Preparation ♥20120930♥

30 September 2012

Herloo sweetheart :3 Last post before I'm leaving Malaysia! Yesterday went out and bought everything I need for the trip! and have a little look inside H&M! OMG It's already open for so many days but still crowd like hell!! Lucky I'm still able to grab what I want :P
This post will soon be in my memories :) I wanna record and note down every single feeling in this post for my very first time travel with friends without my family.. I should feel glad or sad now? It's so confused now because I'm happy yet at the same time I'm don't feel like leaving here for almost 1 week plus :'( I'm not little princess anymore !I gained trust from my parents then finally need to learn how to be independent when they let me FLY BY MYSELF!  I guess some of you might know my feeling now :'( 

Such a long time I wish to travel to another country..It's just like a dream now! I packed everything by myself , mummy prepare medicine for me because she know I got sensitive nose , I save my own money and buy the ticket together with Bobo , everything is just done by myself :P But still I'm so nervous now! Just I didn't really show out.. another 10 hours :'( I'm afraid I didn't bring enough money !! You know I got very limited savings ! Thanks god especially the half sponsored from the taiwan hotel~ & Thanks Bobo for the accompany and her bf for the help too!
Arghhh!! When I'm still exam I wish to go travel as soon as possible but when it almost come~ I want to slow it down! HAHAHAHA:) 

Just double check what I need to bring...Almost done 90% for my packing! I didn't bring much just 2 luggage - One Big & one small hand carry one! Lens , make up bag , leggings, shorts, jacket , passport &etc ... Lol I bought 5 thick legging to there and didn't bring any long pant eh! Then few shorts and long stocking in black color + sleeping clothes + many many! AHAHAHAH I hope this enough for me and I wanna go shop like god! LOL and ofcourse OOTD everyday I hope :3

Oh yea! Shoe?! I just wear one flat go and one high dunk sneaker! LOL Bobo told me don't bring too much shoe and just grab at there! Make up and skin care products also!! Everything buy at there what i need to bring is enough money but I'm still worry no place to put my stuff #OMG! and when I'm choosing that to bring to taiwan I feel that my wardrobe got alot winter type sweater and jacket -.- I have no idea why I bought them  home and how am I gonna wear it in MALAYSIA here! HOT WEATHER!! 

Hmmm I guess I will be very tired after back from there.. I bring my camera , lap top also for the purpose of updating my blog!! HAHAHAAHAH I have no idea how to carry everything by myself ..So heavy T^T 

Plan to go some popular and familiar place at taiwan - Xi Men Ding + Wu Fen Pu + Hello Kitty Restaurant + 夜市 but before everything I NEED TO BUY A SIM CARD at there! AHAHAHH then can keep on update my instagram :D Do follow my instagram @chanwon  :) I wishes i got enough energy and time to update my blog at there !! 

Stay tuned for my blog's post! Download NuffnangX to get immediately update too :P Thanks so much sweeties! I guess it's time to continue my stuff first! Enjoy holiday and safe trip as well and dont rain please :)  Bye <3