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01 April 2015

Alohaaaa My Little Sweethearts  is me again with a 'GOOD HAIR' look today!!Hope I can always stick to this hair style and you guys were told me that I look nicer with this hair look. I thought it should be nicer with curl short hair but seems like straight wasn't that bad too. Okay, honestly having a short hair was good but at the same it took me some time to get use of it especially I need to blow dry it and always trim it for maintaining the same short hair like this.

I was using the previous straight hair shampoo for my long straight hair (before I cut my hair short) and it's the same brand with this but it's a diff range. Since I cut my hair short and wanted to let it look more smooth when I flip or turn my head :p I changed to this pink one! It's their Smooth & Manageable Range. Of course, my favourite colour too! HAHAHAHA

I'm so impressed with their instant smoothing cream and I'm so happy when I get to know that I'm actually invited for this event. Unlike the previous Sunsilk event, this time was more on casual style and there are tried and tested session for all of us. So happy and I'm really surprise with that because I have no idea what's going on until Sunsilk Team told us that we had foot massage session , hair pampering session & so on. OMG OMG!!! Such a relax event!!

Everyone loves selfie and this time they launch an contest for winning away a 3k casio TR selfie camera!! I was shocked!!! That's why I'm here for the event :p HAHAHAAHAHAHA What is the best way to take a photo than to have sleek , polished and SELFIE-READY HAIR?!! Am I right? Congratz to Sunsilk for making this happen and they just launched its first ever Sunsilk Selfie movie with the theme :-

Selfie Ready Hair, ANYTIME , ANYWHERE

Without further ado, let's get started! I love how they put effort into this event. The whole session was just way~~ TOOOO GOOD for me. You know... whole day busy packing, working and just full of work and responsibility, I really need some extra time for myself. Just like that!! The event was organized @ Hammam, Publika. It's my first time there and definitely will go there again.

They arrange some fun and relaxing activities for us. I went to the first stop , hair pamper time!! It's the chance for us to try their pink range hair product. Actually i tried that long time ago and even using it right now!! So it's no longer new for me but they told us some interesting facts on this range. All activities will be in such a relaxing way and they even use Argan Oil to massage our foot and hand too. 

Hair pampering session. Love the environment there!! I feel so relax and the scent of the shampoo is just WONDERFUL.
 Comfortable seat
 Relaxing environment
 Seriously, I'm ready!!!
 HAHAHAHAHA See how relax am I!!
Seriously I would stay here for a whole day! I feel so sleepy too but really can't wait for the next session!! I had shorter hair that's why I'm the first few who done my hair before others. Then went to the next room to blow dry my hair.

The scent was nice and the leave on conditioner (the instant smoothing cream that I mentioned before) was super good. You just need to squeeze out a small amount , a 10 sen coin-sized onto your palm and simply rub it evenly onto your hand and apply your hair staring from the middle to the end of your hair. 

It leaves a super smooth touch on my hair and NOT STICKY and NOT GREASY at all. Thumbs up for that. Can use on dry / damp hair as well. 

 Awww! So sleepy when I saw this bed~
 It's been awhile that I never do some hand and foot massage! Almost 2 years plus now since I back from my BKK Trip. Arghh miss the moment and thanks Sunsilk for everything on that day. I love how they make use of Argan Oil (also known as liquid gold, which hails from Morocco) and let us experienced the good side of it.

 Almost same as the hand massage just that now they tried to apply the Argan Oil on our foot and let us experience how moisture it is to keep our skin feel great after the application. Since our foot was happy with it, I'm sure our hair would love it too! Teehee~

 Selfie with my good looking hair  I should do another selfie with this hair look so I can join the contest too! HAHAHAAHH 

 Super duper relax and fun!! Hope that someone can help me take photo so I can just sit down and sleep!!! AHAHAHHAAH I'm just joking my whole leg finally feel relax throughout the whole year. OMG OMG OMG Finally I can feel my leg! 

 Love how this Smooth and Manageable range is use to transform one person's hair to manageable and minimise friction between individual hairs for enhanced smoothness. All thanks to the hair expert Yuko Yamashita (World Renowned Hair Care Expert)

 Then, I entered a super pinkish room with another hair expert from Malaysia too. He explained how important is the Argan Oil in our daily activities and life. For your information Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable range contained 5 natural oils.
Normally shampoo only contain 1-2 natural oils but in this range, there are 5 of them!!! Which gave our hair the best protection and stay nourished too. Other than Argan oil, it contained Coconut, almond,jojoba and the most familiar one, Olive oil.

 Also, we did a small experiment. The left hair with more friction after normal wind blow while the right (the one using Sunsilk) has less frizzy and more manageable too. 

I wouldn't be surprise with it because Sunsilk always do the best on our hair but I'm glad that I'm here to experience the goodness of Argan Oil and how best it can help us to achieve a smooth and manageable hair. But I know it would be glad too if I can win this selfie camera home from the contest :p HAHAHAAHAHAHH 

I'm here to spread the news around and hope you guys can take part on it too. See who's the lucky one! Follow my step!! HOW TO JOIN and take part of the SUNSILK Selfie Movie??

You can visit and #1 upload your most chio and confident-looking selfies. Then, sunsilk are given one complimentary frame. #2 After that if you need to unlock the 4 more frames, you need to buy up to RM15 worth of Sunsilk products inclusive of Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable, at Watsons or Tesco. #3 Using the proof of purchase, you can upload 4 of your own selfies or wefies (group photo with your friends or bff) 

10 LUCKY WINNERS will be given a selfie camera worth RM3000.00!! The best selfies camera in the world yooo!!! The contest runs from 3 March 2015 until 3 May 2015. Enough time for you to prepare and win it home!!! Wooohooo

For more information, please visit and til the next post again!! That's all for today. Love, xx.


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