Chanwon Travel In Japan : #1 Preparation & My Top 10 Checklist

31 March 2015

Konichiwa!! So excited now and countdown 6 days more until my trip and probably the next 2 blog post gonna update when I'm in Japan. Hope I get a chance to online and blog with a phone! Maybe it's full of paragraph without any photo because I have no idea how to upload photo to my blog by using a phone. So bear with me because I hope to blog about my mood and to express myself since I travel alone! But the first few day I will be staying with my Japan Friend ;) I just can't wait!

So as usual, I blog about my preparation before my trip and it just like my previous Korea Trip or BKK Trip. But sometime it changes as we grow and don't think I will carry some unnecessary item this time due to my very limited luggage weight. LOL I booked the ticket last year during mid-year sales and I get the two way go and return ticket with only RM900. 20kg go and back without any seat choice I just want them randomly pick it for me so I can have more budget when I'm travel to Japan.

'Kiam-siap' loh me!! But no choice I really have to save my money up so I won't sleep on the road during my half month Japan Trip. I will be in Tokyo only within this half month because I just want for a relaxing trip without any rush or I just want to explore more before I start working. loll lots of excuse to travel but the main reason I'm going on this month = SAKURA!!!BLOSSOM SEASON!!! HAHAHAHAH So this time I brought my whole year saving and hope all my hard work pay off!
Not sure this will be my budget trip anot but I'm sure to shop til drop with their beauty and stationaries product. Stay tuned for the next post in Japan! So here's my top 10 checklist which I CAN DIE if I can't bring them with me! lol

#1 Cameras & Selfies Stick
I just can't live without my camera. Wanted to get a better camera (Good photo quality + Handfree) So I can take photo all by myself but I just can't spend more before my trip. Tempted to get the latest Lumix GF7 because the new function is really AWESOME and wanted to get a new lens with nice bokeh blur background but...AIHX!! Is all about money! So I'm going to grab a selfies stick for myself (just in case some extra memory card(s) too) 

Probably bring my Sony HX50 and Sony NEX F3 together with me. Don't wanna bring so many camera because it's so bulky but I have no choice because NEX F3 don't have wireless function I can't take photo with it so the Sony HX50 can wireless control and remote it even it is without any turning screen. 

I thought wifi available in Tokyo but my friend told me it's a MUST to rent a pocket wifi during your Japan trip. Especially you need upload your beautiful sakura photo to your insta ...YOU NEED A POCKET WIFI which is long battery life and also easy to carry around. I'm waiting for my pocket wifi to arrive at my doorstep soon!! Will see if it's good and share with all of you my personal experience~

#3 Midori Traveler's Notebook
This is a MUST and everything seems to be diff than previous. I wish to record my everyday's activity on this personal traveler's notebook. This will really be MY 'Traveler's Notebook' during the trip. Also, I can't wait to visit the real midori shop in Japan so that I can stamp something on it. Go to their post office and post some postcard back for myself! HAHAHAHA Sounds so lame but it's really fun I guess!

#4 Japan Travel Guide Map
Smelly's brother and his wife went to Japan last year and they gave me a lot of useful information + guide book with tons of map inside! lol hope it's useful and luckily I can read some of the katakana and hiragana. Hopefully I can survive too~ lol if not I guess google translate and social media platform will be my partner HAHAAHAHAHA

#5 Haircut and Eyelashes
I didn't really go for a proper haircut since 2 months ago and my roots came out -.- Like a pudding hair now so I need to get my haircut done before my trip. Since I'm always lazy with my makeup especially during trip I always wear only eyeliner and lipstick but this time I'm really lazy + I tried the eyelashes extension last year so I guess I should get my second eyelashes extension done before my trip. So I can just go out with a bare face and with only eyeliner or maybe no need! So yea!! I need to go this week if not no time already but still have lots of work need to catch up and done before my trip T.T 

#6 Disposable Cotton Panties + Contact lens
I know it's weird but believe me it's the best way to keep you hygiene and without worried about your underwear. lol Not sure is this possible but hopefully my period will come within this few day so I can play , jump around without the need of pain killer pill. I know some of the disposable panties feel really uncomfortable and 'loose' but previously I bought one type of disposable one was much comfortable than the usual because it's cotton underwear like your daily washable one. But the thing is it pricy than the normal cheap disposable panties.

I got it from guardian at Ferenheit88 last year. Not sure where should I get it back but probably going to Pavilion this weekend and get all my checklists and preparation done before my trip.Of course my illuminate daily disposable lens!!! Easy and simple! #PrayHard

#7 Sport Shoes and 'photo-purpose wedges/heels'
During my taiwan trip I brought 3 pairs of heels and wedges on my trip -.- I just can't believe how possible I can walk with it throughout the whole day. Unbelievable but I'm old now! No longer the young me so here's the reason why I need to purposely bring a photo-worthy heels for just PHOTO PURPOSE. Just carry it inside my bag and shoot with my ootd if possible! Or I just have to get a nice and easy match sport shoes? Any suggestion?? Or I get those limited version of new balance shoe In Japan? Cheaper? lol idk idk~

#8 Travel Backpack
I just can't walk with small and tiny sling back this time! Should then got myself a backpack! I bought one major made backpack from taiwan last year but it's still too small for me to carry. So maybe looking for something from Lesportsac? Have to go Pavilion and look for it this week!!

#9 Power Bank
Not sure I need this a not but just put it into my checklist so I can feel better if I can bring it together with me!

#10 Money Changer
I feel so regret I didn't exchange my money last month. The rate is the lowest RM28.50 for 1000 yen but now NOT ANYMORE!! Malaysia ringgit depreciated and it's around RM31.50 for 1000 yen now! I'm really regret now. I pay more RM600+ now with the rate! DAMN IT DAMN IT. Have to unlock my international bank card so I can use my visa while I'm traveling in Japan. JUST IN CASE I don't have enough money!

That's all my top 10 checklist! Hope to settle everything this 5 days so I can fly with a peaceful heart! Lol enjoy reading and see you soon in Japan!!


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