Chanwon Travel In Japan : #2 Things & Reasons I love about Japan

16 April 2015

Hello Sweeties I'm so happy that I'm finally here in Malaysia because I got my lap top with me now so I can blog about my experience and half month life in Japan. It's been awhile and feel so recharged now and guess I can update 10-15 post about my trip. I tell you i can break my own record because I need like 2 extra memory card for photo and I did a short video during my trip too. Just figure out I got 4 thousands photo need to delete , edit , crop and resize. I think I can't sleep tonight! Please stay tuned for all the coming post and read it carefully so you might take this as a guide for you to travel along next time :p 

Before I start blogging about it i would love to share my personal experience, things I saw and reasons why I feel in love with Japan. To be honest, from my previous yearly trip to Korea , Taiwan and BKK I never realise a big diff and gap between it until I back from Japan. Cultures quite diff and the whole environment and people too...I just love!


Except the weather during this trip. Suppose to be a Sunny week but the first week onward it's full of rain and it's quite scary because I plan to visit some place that would be nicer if it's a Sunny day! lol but luckily god bless me. All plan goes well during my trip and of course thanks for all your prayer I safety landed alone! HAHAHAHAH This is real scary because it's my first time travel alone and for your information I'm really stupid enough walk to the wrong gate and went to the wrong entrance.

I feel so sorry to my brain or maybe myself. But i feel so satisfied and happy that I'm able to get into the correct flight! Never feel so helpless but it's so fun because finally I know how would I feel if I'm traveling alone! lol but it's better to have a partner so you can talk and take nice photo without struggling and suffering! HAHAHAHAAH 

I got so many stories to share with all of you and I should stop myself from being too talkative now! So yea~ This post is all related to my own personal experience that I think people like us...or Malaysian would love. When our country can be like that!

Things & Reasons I love about Japan 
*Are you ready?!!*

#1 Vending Machine Everywhere

Not joking?! This is really EVERYWHERE. Saw this placed beside some shopping complex's toilet , beside entrance , outside temple , beside the road , around the housing area, beside the MRT and you just can see this everywhere when you need some drink! The drink is not those 'cacat' type it's only like 100-130 yen but it can taste like heaven! Really heaven

Most of their drinks and food came in a nice packaging design or maybe some was limited time serve one. I randomly try each of melted my hear. Not only just pepsi but 100% fruits drinks , mocha drinks and some vending machine was digital one. Even coffee too! So nice!! ONLY 100 YEN! CHEAP til can drop

forgive me..I just need to be calm!

#2 Clean Toilet & Japanese People never litter
I heard this long long time ago and everyone told me that Japan was REALLY CLEAN! I never know and experience this until I'm there. No litter around me & no rubbish on the road or floor! It's just super duper clean. I can't see any rubbish or dirty road.

(this is their toilet! wtf so nice right?!!!!!)

I must give them a thumbs up on this! Not just that most of their toilet was clean too. I visit some of the japanese apartment (homestay) even my friend's house were super duper clean. Most of their toilet separate into dry and wet toilet. Wet was the one for you to bath with temperature control and a bath tub. A half body size mirror on a side with a water pipe that we normally see and a mini plastic chair too while the dry toilet that allow you to pee and shit! LOLLLL Means you can't bath inside because it's pretty much a dry floor and some owner will put deco on the floor + the washlets are anus washing, bidet washing, seat warming, and deodorisation.

SO INTERESTING but I didn't try the washing function! lol

#3 Purikura (Japanese Sticker Photo Booth)
So cheap and have so much fun to play with their purikura photo booth. It's just around RM12 for one time shoot and I prefer sticker one because I can always stick it on my planner or midori! I miss my babe so much. Since when we shared the same hobby and same interest! I'm gonna work hard save money again for my next Japan Trip!! 

Oh yea, Japanese Photo Booth works like magic. It did a great job enlarging your eyes and automatic edit your face to become smaller and if it's a full body photo it make your leg look longer too. Worth to play with but be prepared because your eye can turn out to be SUPER BIG AND KAWAII. Look like a doll's eyes! AHAHAHAHAH

#4 Polite people & they bow for almost everything
Give them all! I tell you they treat customer like god!! Service pretty much can't compare with others! They speak politely to their customer and smile to you. It seems like I save their life or whatever they just too polite for everything. Even I just buy a 100 yen item they treat me like I had save their life or what. SO SO SO SO POLITE! 

Bow!! They bow for everything too...even driving they also bow inside the car. I'M SHOCKED! TOTALLY SHOCK!!

#5 Sakura
This is the main reason i'm here! Sakura attracted me to go Japan. I never thought that I have a chance to visit Japan because last time I just can see sakura photos and read other's blog especially cheesie's blog about Japan. Now....I'm in Japan and for a half month my trip was full of sakura blossom and it's everywhere too. 

