Updated Resolution : Still The Same

09 March 2015

Hello Peeps How are you lately? Have been thinking and planning my Japan Trip lately. I will be going to Japan at the end of this month, March until middle of April. So happy because I'm going there alone and meet my friends in Japan. So happy and I just can't wait. But...wait!!! It's April and I only realise that it's the month that we start implement the GST!!! 

OMG Now I only realise and I think I should book earlier than April but too bad I wanna see sakura blossom badly. That's the reason why I wait until April only back. Every new year comes with some new year resolutions and this time I had another updated resolution for my own record since GST will be implementing in the early of April.

Wanna add on and edit from my previous new year resolutions but I don't think people will be back and read the old post so...here's the updated version!! lolx

#1 Family Time and time for myself
Told you that I wasted so many time (last year) and left only little time for my family and myself so this year should fully utilise my time with my parents , brother , Bebe and left some remaining one should be some private for my own. Guess everything seems to be the same as previous but I need EXTRA time for them.

I hope, I mean it's a MUST for me to spend some quality time on them. Maybe treat them a meal or plan for dinner every weekend but due to GST, treating family is somehow an extra burden. All price increase I think!! But I'm happy I found out that Domino's Pizza do not increase their price even GST is coming. Argh!!! So glad that there are 2 Domino's Pizza nearby my house!! WOOHOOO

#2 Travel 
Not to play but to figure out something meaningful to me or my life. Like the purpose of my Japan Trip and of course want to travel with smelly before he get busy with his work lol. Of course, get to know new thing while traveling and blog about it on my blog.

#3 Food
Hope to eat as many as I can but spend lesser maybe?! :p GST is now involve in our daily life therefore, we really need to plan nicely and not over spend, Right? I told this to all my friend and they don't think it's possible but I know it's possible because you know~~ there are one thing that Domino's Pizza remain the same!! It's what we pay is still the same or even lesser!! I just want to spread this out to all of you so you can save more even GST increase too~

I love Domino's Pizza!! Find more information on: http://bit.ly/PaySameOrLess

#4 Job
Should be enjoying my job as a blogger until end of this year then start working next year *hopefully* But doing my job as a blogger was the happiest job ever. Everything still the same but the increasing amount of responsible took me some time to overcome it.Btw, I watched a Korean Drama and the author told us that it's best if you choose to place your most-wanted / first priority or Most like hobby as your part time job. Means your second job because you will always end up enjoy more than complaint. 

Normally when you put the job you interested in the first place you will end up dislike it. Honestly, it's true! When blogger become my part time , I enjoyed a lot and not stress at all. When I put it as my one and only full time job, I turned super duper stress and worried about not perform it well. Then I will be so sensitive on the comment and thing I got from my reader. I think it's still the best if I still remain the same as previous. Not joking, I love talking to you guy and blogging on my blog.

But i really can't make it as my full time job :( But hopefully in the future I can take it as full time then my time should be more flexible..Right? :D

#5 Observe , Giving , Being
Learn how to observe not just keep talking, Learn how to give , and learn how to being as an 'useful' person to the world , to the society and for my own. Being a good daughter , being a good sister , being a good girl friends , being a person who able to help people.

#6 Positive & No regret
Live with no regret and avoid the noise out there with positive thinking and mind. 

I think this should be my every year's resolutions! I really hope that I can grow up now. Not the person who only good in talking but a person who is able to influence people and giving the updated info on my blog. I need to save more money and plan for more trip before I start my future job...

I can do it and I will still remain the same , a tough & strong Chanwon which always bring happiness to you guys. Last but not least, BRACES!!!! I'm going to brace my teeth soon...and gonna say bye bye with 6 teeth.... Actually, I'm really scared now T.T

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