Favorite Pick for myself

22 October 2012

Herlooo Sweeties here:3 Part 4 taiwan trip's post coming soooooon
Monday blue huh?! Me too :'( Started my new semester in MMU again! Holiday ended , everything ended! So guess what? I'm here to make you happy :P Maybe**?! When I'm unhappy I like to talk with my friends or maybe blogging? Tell me what to do when you feel unhappy :)
I'm not sure some of you feel the same with me anot~ For me, I'm really enjoying online shopping so much! Especially when I'm not in a good mood :) After online shopping the BEST MOMENTwill be the moment that you receive your stuff and open it!!! Am I right? It just like open a present from someone :) Me too!! I'm really unhappy today until I open up the parcel and saw all pretty stuff from Le Beauty Boutique :)
So let see what make me happy now?! Seriously I'm really so in love with both of the item and I shoot some close up photo to show you guys here too!! So what make me sexy on the selca photo above? Spot it? It's just a cute sunnies red sunglasses :P For me , Red= Hot , Sexy! I can be sexy too :P HAAHAHAHAHA 

See this!? OMG the sunglasses is really cute! Especially the shape~ it's heart shape!! OMG If you know me well you know that I'm seriously like pastel color stuff, leopard & even my blog post inside got small small love between all my sentence! You know what I like huh?! :P I really fall in love with this cute sunglasses!! It was like love at first slight .. 
 I always got a problem of having a nice sunglasses :'( I search for so long until now I had it!! Because My face was like so small when I wearing too big glasses it look like a kid wearing her mom's glasses! Am I right? Plus+ I cut my fringe so now it's hard for me to choose a stylist , fashion , nice , pretty sunglasses! So what can i say about this= It's just sooooooooo match my style! I wonder when can I wear it with my new bikini then One day Beach trip with all my lovely babies!!! HAHAAHHAAHHAHA
I'm sure you will say OMG this sunglasses without UV Protection is just USELESS!! It's really useless to buy a sunglasses which without any UV PROTECTION!! SO i'm here to tell you!! It has UV400 Protection!! Seems so nice? I'm sure you will love it like I do :)

So what's the next Oct Favorites item?! Hiak Hiak!!! Guess most of you don't know I'm a girl without any ear hole on my ear :O I never pierce my ears :'( Don't ask me why I never wear any earring before.. People ask me why I never go pierce it!! I'm not afraid of the pain actually just still wonder who gonna accompany me to do that! Almost all my friends does this just left me the only girl can't wear any earring :'( Maybe that's all will be my excuse! I just scared :O My mom never bring me go pierce when I'm small and now I'm scared! even boy also dare to do so :O Save me please!!!
and NOW I can act like wearing earring and match with my dinner dress :P Dress up nicely and go out dating!! Awesome!! Recently really in love with all the Earcuffs things!!! OMG this earcuff some more got pastel colour series :) HOW AWESOME IT IS!
 I spot many lookbook's models wearing it and shoot those fashion photo!! Do you notice that? I'm really happy to share this to you all!! For those who got no ear hole you can just purchase this! It's just sooooooo nice!!!! Pretty nice to the max!
The colour and the combination of the earcuff is really nice :) What are you waiting for? Grab it now !! Click  Le Beauty Boutique♥ for more information babyy :) They got new arrival recently too!! Drop  by and look at all awesome products they sell ya!!
 Chio-est photo of the day!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAH