My Birthday Celebration 2012 ♥

21 October 2012

Herloo sweeties! Guess this is not a good time to update my blog post because I guess it's your time to bed now :) Clap Clap for myself! I finally done and edited every photo I took this few days! So after this post will continue my taiwan trip post again & some sponsored , advertorial post!  Stay tuned for it 
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Oh yea babeh! I'm officially 20 years old after today!! I'm suppose to be happy or sad for it? But I guess age shouldn't be a problem for me now!! HAAHAHAH Still so happy for it~ As usual , I didn't invite too many people together because you know some is from secondary school , some is net friends and some is from university. That's always be a problem for them when I'm trying to invite everyone together :S Maybe they don't know each other and quite shy! Then I'm always headache on how to separate it nicely and wont left anyone behind! I'm afraid that I didn't invite some of them and at the end they get angry and hate me :'(

Don't hate me seriously ! I hope to open a home party on next year too but my mom say Don't ever think about it because no one clean for it after the party and my house damn far :'( Some might be gone or sesat jalan!!! HAHAAHHA So , as usual there will be a simple dinner with my family and friends on my birthday or before it! 

My birthday celebration will be all about FOOD, EAT,SELCA,DRINKS,GOSSIP! That's all! It's all about FOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I have no idea why I can't gain weight on my hand and boobs -.- All fats will then slowly move to my face and then my face become even chubby!fml fml fml I hate my chubby face that's why the only angle I can selca will be middle part of my face..left or right side of my face will totally fat like hell :'(

I planned for my celebration since 2 weeks before it!!! But still that's too much to plan end up I just make it as simple as I can! 3 simple dinner/lunch time with my friends! University Buddy on 18th / Secondary BFF on 19th / Family on 20th ! Then that's all x) Sounds so boring ! But this is just nice! So how about MR.KITTY?! He will be so proud and happy because he's my driver all the time! So yea, he will accompany me like going for a roadshow from 18-20!! HAHAHAAHAH I'm so bad :S 
So the first plan will be celebrating with my university friends @ Paradigm , Fish & Co.
 OMG !! Seriously this is damn delicious!! I ordered the NewYork Cheese one! OMG! Damn nice and the environment too :) It's not much people on that day and end up we no need to line up like hell and wait for it :P Just enter there once we reached Paradigm!

 #6   Aww! so cute right?
 #8 This is the best one!!! NewYork Cheese!!!! Damn nice! and very full with that! Tasty!!!
 So, Mr. Kitty still confusing which one to choose!?
Actually not only her but other so shy to take photo! So I just able to snap one photo of them while discussing what to order -.- They feel so shy to camera only Charlotte accompany me to take photo! OMG
So fail without a group photo! So after lunch we decided to watch Movie -Ted! Damn funny and I know why Ted under 18 years old can't watch! AHAHAHAHAH the teddy damn cute :3 Not much photo on that day ! 
#Ootd :) Top bought long time ago at Time Square and skirt from #ChurpOut ! Pink later~

So back home so early because I wondering what to do & what to wear on the next day! Keep on thinking and Lyvia never let me know what's her plan!! I never know where will be the place for us to celebrate and never know what shoe and dress to wear :'( She say keep it as secret and only let me know on that night!OMG How u want me to sleep well I'm so nervous wehy! But miss them so much! They planned everything and bought me a really special gift that I never receive from anyone yet! HAHAHAAHAH wtf 

Lovely night with my lovely friends :) 6 of us heading to somewhere near Jalan Imbi area I think because I spot time square not far away from there but I still don't know how to go @@ I'm such a 'road stupid'! So where is the next celebration?!! 

@ ♥C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S Guess most of my friends went there before but this is my first time so forgive me I'm really so exited on that day!! end up all photo which took inside is really blur :'( Not my fault lorh the lightening there is really dark and romantic!! I try my best to snap nice photo without flash because it's so annoying with the flash!! :O
I have no idea why all so shy to face my camera? I wont eat you my god! All don't dare to face me :( Then I have no choice but snap all those delicious and yummy food :'( HAHAHAHAHA but they really force me not to upload all those ugly photo of them :O Actually I don't know which photo look ugly and which look nice:P So horrr~~ I just upload those with nice lightening and clear one :D Don't slap me after you saw this post ok? 

