ChurpOut 2012 ♥ 20121013

13 October 2012

Hey Hey all :) Taiwan trip 2nd post is coming soon still left one last part haven complete yet !! Will update tomorrow because I wanna update a short little post for today's event - ChurpOut 2012 ! Oh yea?! Did you guys go to Publika to meet some famous blogger or join their event to win some good stuff for yourself? :)
Saw some readers there and they're so shy to say hi :) I have no idea why today rain!! Traffic jam like hell for me to reach Publika! Then this make me so regret not enough time to grab those good stuff which is new and cheap from fashion blogger :'( Hope next year got this kind of event again and I WANNA JOIN SO BADLY :'( have too much stuff to sell! HAHAHAHAHAH

Then because of that silly raining day I take off my hair accessories and my freaking high wedges make me almost fall down from sky! HAHAHAHAAHHA and I hate my rabbit teeth ! So I choose to close my mouth when selca! But this make me look like a KID inside the photo! Seriously I'm 20 years old and I meet some other friends who same age with me have a mature outlook than me! Maybe because my short fringe but with long fringe I look like ALIEN! Somebody save me pls!

While waiting my friends to come I decided to stand beside and take photo! Then I meet Jane & Nana :) Chit chat a while with them if not I get I will boring til drop and some sweeties recognize me with my neon pink colour top ! They say Hi to me then run away from me! Am I look scary for them? :O Or I'm alone so it look like so scary! HAHAHAAHAH but still happy to  know them and some just shy to say Hi with me then comment on my instagram photo @chanwon92!!  Ok la maybe I look so scary when I'm alone and feel lonely :'( I'm lost because I can't found the venue and this is my first time went to Publika :3

It's very nice to meet them :) Friendly and nice to talk with! So some photo with lovely bloggers :3 I'm too nervous end up forgot to take picture with others!!! Forgot to take photo with Iiwen & BOBO as well!! 
Jane , Nana & Cheesie

After that- some early celebration for my birthdaywith Bobo and Iiwen :'( Need to wait another 2 month only can meet Iiwen and we forgot to take a group photo!!! We have our lovely lunch at NAMOO :) korean food again :3
Korean Dessert?! Do you like it? You should try their sweet potato cake which I ordered today! wtf it's damn nice! Not that sweet but it's just nice for us! 3 of us love it damn much ! Other than that , we ordered a kimchi soup and one rice cake with CHEESE! omg! The cheese not just smell so nice when you tried it out it really shock you! The cheese is so thick as you can see on the photo below and is so tasty! I tried it and the rice cake got mix with spicy kimchi so I just try small little bite end up I'm feel so pity for myself cause I don't eat spicy food :( But it's really delicious~ and price for each i think around RM15 like that! The sweet potato cake RM10 something !
 LOOK AT THE CHEESE..!! I like cheese but I'm so choosy for it ..I dislike those cheese which got heavy smell of cheese like those cheese spegatti! Lol I'm seriously so choosy that's why sometime my parent don't like bring me out for dinner because I dislike spicy , vegetable (except some special kind of cabbage and vegetable) , dislike this and that :O I'm sorry but that's me! HAAHAHHAHA
 My lovely sweet potato cake :) You should try this out! seriously it's just nice ! not that sweet actually :)
 with a small tiny vanilla ice cream beside it :) calm down yourself and high tea :P
First time tried NAMOO and would like to come again once I got time because Publika really far for me :S Take almost 45 mins to reach there + traffic jam everywhere ! 
Braces pls :S I hope can get sponsor for that! HAHAAHHAH because without sponsor I need to pay myself for 3k-5k :'( so ugly the rabbit teeth!

Last photo for #ootd ♥ Neon pink :3