PETRONAS XTRA Race Appreciation Party ♥

25 October 2012

Helooo sweeties!!! Wooohooo just had my dinner and finally here's the PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Race Appreciation Party's post!! Finally :P I know you guys can't wait to read this post!! I'm so happy that i'm one of the blogger who attended this appreciation party :) It was so fun and I met our local celebrities and also new blogger friends too! OMG

 I think this is the first time in my life wearing so formal to attend this kind of event! :P Is that alright? I'm not alone for this event , Maykye accompany me ~ Woohoooo but both of us reached there too early :P So we just walk around and all people in that event is so friendly :P I'm so hungry at the same time!! Can't wait for the DELICIOUS foods as well ~
 Waiting emcee/MC to speak to the audience! I can't wait for it! So, most of you might be wonder WHAT is this event? What is Switch for XTRA Race? Before I continue I briefly explain about that :P

Switch for XTRA Race is a social media campaign where the top 3 local celebrities(Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya and Faizal FBI) with one celebrity blogger (Hanis Zalikha) were pitted together in a fan-fuelled online race!!

So , what they gonna do ?!

They need to get enough votes from their fans and the winner of the racer as well as the top fans of the winning racer can get away with RM5,000 & PETRONAS gift card worth of RM200!! TOTAL RM5200!! OMG OMG OMG!! Of course the 2nd won can get RM3K and gift card worth RM200 while the 3rd placed fan can get RM1k & gift card  worth RM200!!

HOW ABOUT THE REST?! Don't worry , the rest of the top supporter can won a gift card from PETRONAS which is worth RM100-RM200 each! In addition , all top 60 supporter could have a chance to spend time with their favourite celebrities!! 

Oppsss , I think I should stop here and let the photo do the rest~
 Environment nice = Picture also nice! AHAHAHA I love all the photo took on that day! Especially with those pretty celebrities and pretty bloggers :P Don't envy :P
 From the left : Rosalyn , Maykye and ME!!
 Oppss Can't wait for the delicious food! I'm hungry :P
 VIP! *wink wink*
 Dessert served !
 I regret I took so little!! It's so delicious! Especially the spaghetti :(  Yummy food + comfortable environment + PETRONAS + Friendly people around + Blogger + Performance = PETRONAS Appreciation Party!! OMG everything is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE for me :)
 See my happy face and the delicious food :P
 OH YEA!! FINALLY IT'S START!!! Everything run smoothly and normally until the announcements of WINNER then everyone so  happy and keep laughing :) Well done and congratz for all the winner! WOOHOOO Let's photo do talking again :P
 Opps #^.^# I'm so shy who's that pretty girl beside me!! Yeap new friends! She's so tall and pretty! OMG My cup of tea ~ Seriously when can I as pretty as her :'(
 Photo time after the appreciation party ended :) All of us just hand around and meet new friends :P Of course take photo with all the celebrities
 So happy and there have a booth for you to play with polaroid for FREEEEEEEE!! OMG I wanna all of them :P I think it was so fun !!  See my happy face :P
 Why?!!! out of focus ._____.
That's all for today :P I'm so glad and happy girl now! Thanks PETRONAS for everything and both of us were so happy and enjoyed a lot on that day!! Hope to join this kind of event next time :P

Last but not least, CONGRATZ to all the winner!! Enjoy :)

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