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22 March 2015

Hello Sweeties! Calling all the craft lover and for those who always love to make things by hand or wish to gift something special for your partner with your D.I.Y skill?!!! This is a must place for you to visit!! It seems funny when I thought the exclusive opening is on Monday. The actual day is on Wednesday but I thought it was on the first Monday. So I take leave from my work and Smelly was the photographer on that day. Guess what -.- The moment I step into the shop there was no registration table and no one else except some customer and their stuff.

I walked in the shop and the stuff told me their grand opening coming soon and ask me to register for their VIP member card so that I can enjoy more than 30% off for part of their item. I asked for the second time and Smelly said " You check your email see whether it's today or what" So, I opened my phone and saw the first page on my phone screen '9th March' ?!!! I was like...



I'm gonna kill myself! My face turned super 'green' and I blamed myself for this. Smelly keep laughing and ask me to stay calm. He told me it's okay so that I can selfies at any corner i like without any photo boom and of course i can shop slowly too. I was like " Okay...then... T.T" Can't believe I did this for myself and I'm the one who see the wrong date. 

#Facepalm til the max!

But luckily I went there early because the actual date of their launching I got no time and chance to take photo! Luckily!! So at least I benefits from my mistake. Lol but it's hilarious right?!!! I just so blur!!! Btw, so happy that finally here as Spotlight, Australia’s largest fabric, craft, party and homemaker superstore was set to open its second store at IPC Shopping Centre!!! I went for the first store at ampang point and I can't believe this store is much BIGGER and HUGE than the first one.

Happy kids face because I got free voucher to shop with my blogger friends and I HAD A BLAST on that afternoon.This huge Spotlight was a glorious 2000 square meters of retail space in IPC Shopping Centre.

In case you are wondering what experience does Spotlight offers, simply think of it as a pit-stop whenever you are preparing for a party, breathing new life into the interiors of your house or pursuing your hobbies. It aimed to caters the needs of people from all walks of life with its versatile products. From fabrics, handicrafts, party goods to soft furnishings~~

There is something for everyone 
Home gods and goddesses, astute home decorators, avid dressmakers, passionate hobbyist & DIY enthusiasts or even some party organisers!

You won't believe how big it is until you visit their physical store at IPC near Ikea, Damansara. I tell you it's super huge! I stayed there for more than 2 hours and still wish to get more inspiration by looking to all the craft items and their stuff was so friendly. No one know why I'm here to take photo with the colourful paper! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I know you just can't wait!! Let me show you how fun and big it is and bring you to Spotlight now :p 

Let's get started!

Lots of surprise here and I dare you that you there are always something for everyone! It's really big and you definitely can get something that might totally change your life. I'm really into planner and craft lately and always ordered my project life card and craft items from amazon last time because I can't get any latest version item here until I found Spotlight! It's true that I really can't find any shop selling as much as craft item Spotlight had!! I wasn't be surprise with the exp oversea postage I need to pay when I bought from oversea website. It's quite scary if I bought something heavy especially craft book or craft paper! Thanks god I found an ALL-IN-ONE / one stop craft shop for myself.

Thanks to my Babe Happie Scrappie, Sam too for the help! She always inspired me to do something and I always shop for my craft supplies with her and of course her son, Ivan. The whole store separate into few diff part for diff lover so here's some of the interesting point of each part. My favourite area will be their craft items area!!!!

#- For Avid Dressmakers -#
Started as a fabric stall in the famous Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne 41 years ago, it is no doubt that Spotlight has the largest range of sewing supplies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The fabric selection includes dress and fashion fabrics as well as knitting, quilting, and sewing materials. From poplin, lawn, gingham, homespun, silky crepe de chines to beautiful satin and more, Spotlight prides itself that every sewer will find a fabric to suit their taste and budget.

 #- For Party Organizers -#

When it comes for all your fun and unique party wish list, Spotlight is definitely the go-to place for all types of cards, gift wrap, balloons, streamers, tableware, novelty items, costumes, cake decorating and more. Spotlight’s expertise as the foremost party planner will ensure that your every special occasion will be simply memorable, and unique.

