Casio TR15 Review #4

24 March 2014

HAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHA Please allow me to laugh out loud first before I start blogging for this blog post. Guess all of you notice that I just get started to update my blog more frequently since this is my last semester I'm actually quite free during night time. Lol Sorry I don't want you all scared by this photo but this is just wayyyyyy tooo cute! Lol I mean my expression not smelly :p HAHAHAHAHAHAHA So yea, everything come to the ending and this will be my last review on my previous casio TR15  From the first review until now I received all your comment about how you feel toward my review among all others.

Thanks for loving my review and especially those who leave comment. I know it just that sometime the blog post too old so I didn't get to reply but I read it for sure. I think so far the second and third review have the higher reader and respond :) For those who wanna see the diff on the makeup mode and all natural makeup mode of TR15 you can read my Casio Review #2 (click here) I wanna you all feel no regret after purchase and wanna you all see the diff of the photo so I write quite long for that and experience each 3 level diff while Review #3 was all about the wifi transfer demo (click here). Enjoy reading and this super last post is all about the 21mm Wide Angle Lens.

I know right although not much diff between compact camera with TR15 in tern of their wide angle lens but when it come to this size of camera casio decided to included a 21mm wide angle lens feature was a best choice ever. I believe that some of you actually bought additional wide angle or fisheye lens for your phone right? Why you need that? Because you wanna snap a more nice view of something and also most important thing was SELFIES with a group of people. For those who love to travel and selfies with a group of people I'm sure you love this!

First I'm going to show you some of the photo I took during my last year trip visit to Korea. I love it because normally iphone capture can only fill in like 3 people max when the photo is horizontal or vertical!! So I always get a portable wide lens for my phone because I would love to include all friends together and selfies together. But sometime very annoying I can't get the angle I want :'( But TR15 helps me alot. 
Spot my pale face. HAHAHA This photo taken during my last day trip and gonna miss that so much. Now once I see this I feel super warm because all of them were so nice to me :) So this photo demonstrate the benefits of having a wide angle lens camera. It can allow you to self-shot on a group of people.  Mostly can fill in 10 people and more actually. The photo above still have some black space for me to fill in people!! HAHAAHAH So imaging there are additional 4-5 head I'm still able to capture it with just one hand!!
Except for a horizontal photo you can actually snap for a vertical photo which can fulfill your needs too. See even 6 person I still have lots of space. My hand seems so long but it's all about the benefits of having a wide lens camera. HAHAHAHAHAHA Not heavy and hard at all! It's so easy to snap photo for a group of people!! So normally 8-10 person standing in front and back will be the best self capture photo ever or you can have 4 person standing together like this....
 See this? I can even capture the landscape behind leh!! So nice and so WIDE!! HAAHHAHAAHHAH But make sure you dont stand in the side if not your face will be drag toward the side then become super fat :p vertical or horizontal also no problem!!!
It can even snap my heels and bag! HAHAHAAH Moreover, you can actually snap your friends + you with a nice background view or something. See this is one of the place we went together during our Korea trip! Hehe 
 OMG WHY I WEAR LIKE THIS. My face super pale..look like vampire need blood immediately! HAHAHAHAHAHA Too cold on that mountain !! Nice view and no need others help to snap for you. YOU JUST NEED TR15! AHAHAHHA
Last but not least, suitable for shooting on landscape view too!! SO PRETTY HOR THIS PLACE? GONNA BLOG IT ASAP LIAO!! WAITING MY NEXT BLOG POST CONTINUE FOR MY KOREA TRIP, K? 
 So nice so pretty. Strongly recommend all of you pay a visit to Jeju Island , Korea!! It's just so beautiful and I wanna go there again next year!!! Hehe here's the end part of this post hope you enjoy reading all of my casio review. I really hope that it help you to decide whether which camera worth for you to buy. Just found your need and get the best camera for yourself, k?

That's all for today. Love, xx. (For all casio tr15 review you can click and find it back on my right handside label column - Review casio TR15 ya) Enjoy reading 


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