Taiwan Trip (3) ♥ 烏來-WuLai

17 October 2012

Herloo Sweethearts :P Guess most of you still haven sleep so is time to continue my Part 3post! So part 3 post will be much nicer than previous because both of us enjoy so much bathing in a hot spring!! Yeaaaaa!! it's hot spring and this is my superrr first time step in a private room and enjoy my hot spring with Bobo :3 and actually I'm so shy to show my male's sexy body in front of her x) 
In addition, I keep on thinking whether can I accept public hot spring or not!? Because public hot spring is much more enjoyable than private (the people told me) !! But if you're really shy like us then go for private one ba :P Shall go and try out their public one next time !!! Hiak Hiak :P
As usual we wake up at 11am and I take a bath while Bobo still click on her phone & checking her instagram!Then I didn't bring much clothes so just match my dress which is orange color with a pink cute top! I bought it for almost 5 years and FINALLY I got a chance to wear it :3 and before went out must include few selca photo !
After selca , we met sam and he give us some advice before we went out :) Next , we tried the red bean wheel pie a.k.a 车轮饼.It's a sweet snack made of batter cooked in the shape of a car wheel, stuffed with red bean paste or other fillings like butter :)
 We tried this which is located not far from the place we stay but then maybe I shouldn't expect too much from :( It's no taste at all :S I means I couldn't taste anything and I asked Bobo to tried it! But both of us also taste nothing... No sweetness no taste hmmmm even bread also taste nicer than it :S But still I saw a lot people passed by bought a lot and their face like 'WOW SO DELICIOUS' but I didnt taste anything :(
 But one thing I must say!!! The red bean filling is TOO MUCH! HAHAHAHAH I feel so moody because I couldn't taste anything and I expect it was soooooooo tasty because I always saw people having this on those tv show :( Or maybe just this place taste nothing but taste nicer in other stall?! Hmmmmm anyone tried this before?
But never mind still got others snack which is much nicer than this later !!! So we continue our trip to our destination~Before I continue the post there are few place for you as a reference / for you to visit their hot spring :) You can choose either 北投 / 陽明山/ 烏來 :) Why I only stated 3 place for you? There are so many popular hot spring at taiwan but this 3 is not far from our focus area since we stay at the same place every night without changing to another homestay! So I guess you got my point and we finally decided to go 烏來 [WuLai] 

Why?! Because other place like  北投 @ 陽明山 are very popular nowadays and usually people will tend to visit both of the place :) You can easily google it out with many available material and detail on that + always introduced/ recommended by travel's people blog. So, I wanna something special :) Wanna to show something diff maybe choose that because I never heard about 烏來 :)  I always saw TV introduce other place rather than that! If everyone know about it I guess this will be no point for us to blog here but still each of the hot spring got their own unique and special! 

Either one of this two (I forgot which) but i think is 北投(BeiTou) is familiar with those Japanese type Hot spring while 陽明山(Yang Ming Shan) popular with their natural phenomena and environment beside the hot spring ~ You can take note this and depend which type of hot spring you prefer then just go a head and enjoy your day with your lovely partner :P So what's so special about 烏來(Wu Lai) ?! Actually this place is known because of the (泰雅族原住民) Atayal aborigines ~ Most of the people are aborigines and majority is from Atayal (泰雅族) ~ Something like our malaysia's orang asli like that so the place and environment it's really attractive ! You can see half of the natural phenomena while you're sitting inside the public bus + on the way to the top of the hot spring :) It's really WOW!!

Can you imaging how huge is the place is? mountain? natural phenomena just so near you! I keep on wow wow wow wow!! We just went to the Hot spring at there and eat their famous food like-溫泉玉米、山豬肉、小米香腸、溫泉蛋、竹筒飯、月桃飯、溪蝦- but we haven try their cable carwhich is really nice!!! So regrets because after we tried the hot spring almost 6-7pm already :'( So late !! And if you wanna bring or buy something back to malaysia you can buy their rice wine & special mochi!! Oh yea and the museum~

Can't wait to go THERE right? hehe!! So how we reach there
It's very easy but it take time to reach there :) Firstly you can go there by MRT which reach the last station 新店站 - Xin Dian Station:) Then walk out there search for 新店客運which is the Xin Dian Passangers Bus ~ Note this down then reach there you can ask them they will show it for you :) It take almost 1hour 30 mins+ to reach there ! Remember to wake up earlier ya :)

#1 So here is some of the photo we took while I was still sitting on the bus :) Can see spot some art paint beside the road and their cultural diff!
 #2 The view! while I was still sitting on the bus ~
 #3 Still got many others beautiful phenomena but the bus moving so quickly I can't capture it -.- It's blur image my god :( wanna to show you guys!!!
#5 and then.. FINALLY we reached :) Must take a photo with the nice background :)
 We finally can relax after reached there because I was like keep wondering am I going to the correct place? So long haven reach? OMG? then Bobo keep asking me then I was act like nothing and ask her don't worry but I'm seriously so worried in my mind :S AHAHAHAHA it was fun seriously:P Then we continue walking until we saw this bridge ! YEAAAAAAA!! Hot spring not far from here!! so continue walking ...walking non stop..
 #8 You can actually know the color of the spring water from this bridge :) it's greenish and clear + the freshness of the air! So relaxing but the weather so damn cold actually!!!
 #9 Self capture with the bridge behind :) my face so fat -.- shit!
#10 another one :P Some idea how you walk to here is just use your leg to walk don't go up here by taxi because it's just waste your money..Once you arrive and walk down from the bus there are some public toilet located at there with many many many yellow cab :) They will keep on asking you to sit their car and pay like NT100 + intro you their hot spring but if you wanna choose the hot spring by yourself and walk around to feel the people there it's better to walk than that :) Note it down ya!
#11 the museum you can't missed it :) walk like 5 mins then you can see the crowd and some shop + this museum! If you got additional time you can go in to have a look. We have no time as you can notice the sky almost turn into black :( a bit late for us so we just walk around and snap some photo to show you guys then quickly run and search for the idea hot spring :P
#12 烏來泰雅民族博物館  
After that we still searching for the hot spring house !! Too much choices before you go hot spring remember don't eat too much food or not too hungry if not you will faint inside !! Then some food stall we passed by before we reach our idea hot spring house! HHAAHHA
 #16 Feel so much diff on that day :) relaxing
 So what's the next thing Bobo did? She got herself a delicious sausage!! She love sausage a lot!! Every place she saw sausage she must bought it and tried it out! HHAAHHAHA I actually feel a little bit dizzy and cold so I just choose to take her sausage and pose! HAAHAHAHAH
 My huge eye bag :( feel so sleepy too but the sausage is really delicious! I saw Bobo eat so quickly and she told me so regret never get more!!! Better than here 100% for sure :P
Sausage Shoot then!
 #19                                                 7-eleven & family mart everywhere!!
 We passed by this and decided to buy something later after we done enjoy our hot spring!! Wait me yoooo boss!!

 So finally we found a nice hot spring house and we choose the private room for both of us!! Then NT400 per person :) Simple and be prepared for the funny photo of us!! HAHAAHHAAHAHAHAH
 So we just followed this little boy I guess I was much more older than him! Lol follow him to the private room :P
 Finally we're here!! So the room wasn't that small :) It's just nice for 2 people world! HAAHAHAH Then our camera's battery left few percent but still playing around especially I keep forcing Bobo to act like bathing or something here ! HAHAHAHAHA when I saw back those photo I feel we were crazy..Too exited! But it was really fun :)
 Remember don't eat too much before going hot spring ya!
Some important rules you need to follow! 
Got body cleanser , shampoo and lotion available on the room :) So no need bring la ofcourse :P
 So must show this pose when we are still pretty! HAHAHAAHAHA especially before the fringe get wet and make up spoiled ! There got a button for you to push then the hot spring become something like this :)
 Woohooo! This is the hot spring part and beside this big one got another small which is cold one! Don't ask me to jump into the cold one of course! It's damn cold you know I put my leg inside I keep ARGHHHHHH!!!SO COLD MAN!! I'm so high and exited but Bobo keep laughing me! Can't imaging that we are so 38 and crazy ! Some more Bobo wasn't that crazy before we met! AHAHAH She is so gentle and talk softly but now SHE JUST SAME AS ME! Oh yea!!!
So this photo without turning the color tone . As you can see the spring water color is a little bit green! Their spring water is a kind of weak alkaline carbonate spring, clear and transparent!! Wooohoooo So hot leh the water -.- We keep playing like kid inside the room! People outside don't know can hear or not~ HAAHAHH
Don't expect too much from our photo we don't have sexy body shape so just show you guys our shoulder then I think should be fine!AAHAHAHAH and you see my make up -.- I'm very good in sweating -.- My eyeliner all drop! fml* but Bobo still so pretty with her eye make up on and dry fringe! You see my hair all slowly turn ugly !! Can stop sweating anot?!