Beside the road , in the park and the blossom was really pretty! So much fun I can just sit down and look at it for the rest of my life.

#6 UFO Toy Catcher Machine
I went to a place that was full of their UFO catcher machine! It's so big and the whole building is full of soft toy and some was limited edition one. It's so big and the people at there will walk around you and give you some tips or advice. If you really sad and used too much money on the machine + STILL CAN'T GET IT...then the people will come and help you. They will tell you exactly on how to catch it and some even just change the position of the toys so it allow you to catch it directly! HAHAHAHAHAHA

(Tsum Tsum game machine!!)

#7 Cute stuff everywhere and nice looking food / Bento / Special flavor snack
The food there not just look good but TASTE REALLY GOOD AS WELL. I love how they make their strawberry pie or waffle that available at 7-11 or their family mart. It's really so cute !!
 Special flavor strawberry waffle that babe daph bought for me!


 SO CUTE!!!!!

can't resist this!!

Japanese chefs are like artists! their food taste like heaven and presentation is also a very important aspect of Japanese cuisine.They normally added an artistic flare to those delicious dishes.

#8 Girl's Heaven
Tons of supplement and eyelashes available here. My favourite will be the Lulu Mask that I tried and also their natural false eyelashes! Love it so much!! I bought some DHC daily vitamin C supplement in a pack then also some of the eye drops that works really good on those who wear contact lens. 

#9 NICE Packaging
You must love this! They pack everything nicely and every time you pay at the counter especially tourist spot they will ask you whether your purchase was a gift for your friend or you need extra packaging or paper bag to pack your item and bring back for your friends. Even their food also pack in a pretty and kawaii packaging but make sure you luggage has enough space to put in! HAAHAHAHAH

Except food...their cosmetic packaging was really pretty too. I love their Laduree and Jill Stuart make up product!! I still keep their paper bag and some pretty paper card for myself! Hehe! If it's raining outside they will have a special plastic 'rain coat' attached on your shopping bag to protect it. It's so cool and when I can have it in Malaysia? :'(

#10 Juice @ Mc Donald
Not like our Mc Donald !! Japan one served 100% fruit orange juice! It taste like heaven too and did you try their strawberry pie ?!!! Only available in Japan!! ARGHHH I MISS THAT AGAIN!! 

#11 Stationery 
Japan got tons of stationery supplies. From MT tape to pilot fiction pen, planner , stickers or anything you like!! I visit three of the super huge stationery shop and it's one of the reason that I'm broke. Will talk each of it on the next post so you can visit there when you go to Japan. Every item got special edition or season design including spring new MT tape and spring design pilot pen. 

I just can't control!!

#12 Sanrio (Hello Kitty , Melody, Rilakkuma & so on)& Disneyland
Probably the next reason to be broke while visit the shop.You can easily find their very special rilakkuma shop or kiddy land everywhere in Japan. From soft toy to food of each character or hair accessories , shoes , phone case and etc. Those phone case was really pretty but the price was like RM90 for each because it's authentic product from Sanrio with a sticker on it. Not like those we can get in pasar malam one. Quality also damn good.

I remember the time i went to Harajuku (my favourite place) they even came out with limited harajuku edition phone case that featured hello kitty , twins star and melody on it one. DAMN CUTE!!

#13 Expensive Mango 
Except their super big strawberry and the white strawberry (a.k.a first love strawberry), the mango was quite pricy in Japan too. I was shock when i saw the price but their mango is way sweeter and more nicely to be seen on dessert and pie. I love their dessert because it taste so good and the look of it also look DAMN GOOD! 

I just pass by the dessert floor and I spent liao RM200 just for their dessert. Within 1 hours I finished everything -.- This is why daph and I spent so much time to take photo and chit-chat non stop about their dessert. 

#14 Convenience Store
7/11 , family mart or lawson everywhere! It's just like taiwan and bangkok they got lots of food , rice ball and drinks available. Even selling some interesting book (if you know what i mean xD ) I spent like RM30 every morning! I just can't just stick with one rice ball I NEED MORE!! So every time I got myself at least 3 rice balls and my favourite juice as my morning breakfast! AHAHAHAH Just to kickstart my day! lol

You can also get to try their special haagen-dazs ice cream at convenience store! It's so cheap just 200-250 yen! Much cheaper and it taste like heaven x32948104810843! No joke please it's so crunchy and so cheap. Each time they came out diff flavour and some was limited one. I want to try the green tea one but I CAN'T FIND IT! 

