♥ TV Appearances & Filming opportunity @ 8TV - '8 STYLE'

18 March 2014

Hello my sweet little readers
Hahahaha I know it's a bit late to update this but just a small and short update on what I did recently.

Some of you read my post on
Asking about my filming experience so here you go!! I just wanna share my first time ever experience appear on 8TV

All have to thanks to 8TV videographer and also the person recommended me to them.
I'm appreciate although I don't know who you are but I should say a big 'Thank YOU' to you
Because of you
I'm able to experience all of these

Throughout the whole process was just one word to describe

I remember that day I rushed from my class and since I have my class on before that
You can definitely realize that my makeup was like $#%$%$%
I only apply eyeliner and a thin layer of mascara
I thought I look great on that too


What I experience was

I look super chubby & fat on TV! It's was my first time so please don't hate me!! HAHAHAA
I was quite shock that I look like a bread on my face -.-
My face was super huge and I keep talking don't know where should I look at!

It was super fun and now I only realize 3 MUST things before you appear on TV or filming

#2 Must non stop talking and TALK SOFTLY
#3 Don't wear white or nude color outfit!

The reason why I know this because I experienced all!

I remember all taiwan show always say that if you wear a white top you will look super fat and chubby/ big size on the TV.
I don't believe that because my outfit was full of light color rather than just black & white!
So I picked white! LOLLLL MY BODY LOOK SUPER FAT on tv but my leg look super thin -.-
Then after they style me up with second outfit which it's in BLACK COLOR! I LOOK FREAKING SLIM!

My body shape turns very weird and some of you actually watch that
I'm glad that you still love me because that wasn't me at all xD
Some of you say I look super weird I actually mind it at first but I don't mind it after that

Because few of you actually met me after that then you was like
'WHY CHANWON SO THIN IN REAL? I thought you're chubby and fat like tv!!'

It turns out that I look super 'beautiful' in real compare with the TV ME!
So I didn't feel sad at all after that but seriously my sound like a MAN TALKING DURING THE SHOW
and my eye was like so tiny with a huge size of face and body!

So it's my first time and this is what I experience throughout whole process
It was fun just that I'm too nervous end up I don't dare to look in front

I will do better next time and Thanks for those who watched that!
Do love me more k? Because I don't know how to pretend just my voice really like a man that time!!

After this first opportunity,
They offer me the second opportunity to appear on TV for another episode.
I can't wait to get my photo from Smelly's phone then update on here again!

That's all for today. xx
So yea, remember don't wear white top next time!


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