[Tried & Tested] Touch In Sol from Korea : Full Makeup Tutorial & Review

28 March 2015

Hey Hey My lovely babies 2 more days left!!!! So excited and I can't sleep probably this few days because I'm too excited and praying to god so that my period can come early before my trip. Lol Seems so wrong now. I'm lying on my bed and half way dying now but first time feel happy when my period come. HAHAHAAH So it's no longer a problem for me to go for hot spring during my Japan Trip. 


So back to the topic! Today I'm gonna do a full review on this brand 'TOUCH IN SOL' and also I'm also a first time user on their product. Never heard of it until I got their official email and their exclusive event on this month but I couldn't attend it due to my job and I need some preparation for my coming trip. They sent me some of their product 2 months ago and I had my skin problem that time so here's the reason why I delayed until now. 

FYI, this is a brand from Korea and most of their product look really stylish in term of their packaging and I realise that their product is more than just the product. For example their eyebrows pen with eyebrows mascara , a two in one product. Still.... what makes me really satisfied with ....is their lip crayon! To be honest I love it! You can mix match the lip crayon and create your own special colour that you prefer.
Okay...seems like you really excited for it now so...Shall we?!!!

 Let's Get Started!

 #- Feel like Honey Moon Skin Base -#

First, to let your make up stay longer and makes your skin glowing you must put on some makeup base. I always prefer less and thin base while focus only my main point. So this time I focusing my eyeliner (upper and lower) with my super bright lip colour to match  my hair accessories. Let me start with their make up skin base.

The texture is so concentrated and guess what it look exactly like a HONEY! Same texture with it even the time you pour it our from the bottle. Even though I don't really like those texture but this isn't really that sticky and I still think it's fine for me. Not sure some of you but I can see it absorb into my skin faster than those serum. So I guess the texture really surprised me a lot.

If you see closely you can that there are gold foil inside the liquid texture and it smells really good. Not sure you will like it anot for me the texture still within my acceptable range and I think it's suitable to apply on our skin in this super duper hot weather too. I can feel the elasticity on my skin after the application and it actually help to boost the radiance of our skin too. Quite surprise with that but the bottle is quite small so if you apply this everyday guess this should only can last for 2 months. 

#- Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream -#

After a good hydrated skin base we need something that can minimise our pores and a little coverage for our skin. Either a CC or BB cream will do the best for us but in this tutorial I'm using a BB Cream. I'm not really into a BB Cream lover because it make my skin look so dull and oily after few hours on my previous experience and from that time I no longer think of BB cream.

I more prefer BB cushion than BB cream since the application was easy and you can save money from buying a new one but just get a refill will do. Just that you have to always keep in mind to clean the sponge or applicator. 

This BB cream wasn't special for me but the after the application, my skin do look brighter and better. 

It's a light brown colour and it used to correct our natural skin tone too. The coverage not really good but the texture is thin and nice to blend over on our skin.

As you can see although I don't really like BB cream but this BB cream is so watery and light. I dare myself to use it on my sensitive area (my cheeks area because previously my skin was peeling and super sensitive on my two side of cheek therefore I no longer apply anything on my skin except eye makeup and lips) If you are having a sensitive skin it's best if you can just let your skin breath without applying any BB cream ...But..if you die die also want to apply something you can think go this BB cream because it's safe to use on sensitive skin. So this is why the texture is so light and watery!

#- Brow Expert Bar -#
After you got your glowing skin!! It's the next important step....EYEBROWS! A nice eyebrow shape can make your face look sharper and more attractive. This is a 2-in-1 eyebrow tool. It included a triangle eyebrow pen and a eyebrow mascara to make it more waterproof. 
Start with the front part of your brows. I just like fill in the blank and you just fill in the colour and find the best shape to suit your face. I love thick straight eyebrows and I just touch up a little bit on the front and extend the shape at the end part. The unique triangle shape makes the application so much easier than other! So next time remember to get a triangle one rather than the normal one!

Next, this expert bar included a eyebrow mascara. It's transparent so you just need to apply all over your brow and just like how you apply your mascara. From back to front , then front to back!

#- Brow Expert Bar -#
Gel-liner?!! The main point to create this makeup look. First time draw my lower eyeliner and I thought it might make me look weird and fierce but...NOT BAD ALSO!! It make my eye look more 'deep' and bigger! I think it look good in photo and when you selfies with your camera. HAHAHAHA

It's not a normal gel liner but a shimmer gel eyeliner pen! So many colour available but I picked the special one which is colour #4 and #5. A dark blue shimmer  and red shimmer gel-liner.

Before- Without eyeliner 
Draw from the end of your eyelid. Then slowly figuring what shape you want. I prefer to extend the eyeliner and it make my eye look longer. After that, I continue for my lower-liner too.

Full eyeliner look
Look like a vintage lady makeup lol

This is extra! If you want to look more innocent you can add some shimmer eyeliner to your lower water line and front too. 

#- Volume Mascara -#
This isn't really a volume mascara if compare with my previous mascara but it did a good job in holding the shape and curl of your eyelashes. It really form a nice shape and curl on your real lashes. It make it look 根根分明 & turn up more natural not dizzy at all. Say bye bye to dizzy eyelashes!

Before apply the mascara

#- lIP & Cheek Tint -#
You can use it as a lip product or blusher. To be honest this just suitable to use on the cheek because of the colour. I try to apply this on my lip but it turn out look super cracky and it look so so so dry. So for the best result, it's nice to apply on your cheek but if you want to use it as a lip product make sure your lip is moisture enough to prevent a cracky lip + make sure you pick a darker colour (This colour not suit for my lip, it make me look pale and the texture make my lips appear more cracky!)

Just a little bit will do. Always remember less is more~

Now, I can have a very natural pinky cheek! Hehe Thanks to this tint!! Love it just that I'm quite disappointed it not works on my lip. See my lip look so cracky even it's out of focus. LOL

#- VIVID Lip Crayon -#
If you like crazy lip colour then you must definitely try out their lip crayon. It's so crazy they even came out with vivid colour like blue and yellow!! HAHAHA It's so cute and it's so PIGMENTED!! With its special formulation, it makes your lip look ViVid and colourful within a fews second. Damn good!!!
The melting powder texture leaves silky and semi matte finish on your lips without drying out. This is why i LOVE IT!! No more cracky lips and you can even mix and match the colour with the smudging sponge which attached together with this lip crayon.


I mixed both of the lip colour to create a bight orange + melted red colour. HAHAHAHA I think this really pop out the colour and look so VIVID! OMG OMG OMG Good to create some weird and crazy makeup look. Maybe next time I should try and mix the red with the blue one..or blue with yellow?!! HAAHAHAHAHA 

The tint on my cheek so obvious!! So pinky but I think i put too much -.- seems like too pink on this photo! lol


Feel like to vomit when I read and look back all the photo I took for this look. But the cute spec do make me look cuter! HAAHAHAHA That's all for this post! Hope you like it and will continue to try & test new product so that I can share with all of you. Love, xx.

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