Glow-In-The-Dark♥ Big Bang Tee

23 October 2012

Hey yooo!! Guest most of you already know that Big Bang Alive Tour Concert is around the corner!!Few more day!!  Soooooooo Exited and start to countdown for the day & friends around me keep on twitter & facebook talk to each other about BIG BANG

Everything is just Big Bang / Get Your Crayon , then G-Dragon G-Dragon! Even I went to taiwan trip inside bathroom bathing can hear Bobo playing G-Dragon's song!! She sooooo in love with G-Dragon and I'm not very about him but I'm fall in love with all the colorful clothes , shoes , hair he wear inside the MV!!! His fashion sense !! Oh god! So I start to hear Big Bang's song which my brother recommended for me and my brother so envy those korean boy's hairstyle ! OMG They are just SOOOOO HOT!! 

So when I received the opportunity to help The Mustachio blog about this BB TEE , I'm so happpppy!! And of course this is not just a normal Tee! It got some benefit of having it especially wear it at night! Muahahah! And I know that the concert is coming sooooon~~ So all of you guys can order it together with your friends and get special discount by insert the code from here!! OMG OMG OMG!! Am I too fast? 
Other than talking about BB Trends, they promise to sell only GOOD QUALITY tee shirts ! I wont lie the quality is really NICE! It's 220g weighted cotton. It's safe for the females as you can't see through and it's good in absorbing sweat. So wear it to the concert is not a bad choice yoooo!

#1     I'm so exited when I received the parcel! The packaging is really nice as you can see!
 #3    Front
 #4  ♥ Back
Other than the quality, what special about this BB TEE?! Guess you all know itttt!! It GROW-IN-THE-DARK! I actually tried so many time and waste many  battery just now :'( I wanna show you guys how is the look after you closed all your light or in a dark and black environment! Guess most of you think it's hard to imaging how it can GROW! AHAHAHAH
Lucky I still manage to capture 1 BEST PHOTO with my superb camera! HAHAHAHAHAH! It's so surprise that the tee can grow sooooo bright and now you can throw away all your light sticks! OMG! AHAHAHAHAH people can spot you easily in a dark place:P Sounds so crazy ya! 
 So, I'm wearing S and my brother wearing M size :) Glow In The Dark BB Tee comes with 3 sizes.
(Shoulder: 42CM, Straight Cut Waist: 48CM X2)M (Shoulder: 45CM, Straight Cut Waist: 50CM X2)L (Shoulder: 46CM, Straight Cut Waist: 53CM X2) 

As you can see S size is pretty much suit my body! HAHAHA so it's unisex I guess! Since I can wear it and fit me very well I'm sure you can ! Some additional photo you can have a look :)
 #7 With & Without Light
So it's cool huh?! I'm so in love with this BB Tee now! And my brother gonna wear it to the concert toooo! Hiak Hiak* So what are you waiting for? Grab all your friends together and order it together! All of the BB TEE is ready stock!! READY STOCK!! They will be posting out the BB Tees the next day once they receive payments from you guys/ buyer ;)TEEHEE

So for those who interested!! I'm here a good news for you guys! Pm The Mustachio- by inbox them and my readers here!!!~~YOU GOT SPECIAL DISCOUNT by telling them the code below:

Discount code: CWS 1F70#
Stands for: *1 FOR RM70

Discount code: CWS 10F600#
Stands for: 10 FOR RM600 ( *RM60/Piece )

Discount code: CWS 20F1000#
Stands for: 20 Pieces for RM1000 ( *RM50/ Piece)

For G-I-T-D Big Bang Tee♥ Discount Code offer, readers can PM them anytime for inquiry or confirmation of orders. Remember that ,The Glow-In-The-Dark BB Tee will be delivered the next day upon receiving payment. Still left few day before the concert!! Buy and order it now..Or else if you're BIG BANG FANS don't missed this chance!! Wear it and go out yam cha at night will be sooooo ATTRACTIVE HAAHAHAH! 


In addition , for those who interested in custom made tee shirt! Design your own Tee now by contact them:

Maney Teez Enterprise 

Majoring in custom made tee shirts and broad range of trading.
100 Pcs MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for the Customized Glow-In-The-Dark Tee Shirts.
### Let's Glow Your Creativity ### !