 Out of focus , my god !
 Oh I love all the funny photo we took here! HAHAAHAHAHHA!!
 Look at my fringe! Arghhhh!!!
So last photo before we leaving this awesome hot spring room! :) Say you love me~~~ You can't never see bobo so crazy on her blog post lo! So stick with her and MINE post then you will know everything so clear! HAHAHAAHAHAHH  After playing around then we saw the time it's really late then we slowly calm down and sit quietly enjoy the hot spring :P
 After the hot spring time the people there let us tried their special kind of tea! You can choose hot or cold! Of COURSE cold :P
 After enjoyed the hot spring and the tea we went out quickly and can't wait to try all the food available there but some of the stall or shop closed :( OMG WHY SO EARLY?and where is the crowd? GONE?
 Then we tried this! Spring water cooked one leh! Seems like so nice and the people keep on telling us this is so sweet so nice so delicious so tasty! End up again -.- No taste at all! No sweetness for the yellow one! Then we also purchase the dark purple colour one and it taste like rice 绵绵绵绵绵绵的 .. it's so special and no taste :C Why today all no taste? Or my mouth got problem? The people told us because Malaysian is like prefer heavy taste 重口味 and that is why I feel nothing?! Really? This one i should say Malaysia's better :P
 But still need to snap a photo with that! HAHAHA but my hair damn ugly after the hot spring!!!!
 and then we tried the Honey Sweet Potato!! Their honey not that sweet but ok! I still can accept it's much more tasty than previous snack! HAAHAHAHA
It's a sad case because most of the stall closed :( Unable to try everything that I mention previously! famous food like-溫泉玉米、山豬肉、小米香腸、溫泉蛋、竹筒飯、月桃飯、溪蝦 But lucky the other shop which selling rice wine(米酒) and mochi (麻糬) haven close!!!
 Mochiiii time! The seller from this shop is really nice!! He know we are from Malaysia and let us try everything !! Rice wine although I don't know how to enjoy it! Lol lychee taste rice wine + other weird weird one and all diff kind of MOCHII!! wtf
All is nice to me but the one which is peanut mochi and also tiramisu one THE BEST !!!
Among all of those we choose THISSS tiramisu!!!!!! and also peanut!!
 Both of us bought more than 10 boxes and I have no idea how we can carry that to our homestay! Later you can see how BIG is our plastic bag!
 This is the limited edition rice wine with diff taste! I feel like buying but you know I scared I spoiled them! HAAHAHAH Hand carry also is a problem for me plus we got 10 more boxes mochi with additional biscuit to carry :( Why Mr.kitty not here!! No one help us to carry it lor T^T Damn heavy seriously!!
The design is so cute and tiny :)
 Then among all these we choose to buy the pink one which is sakura one I guess! WTF damn nice! I know Lyvia's mom sure like it and my parent too! But most of the time I eat and enjoy myself! HAAHAHHA Conclusion?! We bought so much again! Each person more than 5 packs! OMG This is just the 3rd day leh! Money gone too -.-
 Oh yea show you guys this cute seller! HAAHAHAH then we having fun time together , chatting like we met so long -.- , and then he ask us 'can I take a photo with you both?'
 Then I was like sure can! But help us to snap first! HAAHAHAH Then Bobo and I standing there pose like a model LOL i'm joking* His skill not bad huh!!! Then the funniest moment come when his turn to take our photo with his camera.. We expect he will take a compact camera out from the place because you know laa~~ But then he took his super CANON DSLR which is sooo huge!! Both of us shocked and he ask us don't be shocked because he like photography also! AHAHAHAHAH wtf?!
 Look at Bobo's hand! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHH soooo manyyyyy?! Tips for travel! Bring your own recycle bag !! Is a must and remember bring as big as you can! HHAAHAHHA
 Can you see our recycle bag? bigger than my body and I don't know my hand pose so ugly that time! 7? Lol and look at his pose! HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAfunny than mine and both photo pose is the same lo! My god! I keep laughing now I don't know why xD
 Last photo with him before we leave ! Bye bye :) See you next time and thanks for your name card ! He like asking for our watsapp also but no lar mummy say don't simply give phone number to people :P Joke la** See you  next year will come here to visit again and hopefully you remember us la! Twins♥♥ :P He thought we're twins too!
 If we got enough time will sure try this out :( But we quickly move and rush to the bus station !!!
 Spot that?a famous taiwan travel show 食尚玩家 came here before :) You might note this too and have a try on it !!! Vegetarian 1~
 Can you see how far the bus line? AHAHAHAHAHAHH This is why we move quickly and lucky the bus still wait for people :) Thanks goddddddd
& Last photo before I end this post! Thanks the shop for giving us a free box of mochi!!! Bobo and I were hungry at that time so we just open & eat it straight away off from the shop! Teehee
So this is what we did for day 3! Sister trip was so fun and awesome! Note every important note down then you can enjoy like us when you go there too! Love you guys and I think I should stop it here~ Stay tuned for the other post coming soon!!! Xoxo 

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