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04 March 2015

 Hello my lovely Sweeties  You know what!! I'm so glad that I'm here today and finally I'm able to share with you some of my thought and experience on this review post about the most kawaii mirror selfies: CASIO EXILIM MR1. First of all I guess I should give a thumbs up for Casio because they always came out with new and attractive camera that girl need! Now everyone fall in love with their camera and WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT.

I'm one of the user of TR last time and what can I say is... that's the best selfies camera ever but some of you can't really afford to buy that camera. Like me I remember last time the old version of TR I used like 6-8 months to save money just to get that. Casio know us well! They get the feedback and hear from us SO!!! Now they came out with this affordable kawaii mirror selfie that you might be interested with. 

Review usually can be so long but I just want to make it short and most important, all the photo I upload later on which taken by my MR1 was without any filter and unedited. So just read carefully and those which taken by my own camera I will write it on the photo caption ya. 

So are you ready?!!!


Let's Get Started!

 #1 Three Colour Available
Pastel Pink , White & Mint

 #2 Cute design & small size
very cute (kawaii) design that pretty with it own plus a super adorable size that fits every girl's bag!

 It's not a two screen camera but a mirror-finished front body which you can check your reflection while selfies and taking photos by your own. 

Basically, it's just like a MIRROR.

The behind screen allow you to see your photo just like a normal camera but this with an additional MIRROR in the front of its body! Sound interesting leh~ The moment I get it from Casio I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG!! AM I DREAMING NOW?!!!! HAHAHAHA

 #3 Affordable & Build In Wifi
It's just 1/3 price of TR series camera. Normally a TR camera cost at least 3K!! Additional, a build in WIFI feature which allow you to send photo from the camera directly to your phone!

 #4 Camera lens on the middle of the mirror front screen
If you look closer on the photo above you can actually see the lens placed in the middle of the front-screen. Which mean what you see is what you get! And your eyes won't go wrong and look in the wrong place. Mean you can get appropriate eye direction on each photo!

Just use it like a hand mirror when taking selfies & capture it with just one button! Brilliant~ 

#5 Wide Lens
A must feature for taking selfies with yourself or a group of friends! A totally new style for capturing selfie images. 

 It looks exactly like a mirror but with a wide angle feature on it! OMG OMG I'm really exited! But how's the photo? Is there any makeup mode?

 YOU ARE RIGHT!! Makeup Mode is a must in any selfies camera and there you go!!

 #6|Make-up Mode|
Enhance the beauty of your selfie images by setting your  level of “Skin Tone” and “Smooth Skin”.
There are 0-6 level of Skin Tone & 0-12 level of smooth skin.

I'm so curious about how the image turn out from this camera so here's my review with the makeup mode. I adjust it accordingly with diff level of makeup mode including the Skin Tone & Smooth Skin. Skin tone is the whitening level of your skin (the higher the brighter / whiter) while the smooth skin is just like a pre-photoshop on your skin , make your skin look as smooth as a baby skin

This is the most excited part EVER! All photo below taken by CASIO MR1 without any edit and no filter on it. There are 3 photo I put it together to make a comparison on each level of makeup mode so you can see the diff between each level of makeup mode. All photo taken under outdoor / normal sunlight. 

Skin Tone | Level 0 - Level 6
Skin Tone: Level 0 
 Skin Tone: Level 6

 Comparison between Skin Tone Level 0 & Level 6 

Normally I won't recommended to set it at the max level 6. It would be great to set it at level 3-4 :) If not your skin turns out super pale and your make up will become not very obvious. I'm prefer the natural kind of photo but if you love super super whitening, this could help you too. Below is another example of Level 0 > level 3 > Level 6 skin tone level.

 Skin tone Level 0

 Skin tone level 3

 Skin tone level 6 (max)

Comparison between Level 0 , Level 3 and Level 6
 Spot the diff?!! Whole image look brighter by increasing it skin tone level and must lighter in skin tone.

Smooth Skin | Level 0 - Level 12

In this review for the best comparison I just put on a lipstick and eyeliner. I didn't put any make up base or foundation to cover my skin dark spot (since I need to show you the diff of each level of smooth skin too). In the photo you can clearly see when the smooth skin set at level 0 my dark spot (left side face) and redness on my cheek seems to be so obvious :'(

 Smooth Skin Level 0

 Smooth Skin Level 6

 Smooth Skin: Level 12

That max level of smooth skin allow me to take selfies even closer and more confident! AHAHAHAHAH You can now more closer~ closer~!! the left side dark spot obviously reduced and more smooth after each level of smooth skin. Here's a closer photo I cropped from the above's photo.

 Comparison of Smooth Skin Level 0 & Level 12

 More photo for your comparison on Smooth Skin Level * Look carefully my left side skin's dark spot
 Not so perfect!

After smooth skin level 10 

now!!!Everyone can take pretty and good selfies with this affordable Casio MR1!So good right? Do you want to see more photo of me? I mean my selfies! HAHAHAHAHA All photo taken with MR1 too and set some makeup mode. Skin Tone Level 3 and Smooth Skin Level 10

# Overall Experience #
 I know most of the review didn't mention and compare this with the TR series photo but there are a slightly different between the price and overall quality of the photo. In my opinion, I love how cute of this MR1 which included a concept of 'MIRROR SELFIES' because most of the time (while taking selfies) my eye tend to look at the screen and turn out the eye look so weird on my selfies photo. Price itself was cheaper than TR almost 1/3 price of tr only! Suitable for student who want a affordable selfies camera with make-up mode available and build in wifi.

Next, in term of the photo quality  of MR1 Pls remember that you're getting a selfie camera with 1/3 of TR's price,so it's why the user experience and photo quality only compromised 20% from TR, but it is a value buy camera that specially made for people who love to selfies with budget and I would say it's much affordable for all of us.

In term of its make up beauty mode,  I personally love the beauty mode on this camera because it look much more natural and not too pale compare with the TR-35 or TR15 I used before. The photo quality might not as good as it but for a natural side of view I think I love how the skin and face turn out with this camera. People no longer say you seems to be diff with the photo!! HAHAAHH Beauty Mode just like TR or ZR but just the photo quality make it look slightly diff than it.

Other feature like motion control or wireless remote feature in TR ARE NOT AVAILABLE in this camera. Mean this camera just GOOD FOR SELFIES ONLY. If you need to take ootd photo you need ask someone else to capture for you. 

This Casio MR1 can straight away connect to your phone with its build in wifi feature which allow you to send photo directly by just few click after downloaded the app called ' EXILIM LINK'.
You just need to connect and select the photo you want to transfer > Save to your phone!It's so easy just like a piece of cake!!!

So here's basically my 1 week experience after using this CASIO MR1 and review this on my blog today. So nice that I always get a chance to review Casio's camera! I'm so happy that I'm able to help all of you to make your decision before purchase! Hopefully I can figure out more pros and cons about this camera in the next post ya! Stay tuned for the next post ;)

That's all for today. Love, xx.


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