Newens Tea House @ Starhill Gallery | #OOTD with Tutu Skirt

20 March 2015

Hello Sweeties It's me!! I'm so excited now because it's so fun to edit all photo I took for this post. I can't really celebrate for the past month and it's Bobo's birthday too. Both of us can't celebrate much during those important date in this year but I decided to meet her up two weeks ago. Both of us live so far from each other so most of the time we just get to meet each other up before or during the event. She always complain that I can't meet her after the event because you know, KL so jam and I have to rush back home feed Bebe. Imma look like a mother now but still, I appreciate and enjoy every single moment I can spend with all of my friends.

So I planned to date her out and enjoy Japanese Buffet at Pavilion so she can eat as much as she want but she told me she prefer high tea time since we both (super long time) never take pretty photo together. She always prefer place to take instagram-worthy photo. But I have no idea where should we go other than just walking around Pavilion. Then, while she was there to help me snap OOTD photo she ask me whether we can walk from Pavilion to Starhill Gallery because she was interested on a newly opened Newens Tea House. She told me it's very nice and showed me all the insta hashtag photo. 

I'm quite tired since I was wearing a long sleeve leather jacket and a 4 layers tutu skirt. HAHAHA Luckily we only need to cross one road and one traffic light. Thanks god and it's really near to Pavilion so guess most of you can date your partner now and visit there when you free. It's quite high class and feel really 'atas' They greet you with a bright and cheerful smile and the whole environment makes us feel really good!!!!

Newens Tea House @ Starhill Gallery
Real red roses everywhere and since i'm so into planner recently, I'm falling in love with gold colour. Bobo's decision really brighten my day! It's been awhile~~ HAAHAHAHAH The style and décor are all fresh and new yet reminiscent of a traditional grand dining room experience. It's so classy, upmarket and modern too.

Be prepared to pamper yourself with their friendly and efficient staff. We asked for a specific seating area (the gold sofa with roses behind) but the table was too small for us to fit our food since we order the high tea set. But still they manage to advice us and placed the second table stick beside to our table just that we can have some space to take our insta-worthy photo! LOL At the end we decided to use back only one table to fit everything on because two tables were too much for us. LOL

We ordered cake recommended by their stuff and also a high tea set which served after 2.30pm (if I'm not mistake)and the set came with tea that suit for both of you! Variety of choice from some tasty cakes, pastries to savoury pies and tarts – plus, of course, their world famous Original Maids of Honour cakes. Maybe i should try this next time!

Once in awhile I'm able to enjoy such a beautiful moment!! You just have to take your time to enjoy this luxury afternoon tea @Newens Tea House. Love it so much and although it's just a 2 hours tea time I really can't wait to meet her at Japan. Hopefully we can meet each other :'( 

Food Served
 So pretty!!!!

Love the tea set and I finished everything within 20 mins! HAAHAHAHA

 Saliva also come out now!!! I miss this so much!! craving for the tea set and hope I go there another time.

 Taking photo while she's taking her insta-worthy photo! 
 Changed my hairstyle on that day!
 Happy Belated Birthday Honey!

#OOTD Shoot

Since smelly having his trip that month there are no one there to help me snap ootd photo and this is the reason why and my parent told me that I can't wear bright colour 1 months because of my grandfather just passed away. Chinese culture and I can't live without colour T.T So sad!!! Bobo always took wonderful photo of me and know which is the best expression and angle of my face. Thanks to her I got my feminine and girly OOTD look. Photo credits to her by using my Sony NEX F3 camera.

Love my lace top I got from topshop from the previous Shop like a pro event organized by Sunway Pyramid and thanks for the special RM888 shopping surprise!! I love the black leather jacket but Bobo told me it's spoiling my OOTD look so she was prefer that if my OOTD can without the black jacket lol

| White lace top from Topshop | Tutu Skirt from Bon_bonboutique ( | Gold necklace from Lovisa |

 Love the tutu skirt it's so nice!! Look so dreamy on everyone~ It's customise depend on your preference and they did the normal one but I asked them whether can customise a elastic band on my waist so I can wear it high waist and normal waist length. 

I'm 160cm and having a shorter body than most of you so I prefer the longer length on my skirt and one inch smaller on my waist so it can hold and tight in my top without falling and the elastic band too. So i decided on a dove grey colour with 24' waist (61cm) and 60cm length of the tutu skirt. I think i will be getting a short one soon as the quality and handmade skill from the owner were really good! 

It's 4 layers tutu not like those 2 layers one and this is so FLUFFY!! I love fluffy tutu skirt than the normal one so I look more 'volume up'!! Love this photo !!

 That's all for today's post! Hope you enjoy your weekend and I'm going to prepare for my Japan trip and getting a pocket wifi for myself too!! WOOOHOOOO See you soon sweeties! Love, xx..

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