Taiwan Trip (1) ♥ ShiLing-士林夜市

10 October 2012 No. 7, Lane 48, Section 2, Zhōngshān North Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104

Herloo All !! Woohoooo :3 I'm back from taiwan and I know you all miss me so much:P Muhahahhaa! Okie Stay tuned keep wait for my post about my little trip ok? :) So basically we didn't really plan so much in our trip because we prefer to have a kind of relax trip! Just simply point out few place then each day go 1-2 diff place for brunch and dinner & simply walk here and there to figure out something special about this trip! Hahahaha! So don't expect too much from me I'm first time and newbie to Taiwan but I guess I will visit there again next year :)
We staying at ShuangLian (雙連) which located above the Taipei Main Station (台北车站) That's not far away from the main MRT everything is just done with one card! The card a.k.a 'Easy Card' is something look and function alike with our touch & go card :) You can easy purchase it from the station or 7-eleven shop :P I bought one melody one from 7-eleven (can call as I-cash card too) which i did show on my previous post~ I'm really so envy Taiwan such a easy and nice place to travel with! 
Their MRT is so so so so convenience and each stop point to another stop point just take less than 5 mins! Omg~ How good if Malaysia's transportation can improve more! And everywhere can have the auto reload machine! Even 7-eleven can help you to reload your easy card!

So first thing we did after reached there is heading to NIGHT MARKET! Without knowing anything we just randomly choose one of the night market - ShiLing (士林夜市) . This just simply poke up in our mind and Bobo teach me how to see the sign board and go to MRT but actually you just need to go there and grab a MRT's Map from them! That's all! Everything you need to know is inside the map! Each location got own popular place so if you wanna go to any place you can simply ask them and they will point and tell you the correct direction :) 
The correct station to stop which can reach ShiLing Night Market is JianTan Station (劍潭捷運站) :) We craving for all the awesome foods!!! Not only food stall but still got some stall which selling clothes and shoes..even got game can play at there! Like our pasar malam only :) The weather not really hot there is just like Genting! 25'c that day if I'm not wrong! Hahaha! I'm hungry now and start to miss the environment and weather there :'(

Can you imaging my expression and shock face at there for the first day?! OMG! I'm just super duper exited that day!! Until now I'm still very exited! many diff kind of stall and people there are very friendly and nice! They chit chat with us and recognize us not staying here because of the way we talking is different from them :'( but slowly we learned to speak like them! Keep on playing and talking with Bobo and act like them! AHAHAH that was really fun♥ !

But I'm really hungry that time :'( So I just ignored those fun stall keep on spot and look at those delicious food !!! Arghh~ OMG please forgive me for posting those delicious food here :'( !!!

 #7 can you see the crowd behind me??
 Everything is super nice except this ._____. This is as known as 包心珍珠 pearl inside that silly thing & it taste like nothing -.- We thought it was pearl but inside it was a small little red bean! it look like animal's eggs..Don't try this anymore.. We were curious about it and start to imaging how nice is this but end up really speechless! I bite once and just feel like throw it!
 messy hair never comb it nicely & I'm sorry :S
 Bobo like this but she bought the mini size one and it's smell so tasty but hard to bite! Overall it's still good! Just I spot others food which taste much more better than this :P Hiak hiak~
Taadaaa!! This is tasty! 

See her happy face :P & also mine :P Muahahaha!!
 And after all food is time for some dessert! !
 It around the corner there got a big stall keep on shouting!! This is NT120 around RM12 here! Super nice and Huge! two of us sharing this but still can't finished it! Mango + ice + ice cream!! The mango very sweet noh!!! and below the mango got some jelly mixed with ice :) nom nom nom~~
 Wah!!!! Yummy~
 The ice cream almost drop! Lol
 I just realize I got a small tiny pimple above my nose -.- fml why?! I'm lazy to edit it because too much photo to upload so just ignored it and I know I look so funny with the tiny pimple -.-
 Must self capture a while more before leaving there!
 Game !!!
 Hello Kitty!! Pink!!
 Saw this little girl wearing panda outfit passed by us! She's sooooo cute!! Attractive enough huh?!
 Don't you know that I eat this everyday? I saw this at ShiLing night market on the first day but I never got enough time to try it out then I went to (西門丁)Xi Men Ding - the day after this! SUPER DELICIOUS but better don't try this once you enter the night market because this is SO FULL! After I tried this = I'm full! No more space to fill in other delicious food!! ! Can't try all the food after ate this :'(
 and you know I'm a crazy fan for cute note book / planning book / diary!!!  I wanna grab everything ! Lucky someone beside me to remind me that I'm here to shopping but not this please! HAAHAHAHAH but still I grab one diary from another shop which cost me NT 600 :'( Expensive hor?! But really so nice leh that diary book!
 See all those cute pencil box beside me !! I WANT I WANT!!
 So nice!!!! Price around NT300-450 I think it's not as cheap as I think :O Shouldn't buy first need to walk around and compare the price!!
 And went to this mini shop which full of toys or collections!
 They are so friendly! talk with us and we spent few hours inside the shop -.- Now just realize we wasting so much money on that shop ! Both of use purchase the melody pink Iphone4 sticker & diaries! NT 1500 Gone! Spent too much on the first day because we're in a good mood and still so exited! So be careful girls! Always keep your budget up and control everyday shopping shouldn't over the average spending :S If  not you will regret like us :'(
 Those people like to put a cute puppy in front of their shop! Caught people's eyes? or? any other purpose?
 Our supper! total NT70[RM7]
 12.30 am midnight we still haven tired! So energetic♥♥ !!
First Day's purchase!
 simple wedges , phone case , phone sticker's , diaries , necklace , 2 clothes! Not much can purchase from there because we used too much time to chit chat inside that shop -.- end up all stall start to move off and closed!
♥ NT250
 ♥NT330 we really regret to buy this..No idea why we bought this -.- this just can stick on the mirror wont drop nothing special but end up we get persuade from the seller and bought it home ._____. But ok loh..So cute also! I'm not melody's fans but I can't control when I see pastel pink colour !!
This one!! Damn cute and nice right?! Love this the most!! Cheapest in the town i guess! because I went to others shop including Xi Men Ding I saw some shop selling NT800 / NT900 but I purchase from ShiLing which cost me only NT600! Muhahahaha I love the bling bling book's cover !!!

That's all the first day at Taiwan ! I promise myself I can't used more than 1.5K during this 8 days trip!! God bless me I left few sen only after I back from Taiwan! HAHAHAHAHA! Tell you a secret my flight was at night and reached KL at 4.30am then reached home at 6 am in the morning but I can't sleep without settle my luggage! I need to pack back it nicely and wash my clothes! So after settled all my stuff I need to pack for my parcel.. I done eveything at 9am then straight away jump to my bed and hug my pillow!

 Mr.Kitty wake me up by calling me at 1pm & ask me to open my door for him because he bring delicious food for me but I ignored him and continue sleep -.- end up my mom go and open the door for him then they all wake me up !! I'm so tired inside the flight can't even sleep -.- too hard to sleep!!! Then until now I just slept for almost 3 hours! Oh my god! Kill me please!blablabla~~

Conclusion - Is time to bed :) Good Night!!!!!