#- For Astute Home Decorators -#

Besides household essentials, Spotlight is also where you find an inspiring range of decorative touches such as rugs, candles, wall art and vases to grace your boring spaces- kitchen, dining room, lounge and bedroom. 

Here's the exciting part!!!

#- For Passionate Hobbyists & DIY Enthusiasts -#
 Lots of sticker , washi tape, glue and doilies!! Basically anything that you can stick and DIY with both of your hand! Making your own card for your friends, DIY some memories book for them or even like me..I'm a project life card lover!! It's something like scrapbooking but for those who not really talent in making complicated scrapbooking thing you might be falling in love with the project life card once you notice it.

Project life card is a set of cards that have diff design or word/ quote that designed from talented designer from diff company. I'm really into it recently and I bought 4 box of that within 2 hours! Damn scary but I love to collect my favourite collection, make it like a craft book and send to people I love, make it like a mini album ..It's just something that we can use anytime! It make you easy to keep your memories into a clear pocket album. Let me show you part of my haul last week!!

 I LOVE ALL!! With the VIP card I can enjoy discount on this! Normal price was around RM120+ and I get each box for no more than RM100 each. But if you would love to try , it has the smaller set one. This bigger one will be having the repeat card design and you can exchange with your friend for another collection! 

Some of the photo I get from my Babe Sam's blog For those who love to read DIY blog or planner addict here?!!! You can start look for her blog! She's so nice and I love how she put things on her planner and memories album like what I showed you. Some of the photo I get it from google. Guess you might be interested as well right? MUAHAHAHAHA

 Just like an album but this album is damn big and you can even purchase with diff colour and design of course you need to buy for the clear pocket to fit in all your project life cards. You can stick your photo on it, write on it and stick some favourite sticker on it. Like how scrapbooking is!

Then put all the memories together inside each album! So cute right? Show you some of Sam's album! HAAHAHAHH Cute Ivan!!

 Huge collection of album and guess what I'm looking at her love album with her hubby one! So cute and she really look like my age !! SO YOUNG and petite!! She is a mother of two cute little kids!

I personally more prefer to use the project life cards on my planner. I just punch some hole and put it together with my daily pages. I love to put some of my favourite quote and change it every month with new inspiration and it motivate me as well. Can't wait to show you some of my creation! SOON SOON~

 Not just that! There are some class available for you to learn if you like to DIY yourself. Make sure you don't turn crazy like me when you first visit their store ya!! ahahahahah 

 #- For Home Gods and Goddesses -#
Last but not least, it is also a convenient hub to get everything from bedsheets and linens; towels and kitchenware to ready-made curtains and/or custom-made curtains!! It never is the household deities lost for choice. With highly sought-after brands like Brampton House, Logan & Mason, KOO, Fackelmann, Living Space, MIXE, Wiltshire, Spotlight Home Furnishings department can provide even the fussiest homemaker ample choice for an instant home makeover.

Honestly, I love how helpful the trained staff at Spotlight. I asked quite a lot of question when the first visit (before the launch and they don't know I'm one of the media or blogger too) and one of the stuff there was so helpful. I'm really curious on some of the item so I asked them to explain it one by one for me!!! They explained it patiently and just....SO FRIENDLY!! Guess they will be on hand to guide you to the best one for your purposes. Feel free to reach out to them and allow them to inspire you with their homely flair ya!!

Oh yea!! Need to tell you guys on the massive sale which will take place from 14th March 2015 until 24th March 2015. You can SAVE a lot and it's free application for their VIP CARD!! You can enjoy special sale for:-

·       Brother AS1430S Sewing Machine: RM 439 each
·       30% off all sheets
·       25% off all kids Bed Linen & Accessories
·       40% off all towels
·       30% off all furnishing fabrics
·       Save RM 100 on the ‘Fabi’ Cutting Machine Starter Kit (now RM 329)
·       20% to 50% off all Yarns
·       30% off beading
·       And lots more!

Remember to drop by their store and grab your craft supplies ya!! That's all for today. Love, xx. Enjoy reading and see you on my next post~


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