Taiwan Trip ♥ We're safe!

02 October 2012

Herloo sweethearts! :) Wooohoooo Good morning and guess where am I now?!!! Yesshhh!! I'm in taiwan x) Woooohooo words can't express my feeling now..Everything is just so fun! People here very friendly even we walk here and there like stranger xD and now I just wanna tell my readers and my family WE ARE SAFE!
 Some self capture before we leaving Malaysia!! AHAHAHAH Both outfits is from H&M :3 I wanna the neon pink but No my size anymore T^T How sad!!! Okie after our early brunch we heading to airport and Bobo came my house to meet with me before the day  :)
 I'm so exited !!! Arghhhhh!!
 See our face! Lol sorry I used wrong Camera Effect that's why It's too dreamy ! HAAHAHAHAH okie!! I must selfca inside ! MUST!
 Am I look okie with the mint green top?! It's so cold inside there! But when it starting to move I can feel the pressure with my eardrums and 4 hours isn't that short -.- My ass almost break! We are so tired :'( Bobo sleeping beside me  like beauty and I sleep like alien -.- I can't accept the length of my fringe! Lol a little bit long for me will be better cause it's a bit too short !!! I don't want ugly ugly go taiwan lo!!!!
 Fate ! AHAHAHAHAHH Junior sit just so near us with his beautiful wife beside :) We chit chat together and had fun but 4 hours is still so long for me :'( Don't know is that my own problem I can't sleep inside but I'm really tired! I tried different position ,different pose also can't ..Oh god save me..Then I just open PPS and watch korean drama! Lol keep countdown for the time inside there !
 Then we continue plan for our trip! The flight delay and we reached taiwan @ 4pm!!
 Our plan! Some we decided to ignored it because 8D7N is really too short for us :P After minus the time we come and back we only have 5 days to travel :'(
 fill up the form~
 We are hungry but this really expensive for us :S
 Some price  list for snack and maggi :O
 WOOOOHOOO! Finally we reached! The first thing we did before meet with the driver is WE GO REGISTER FOR OUR SIM CARD IN TAIWAN!! I thought it's really easy to sign up a sim card but It's  not! I'm 20 years old and legal to register it but because I haven reach my birthday yet they say we can't register -.- So I straight away no mood from that point with bobo! My parent worried me a lot i know because as stated we can arrive at 2.45pm but end up flight delay ! OMG!
 Then the private cab reached on time and wait for us (almost 1 hour i guess) and I haven do my sim card but this fellow cab keep on calling my digi number and once I pick up my phone's credit from RM39 become RM19 now ! Oh my god! This is really a problem and Bobo's phone no service can't even use lucky My phone still able to pick up the call! If not I guess the driver will emo til shit! Lol

On the way to the place we need to stay for 7 night! But we are really emo til shit because we can't apply for the sim card ! Taiwan must above 20 years old + pass your birthday only can apply if not need someone older than that help you apply or sign for it!
 Some place near our hotel!
My mom always tell me go out must meet 贵人! I dunno how to say in english! is like someone shows up and help you with his/her true heart and benefits you! And is him!!! we told him our sim card problem and he bring us out show us how to use taiwan's MRT and point us here and there! Thanks god someone are here to help us :)
 Then we wend to diff place to apply our sim card..1st shop-4th shop!! The last shop we only can apply! because some shop told us one person can only have 1 3G sim card and can't help others to apply -.- I was like why Malaysia so easy apply? LOL
 Then we used almost 1 and half hour to search for our sim card! He's patient and really kind ! Thankiuuu so muchhhh!!! Next time come taiwan of course will choose to stay at here again! Will update the hotel's post soon :P HEHE!
:) 房间真的很美~ 有很像家里的感觉~ 他们也很贴心~ 台湾人真的好热情!!!
The room is really beautiful and just like my house! the cotton and blanket they used make me feel like my own house! HAHAHAHA and taiwan's people really damn friendly and nice to talk with!! I'm so happy now! even we walk to night market they talk with us and chatting like friends then snap photo with us :)
All from 7-eleven @ Taiwan! The japanese's rice 饭团 is damn nice! My expectation is low but seriously only RM3 !!! and it taste so fresh!! so I went there and buy again for supper!! haahahaha
 Bobo's supper! LOL My expectation for this also very low but end up WAHLAO ! the smell and taste also very nice and bobo said that IT'S AWESOME! It's awesome than I cook -.- Lol how come their 7-eleven so nice and everything is just TOOOOO NICE !
 My melody -I Cash Card from 7-eleven Taiwan!! OMG DAMN PINKISH AND CUTE!!!
 So cute right? I'm going to crazy !! LOL
and guess what is this?! this is the a.k.a 'bag' which given by 7-eleven to put in all our purchase for our supper!! At first it's just a paper then got few cut then when you pull it up it end up look like (right photo) that!

Okie!! Bobo done bathing is my turn to wear my lens and apply make up!! So rush! no time update here!! AHAHAHAHAH I got many thing to talk  here because I wanna noted every feeling down here for my future reference :P Byeeee!!!! Love ya

Next post is about what we go and did @ taiwan for the first day! HEHE! Night market!!