So many yummy food there! I recommended Caribbean Salmon Fet! and all of the drinks at there is really cute! wonder why every cup of the drinks we ordered got love on it :O it's so cute but  my one more like leaf than love!! Lol
 D3 ♥ Tiramisu 
I tried it and inside got a little bit alcohol taste! I think they put a little bit alcohol inside it :O That's why but I don't really like it but most of them like it ~
P8 Dory Carbonra
CH15 ♥ Irish Choc
C5 Gigaccino
CH1Original Dark Choc
 I have no idea why my one look like leaf :'( It suppose to be a love on it or it really mean to be a leaf on it?
HG1 Gril Chicken
P9Caribbean Salmon Fet
Oh god! This is seriously damn tasty and delicious! The source is so cheesy too guess it is the best combination!! I love it and it's didn't taste that heavy actually! YOU GUYS KNOW I LOVE FISH I LOVE SALMON A LOT!!! The salmon is so fresh *jumping jumping fish* !! and HUGE! but the noodle so little not enough for me because I'm so hungry! But I know I should left some space for my birthday cake :P
BEFORE & AFTER! HAHAHAAH I wish to go there again :( I fall in love with that ~ After finished all the meal and dessert , it's time for my birthday cake!! So let's photo do talking! Let's crazy!~
 The air conditional functioning so well which mean it's damn cold ! If you go there at night please remember to bring jacket or wear as thick as you can ! All of us sitting so far from the air con but still so cold !! I have no idea why everyone looking at our table !! People celebrating birthday only :O we are not alien @@ You see many photo boom behind me T^T I don't know how to edit-- that the guy behind me keep looking at us! ALL MY PHOTO get PHOTO BOOOOOOM !! OMG!!
I like to add those funny funny thing on my photo! Please just ignore all the people behind us!! Focus on me focus on me & my cake as well :'( I love my dress so much I bought it from Fblock and it is the last piece !! HAAHAHAAHA
 Another photo without the guy behind us! Oh finally! Thanks god!!
 My dear Lyvia :) Long time didn't meet but still you know I love you damnnnn much!! AHHAAH Although I know you love Joseph more than me :'( Joking laaaaaaaaaa! Seriously, I miss you so much why you never come to my house and talk to me :(
 Wah Smelly Kitty what is your expression :O

 Blur photo but I still love it! HAHAHAHAAHHA

Last but not least a blur group photo!! Joseph , Sheau , Jason , Lyvia , Kitty and I:) Thanks for the present and the watsapp's sound recording! I didn't expected too  much from the celebration but it's really melt me a lot and full of happiness~ Thanks so much although we have such a long time didn't meet and talk!! I love you all!! No matter how it was the 5th year celebrating my birthday with my Dear Lyvia! Although nowadays she got her bf to take care of her but I still wanna to take care her like last time! I know when kitty saw this sentence he will think like 'OMG you know how to take care people meh?!' HAHAHAHA

Aiyaa talk too much like writing a letter to them :O Guess most of you wanna to vomit if I continue it! Action speak louder than words! I will always prove that! I love my life! Everything become so fine for me now :) I have a good part time job as a blogger , I own a blog shop and a blog here, Educated and currently Bachelor Degree Year 2 student , I have my parents and friends beside me now , I have Youas one of my readers! It's enough for me now:) Learned to appreciate what I had now.. I got too much to worry and too much to think why don't I just enjoy as much as I can now? Am I right? Thanks god I got such a simple life :) I love you all!! But I'm little greedy here I'm gonna work hard to earn and save money for the coming trip and not too much a dream bag(Balenciaga bag) for myself with my own savings and earnings! I will work harder then graduate as a financial student with flying colours! Best wishes here!
Photo: Agagahaghaha!!! Record of the day this is what every birthday girl will get on the birthday ☺ is this a present too? Ahahhh! Gonna reply all of the sweetie once I done blogging ❤
Lastly I'm glad to know all of you! No matter who you are ..For those who wishes me , inbox me , sms me , watsapp me , line me , instagram me and etc etc!! Thanks for all the msg :) I will reply it slowly and I'm here to wish all of you have a nice day and start enjoy your life now! Thanks for everything! Chanwon finally grow up and I'm twenty now! Shouldn't bother those useless stuff and should work harder for my future :) I love all of you! Thanks for all the meal and present ! And letter from my readers! It's so sweet of you!! Love you , xoxo