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11 March 2014

Hello my little sweethearts  Ahhhh~ It's a brand new year now..2014! Guess what? I think some of you already know again because I just did the shoutout on my instagram just now and this time I'm happy to tell you guys that I will be joining and collaborate with a shop for this coming 2014 first Fashion Bazaar ever. From the first bazaar ever until now I'm blessed because some of you really appear come to say Hi to all of us on every bazaar.

I trying very hard to fulfill some of you because of the venue. Previously we have organize bazaar at diff place from Bangsar , KL , Puchong and so on.. This time will be at Subang (near to taipan) I guess that was a familiar place for all of you even I didn't really familiar with the place. You know I'm always hiding myself in my own room.. LOL Seriously hope that I can meet my reader in real life. I hope to thanks you all in my first place and also thanks for making who am I today. I know it's very hard for me to meet many of you but I believe if one day I'm still blogging and you're still reading on my blog. Sure have the fate to meet. I wanna know who else read my blog and from that I have a chance to say thank to you face to face.

I really really happy that I can out from my conform zone because sometime It's really shy to meet some of you. My brain just can't function at all. But it was so fun. I'm not famous and I doesn't hope to be because I know famous have its own adv and disad. What I want to be is a person can influence all of you to be motivated , confident to yourself , positive and most important HAPPY. I hope that I can meet diff friends from outside and also help you all in some way. Don't worry if you didn't purchase anything from me I will still be happy because of you. If you're my real life friend you will know why.. Because I'm really hard to have a chance sit down and talk to all of you. Most of the time I attend event and back after that even normal tea time with my girls..I always the one who back first. lol

So this time I get my permit to out for a day. Just special for all of you!! Reallly really hope to see you on that day and I really hope to talk to you guys. Few days ago, I met one of the sweetie at Paradigm Mall when I'm accompany my senior friend to book his flight ticket. I was quite shock that someone know me it was like a miracle happen but really thanks for the free drinks. It was a hot sunny day -.- Keep sweating until I'm going to fall down that day LOL And another time I met another sweet girl at the Furla event. I was there quite early waiting for my friends...I know nobody there.. So i keep looking for someone until I have a eye contact with two sweeties.. Then they come to take photo with me..

All of there was enough for me. As a person who always talk to my lap top. I can't believe this actually happen.. Maybe I'm not the one who always appear in your conversation but at least someone love who am I and love my blog. You guys was the one who influence me to be who am I today not just me..But you guys..As a return I will continue blog in my way and hope to have more opportunity to prove that I'm still the hard working chanwon , positive , happy , independent and talkative. HAHAHAHA

Aiyaa, talk too much totally out of topic. But back to the topic, this bazaar I will be selling off (as usual) my pre-loved item but more on clothes. Those item you can search from my OOTD hasgtag on instagram and some clutch / heels that I wear only few time. Will be divided those into two categories. One will be RM25-RM38 and another one will be RM5-RM10.

If you always come to my bazaar and always purchase my item from my pre-loved group I think you know that I really really sayang my item. Just that my room was too small to put all of those. If I have a big room with a closet room I'm sure I wont sell them off. But my parent always stop myself for buying item. But you know if I keep wearing the same outfit for every event people start to comment that. So I really hope to get them a new owner. YOU :) 

Besides, I'm happy that some of the lovely blogger will be joining us for this coming bazaar too. Chenelle , Kim , Vickybobo , Duogigs twinny & ME!! Thanks for them and I'm sure we will have a blast on that day. Most of the bazaar we not care about how much we earn because it's not a business. It is a memorable time I have with all of you and my babe. Now, I shall start to clean and clear my wardrobe now. Please remember to bring your recycle bag too so that we can GO GREEEEEEN too!! AHHAHAHAHA

https://www.facebook.com/events/697689756949585/ for those who coming feel free to check on our event on facebook ya. Just let me know that so I can upload some photo taken for you in that event page too :) See ya

See you guys , Love xx. Hope to see you on this coming Saturday. I will make sure to dress up myself like a sweet princess to meet all of you :P Joking joking! Looking forward to meet all of you. Good Night


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