes on their spring macarons collection! Tons of product available showcase at Pavilion and it's where I got my bag from. Next, they got backpack , travel bag , sling bag , pouch , cosmetic bag  and so on to meet your needs. It's waterproof too and it made with special material to make your travel experience easier with LeSportsac.

Lightweight , Waterproof , Special collection and design prints on it... I can easily fold it and keep it inside my main luggage bag too. That's the main reason why I go for it!So are you ready to know more about how I use them on my trip and some pretty photo I took with each diff collection?! 


#1 Tokidoki collection

Tokidoki, which translates to“sometimes” in Japanese, isan internationally recognizedand iconic lifestyle brand basedon the vision of Italian artistSimone Legno and his partners,serial entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajerand Ivan Arnold.  

This print and collection is just in time for me because the prints on it was all about 'HOLIDAY' and TRAVEL! Omg omg omg it's so detail and the quality was much nicer than the normal collection because this was limited one. Luckily I grab this and it gave me a very good memories on my trip. Really have to thanks LeSportsac for everything!

Love how simple it is and the fun holiday print on it. Other than it's limited edition I'm also loving the gold touch and zip on this collection. It's not just about cute and fun but having this as one of your travel buddy to everywhere. I love this so much and you can just carry it around or use this as your sling bag.

 See the gold!!! Love it!
The size was just nice for me! Can just put above on my big hot pink luggage that I bought during my previous Bkk Trip. After that I just have to carry it all around during my trip! I did the best decision ever!

#2 Olympia le tan Collection
After that I'm also getting a cute book cover for myself! No lah, just joking!! It's a small bag that can put your skincare or cosmetic! People normally use it as a makeup bag but I use it for my traveler's notebook. It fits perfectly and guess all of you should grab one!! I put in all my passport and air ticket, receipt and many many many moreeeeee!! 

 Love at first sight! So excited when I saw this showcase in their shop at Pavilion!! It's LeSportsac Spring 2015 collaboration with Parisian designer, Olympia Le-Tan. Le-Tan’s eponymous label, known for its limited edition one-of-kind hand embroidered book-cover clutches, inspires LeSportsac’s print treatment in the most literal fashion.

Celebrating the literary tradition of love letters, the playful and whimsical collection offers three original prints lovingly designed by Le-Tan. Blooming Hearts is aromantic sheet of postage stamps in soft pink scribbled in black while Love Letters carries a black ground of letters, books, stamps, kisses, and more. 

“Love is such a great theme as there are so many pretty elements to play with, hearts, doves, kisses, secret love notes... What’s not to love” confesses the designer. The collection arrives at all LeSportsac locations just in time for Valentine’s day, February 2015 but I only got it now!! How come I didn't get an extra one for my BFF!! I should get their blue edition one too! Guess I should go and get another one for my blue midori traveler's notebook.

 This can also fit into my backpack which I used the most..almost everyday in Japan.

#3 Classic spring Collection (macarons)
 My favourite item of the month!! Without this I have no idea where should I put all my things and camera! You won't believe how many thing can fit into this bag. I TELL YOU!!


I brought 2 luggage, one big one small , one hand carry that already keep inside my big luggage and this macaron classic backpack. Love how complete it was during my trip and I can't live without them either one!! I just love how easy it match my outfit and everyday's trip. I'm going to Sekinchan today and might as well bring them together with me for a small road trip too. 

Thanks LeSportsac for giving me a good & memorable travel buddy and I guess some of you also eyes on the book cover cosmetic pouch and classic macaron collection! My advise is...PLEASE GRAB IT FAST because that time I went I remember the pouch already half way sold out. Left few only and the macarons lunch box bag is way TOOO CUTE!!

Visit for more detail and check out their Facebook for latest promo and collection I'm happy to have this opportunity to share with all of you and thanks for reading this. That's all for today. Love,xx.


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