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10 March 2014

Hey! Heloo ! HELLO!!! I know it's been awhile since I ever have a chance dating with my girls. Told you that when I'm having my final examination everyone enjoying their holiday and if I'm having my holiday everyone ended their holiday. So stress like that huh?! Yea, so it's our girl's dating time again. I guess this planned quite some time because  I'm quite busy on assignments/final while SharonBee busy....making a baby :P HAHAHAHA Yea, Congratz to you babe!! Finally you did it and I wanna buy lots of pretty cute stuff to your future baby. Remember to take care yourself and don't drink too much cold stuff , k? Lol I should tell myself also. LOL

Such a long plan before we decide to have our lunch at there. You know girls sometime just have too many suggestion until no one can help us to decide anything. But luckily end up we decided to have our date @ Acme Bar & Coffee at The Troika, KL. I tell you , you better have your reservation earlier before you actually go there. You know what, because it's my first time..I never been there before but we wait for 1 hour 30 mins until our turn. SO HUNGRY MAN!!! I wanna kill myself when I see the line -.- Damn long!!! But it's okay because I will be so regret if we just back home or change our decision after that. So we just waiting and talking at the same time.
Such a beautiful place and environment. Photo credits to Acme Bar & Coffee official facebook (here). Actually I want to snap my own photo but imaging whole place = FULL OF PEOPLE HEAD. Lol can't even get a proper selfies inside there. Not even a photo of the food with my face. Plus, due to the place full of people we no longer wish to wait so we decided and agree to share a long table with another group of people. Lol but the bad things is I CANT even have a photo of my face with those delicious food. Wasted! But it's okay so this post will be full of food and few photo of us after our lunch outside the whole building. 

Photo of three of us while waiting for our seat

After 1 hour 30 mins!!! FINALLY & I was like THANKS GOD!!! Save my stomach please I'm so hungry. I didn't talk much but straight away ordered our food once we sit down. So better have your reservation and book for it before you go there, k?


Baked Egg Pan - RM27
Tuna Melt Sandwich - RM25
Sizzling Brownie with Oreo Ice-cream - RM19
Smoke Duck Pasta - RM35

 I tell you this sizzling brownie was super good!!! It was super yummy I love the texture of the brownie and the hot melting chocolate. Best & Perfect combo ever!!! Photo do the talking. see the photo below!!!
It taste super good & moist. It also embedded with nuts to give it an extra crunch. I'm strongly recommend this for all of the chocolate and dessert lover. I think this is much nicer than the over-sweet signature cake from Thirty8. Just can't stand with the overload sweetness with the signature cake but this brownie was super YUMMY. The brownie was super rich in chocolate taste!! Chocolate lover pls pay a visit to ABC! But one thing you need to take note is that the chocolate sauce hardens up quite fast so if you didn't wish to taste a burnt smell it's better to finish it as soon as possible because the chocolate will stuck on the bottom of the pan and came out with a weird burnt smell.

 Wooohooo We love this Baked egg pan too but this also have to finish it as soon as possible if not the bread might not taste good with the half baked egg too. The half baked egg taste so good with the sauce on the pan. Not sure what it is but it's seriously taste super good and also super full with it. We can't finish it. Left 1 bread :X We still order some pasta LOL that's why! This baked egg pan was a good appetizer too. Should serve it before the dessert but it's because too many people and we are lazy wait for it so we just ask them to serve the dessert with all the food. So.. next time you know what to do!! HAHAHAA

Tuna melt sandwich  At first we thought it was yummy but after few bite we feel that this is a little bit too dry for us but the tomatoes taste super good. I feel like to ask them where to get the tomato! Super sweet you know because I only eat baby tomato and this is my first time to taste this..I was like OMG IT'S SUPER NICE HOOOOOOOHHHH!!! Beside it the combination of the tuna and bread a bit dry for me. After few bite I feel like I don't wanna eat this anymore. hmmmmm but since I'm a tuna lover so it's still okay for me but if I come myself I wont order this anymore. I'm sure I can't finish it! HAHAHAHAA

 Smoke Duck Pasta This one taste good too. But the price is much expensive if compare to those pasta I tried previously. The most expensive pasta ever. Lol Some of them feel that it's inexpensive but for me I thought the price range was no more than RM30 but this one cost me RM35. Just nice.. I never try any duck breast pasta before because previously I always order mushroom creamy pasta rather than duck breast. Sound weird but it actually taste quite good also. Not very special but worth to try if you are a fans of creamy pasta. 

So after I tried all the food and dessert I think the price for their dessert is not really expensive as if compare to all other dessert price in KL this is quite a good deal but their drinks was a bit expensive for me. One apply juice cost RM19.00 lol I rather enjoy coffee there or maybe a sky juice? HAHAHA But the food was quite nice. So you can actually spend your whole afternoon time just to enjoy their dessert or a sweet escape from a stress life..Having a great dating time with your loved one or your family / gf /bfs . Definitely a good place to enjoy your brunch / lunch or tea time I guess. If it's afternoon then you can't sit outside because of the super hot sun burning our skin LOL

Fyi, it's located near to KLCC and for those who thinking where to park your car. Don't worry they have a basement parking too.

=Detail / Contact=

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC)
Ground Floor at The Troika, 
19 Persiaran KLCC, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating Hours
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 12:00 am 
Fri: 11:00 am - 1:00 am 
Sat: 9:30 am - 1:00 am 
Sun: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Contact Number
+60 3-2162 2288 (For reservation too)


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After that , Smelly fetch me home and finally had his haircut done!! Look so different with new hair style but this hairstyle easier to manage and totally no need to comb his hair ever. He start his intern life now so it's better to have a clean hair style and look much kid like me now! HAHAHAHAH I hate forever young sometime but someone accompany me. So it's okay now~ TEEHEE*

That's all for today. Love,xx.


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