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11 October 2012

Herloo All :) Guess most of you waiting my Day2 post , right?! Don't worry I have so many stories to share with you guys but before I proceed to the next day post, I need to take some extra time to answer most of your question which I collected from my facebook and blog's comment! Seems like most of you already planned your trip at Taiwan but don't know where to stay?!! Is my turn to envy you all~ I guess all of you must be very enjoy and happy on the trip because as I told you taiwan is a place which is full of colours , people there are so nice , foods and beauty /cosmetic stuffs are so damn cheap! Everything is so diff from here :)

I can't wait to plan for my next year trip again but before that ofcourse I need to save more money ! AHAHAH I received many question from my lovely readers~ All of them asked about where we stay / how much we need to bring / what is the budget / price & etc.. ♥ So this is the post which you might need to know /must know!! There are some problem for us when choosing which place to stay !! I want the room which is Comfortable , Convenience & Cheap! Bobo and I tried our best to keep our budget nicely and keep email some of the hotel in taiwan but because we did everything in last mins therefore, most of the hotel and homestay = FULLED

We didn't want to do last mins work but due to my final exam and I almost forgot we need a PLACE to stay :'( Had been suffer for a while when finding a nice place in taiwan until we found TaiPei Inn:) At first we just wanna make everything simple, so we want to book the place which is at the centre of the main town of taiwan -which is located at taipei plus hotel at there very near with the MRT station!! It will be easy for us to go any place and ofcourse the hotel fees is slightly expensive if compare to others place!

So Bobo inbox台北民宿通 and ask for a room which is located at TaiPei but we are late :'( So again..FULLED! But the people intro and recommended us another place at ShuangLian (雙連which is also near MRT station :) walk 3-4 mins will then reach for the station and not far from TaiPei also!!! As I show on the MRT location above it's just one more station earlier than taipei :P Much more  near when going to ShiLin night market ! Actually not much different because each station take only 2-4mins to reach another station!! Everything is just so Convenience

We love taipei inn not just because the price they offer is the servicethey offer for us! I had email to so many others people but they always so late only reply and most of them are busy sometime .____. They don't know we are rushing for the booking also! 黄小姐(Miss Wong) is the one who responsible and contact/chat with me with email! She is so efficient and I online payment through paypal with the help from Sky because I don't have credit card :'( So she let us choose for diff kind of room!
http://taipeiinn.com/eng/index.php < Taipei inn's website is a very easy and user friendly website which you can choose the room according to your preference! They got diff room in diff places the 2 main room which I recommended for you guys will be near MRT ShuangLian (The place I stay) or XiMen Station ~ and the system will ask you for how many people in a room and automatic come out with the room that is best suit you all! Sounds so nice right? :P 

We stay at the same place for 8 nights but the 1-2 day we stay at Room-CC4-C  and the 3rd day until the end of our trip we stay at RoomCC4-D ! 
The background paper on the wall in room C seriously is damn nice and it perfectly fit 2 people! HAHAHAHA :) The room exactly look like the photo show in the website you guys can click in for more information because I forgot to shoot the C room photo but guess what all the room got FREE WIFI available , table & chair , TV , queen size bed , a cute small fridge !!

I'm not a pro but just show you guys the room I stayed :D Which is Room D!! I'm not like a pro photographer to take nice angle photo but seriously what I show you guys is exactly the same as the room! Because I saw some feedback from online many people think that some hotel look nice with the photo but end up when you reach there and experience it , you realize that room is so small / dirty / spoiled & etc! So just pay attention and be careful with that :)
 Feel like a home right? Cotton bed sheet with white color bring me a feeling of home :) Just like my room~
 Simple toilet which is clean enough and got body shampoo & etc ~ feel like my own house again! Lol
 The door :) Beside the door got a lot space for you to keep your luggage and shoe / shopping stuff nicely! and also a green wallpaper on your left handside once you enter the room~
 A red sofa and table :D Ignore the bags and stuffs ! HAHAAHAH
 So this is our bed!!~
 Nice interior design which is nice , simple and white :) Got many TV show available at night :P That's why we always sleep so late! HAAHAHAHHA
 Another angle to show you how exactly the room look like :) a small fridge on the right corner!
 A table and chair !! & also free wifi and wireless ~ Plug and so on~
Feel so warm right? Seriously it's just like a home not just a hostel! HAHAHAHAHA keep on repeating -.-

We love there not just because of that but is a kind of Feeling of Home! Yeah! The lightening , the environment , the furniture , the warmness of a HOME! That's why I can sleep so tight :) It's very important to choose a correct and nice room!! Sam - The people who are really kind to us and teach us everything that we want to know :) He help us carry our luggage which is really heavy and point us where to go and which place is popular !! Thanks so much for taking care of us:) I feel so happy 
He take care of us like his daughter and borrow us umbrella / watsapp us to drink more water ...! did so much for us! Special Thanks to Sam and also Miss Wong (黄小姐)~ I think this is the best place for my first time trip! Everything run smoothly and nicely~ It was a little bit scary when travel out of our own country with only 2 people! and also Bobo thanks for everything! Thanks for making my dream come true and also her bf for the help to do those banking stuff and booking :) Thanks god too! I will live my life with more colorful and share what I know with you my lovely readers! Because of you I got additional earning on nuffnang , because of your support I just can manage my online shop well , because of your concern I got such a wonderful life time !! Thanks for everything :) I love you all , seriously!
Thanks for everything and is really funny which Bobo and I act like an Idol or star sign a signature on the poster! I mean a map! Last photo with Sam and again thanks taipei inn for everything! Feeling of a Home!
好不舍得 :) 谢谢你们台湾人的照顾 真的很感谢!很想哭!最后一天拍照样子累到~~!! 

这次的旅程会一一地写在这里让我以后能看回我当时对旅行的热诚及期待! 不用羡慕因为我也跟你们一样曾经很羡慕其他人可以两人出国趴趴走~ 自由自在的~ 

只要有梦想 努力存钱 然后节省一点 就能像我们这次的旅行一样 :) 好羡慕长长出国玩的人~ 现在梦想一步一步慢慢实现 :) 说起来真的会掉眼泪下来因为没有人知道我是怎么努力得回来的~ 用的每一分钱都是自己努力得来的! 靠自己也可以活的很开心!  

谢谢妈妈爸爸弟弟的关心和担心~ 我知道他们一直不放心我:P 第一次去就两个人什么也不知道的冲着去~ 
谢谢Bobo我们原来可以很好相处xD 原本有点担心 :P 因为我们都没一起过~ 
最后谢谢臭猫~ 知道你很担心每天晚上都要听到我声音才睡觉

我出国旅行带的钱真的是有限而且你们没有预先通知叫我带多点钱帮你们买东西~ 我的luggage也差不多超重~ 请体谅我们出去旅行不是为了买你们一个东西而旅行也没必要贪小便宜几块钱要我们从那么远带一支眼线笔然后再邮寄给你~ 加起来都是一样的~ 
 请你们真的站在我们这里想一想~不要在那里说什么我们骄傲的~还是不愿意分享~ 但还是有些网友可以体谅 :) 谢谢哦~ 
不能一一回复但是能分享的都全部在blog你~ 你们可以耐心的读因为我会很困扰如果用心写了所有的资料在这里但你们懒得看然后一直问回同样的问题~ 有什么其他的问题真的想知道还是可以留言给我or Bobo :)

I think I should stop it here ! AHAHAHAH if not I scared too long you all will feel dizzy :P 

For more information about taipei inn can click on http://taipeiinn.com/eng/search.php or their facebook :) Thanks~

Day 2 post still in the process!!