#15 SAFE 
Because we only have two hands and with the amount of our purchase I have no idea where to put my camera so I just leave it on the side of baby car. Sometime even placed our phone or bag open on it...nobody even care! Babe told me that they won't steal it and it's very safe in Japan. I can feel it because if I did this in Malaysia...confirm!!!!! my camera will gone! lol

But it's better to keep in a proper place la! Just that my bag no space for my camera so I just keep put on the table , hang on it and place it on the baby car. lolll 

#16 People very patient and show restraint 
I experienced this twice. The day before I leave, babe daph and I went to a shop and get her customer's bag. The customer pick a mint colour first but then suddenly change her decision so we got no choice to ask the shop to change for another colour. At that point, the Japanese staff just done and well-packed the bag!! At the same time, the customer change her mind again!!! So daph was there waiting her watsapp msg for the FINAL FINAL decision.

We both were so stress and the Japanese staff still standing there for about 10 mins just to wait for the customer's msg. So we keep on telling them so sorry but they still smile and wait patiently. Although I already can't tahan anymore and I just tell daph ' NO NEED CHANGE LA! SO TROUBLESOME!! SHE'S THE ONE WHO SAY WANT THAT COLOUR MAAAA!!'

But still we waited for almost 15 mins+ the customer reply and we got our final answer to get another colour. Then the staff called the shop and check whether they have the stock. Too bad the colour was out of stock but they still hope to get thing done and hope we can get our favourite colour. So the staff  went to the counter again and call the other shop JUST TO GET THAT COLOR. Another 10 mins pass she told us to wait so that she could go to the shop and get it for us!

Then she take off her name tag and run over us to the entrance.... I was like..OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! Then she told us to wait 15 mins...after 15 mins SHARP!! She run back with the choice of our colour! Next, the smile and look at us and told us that it's a nice colour and last piece too! 

SHE STILL CAN SMILE! If i'm the staff i totally will pissed off if my customer can't make the decision before that and keep trouble me! lol lol I'm a bad staff! lol

Second time was during the day I leave Japan. In the haneda airport. I brought 3 luggage (1 big and one small luggage with one hand carry bag) Then my own handbag too. After the weight machine told me that I'm overweight the girl smile and ask me don't be panic. She allow me to take out something and put on my hand luggage!

OMG OMG I so nervous and almost tear because I'm afraid they ask me to throw my shoe or throw something. They were so patient and wait me to done my stuff. Keep on telling me to stay calm don't be nervous..THEY STILL SMILE! SMILE AND LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL! 


#17 Sushi 

#18 ONSEN!!Their hot spring bath
First time experience their onsen!! Really diff from what I thought and will blog about it soon!! Ir's consider a cedar tubs in the countryside or stone baths on a mountaintop!! It said to be good for rheumatism, high blood pressure and general relaxation.

#19 Luggage shipping
This sounds really interesting! As I mentioned I brought too much back to Malaysia and I need to go airport by their public transport...It mean i can't carry all the 3 luggage my own..So my friend told me that Japan got a thing called LUGGAGE SHIPPING. What you need to do is just call their shipping service to collect at the place you stay.

Must call two days before you go to airport. Then a strong and japanese man will come over your place and collect it for you. They gave me one receipt and ask me to go to their airport counter and collect my luggage. So I no need carry my huge and heavy luggage all the way to airport. Two days after I go to their counter and showed them my receipt. Within 10 mins ...I get all my luggage back! SO convenience!!!

#20 Convenience transportation & come ON TIME
No need to mention! I love punctuality so I love Japan!!

#21 Small or big bra size with various choice and cute design
Everything look good in japan even the BRA! No matter you are small or big size here got everything you love. Price around RM60-100 each depend on your choice and the design. Price similar in Malaysia but just the design and colour was WAY SWEETER and NICER than here. They got lots of tube bra and my favourite one will be the peach john tube bra that I mention on my Bra essential 101 post .

I don't have big boob and most of the time the bra cutting was so weird for me. Either the cup too loose for me or it hurt my bone because of the cutting. Okay I'm really so flat one BUT until I tried japan or taiwan's bra..the cutting really nice and it look super fit on me. Now I can only wear a specific brand for my bra. lol 

Japan bra size tend to be smaller. For example if I'm wearing B i need to get C cup bra in japan. It's one size bigger if you wish to shop at their bra shop. Just take note of that but it's better if you can try it yourself in the fitting room :)

#22 Baby rest room 

Japanese mom should be so glad to live in there. Baby room everywhere that allow them to milk feeding their children and also the interior look DAMN GOOD! I even selfie inside. I'm sorry for that but it seems nicer than my own room wtf wtf wtf!! LOOK REALLY GOOD and they carry their few months old baby everywhere. 

I wanna live OR STAY there for few months! PLEASE!!!

It's fun to blog something like this and spread the japan love for you guys!! HAAHAHAH don't get addicted on my post :p 

For those who wish or still thinking whether which country should you go for....YOU SHOULD VISIT JAPAN!! NEXT YEAR?! OR NOW!!!! I will continue spreading my love toward japan for all of you! HAAHHAAHAHAH That's all for today! Continue edit photo and see me on the next post ba~ ;)


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