Pet Diary #5 : Annoying Bebe

23 March 2014

 Hello all pet lovers here. I know it been awhile that I never update about my pet diary since ever my bro created a instagram account (@bebeoppa) for him. I wanna you all feel like you're Bebe's owner too. and some people hate bebe and ask me don't spam my fb with his photo -.- But I still wanna spam because I LOVE HOW CUTE IT IS. So I take over my bro's insta acc. Now I'm the one keep spam BeBE Photo. Only for those who love Bebe can see his instant update and what he usually did. Accompany him grow up from a super mini size of puppy until now it almost equal to my body size. I asked the pet shop they told me that Bebe was a toy poodle but is the large size one. Maybe his mom/dad's bone is grow very fast actually many of you quite surprise that his size suddenly become so huge. But for the true one...He's actually very this just so fluffy and grooming fees is quite expensive actually. Never try never know now I know what my parent told me was correct but still I willing to spend my whole savings just for him.

Now he get his healthy lifestyle and body back. Every 1-2 weeks I will bring him to Desa Park City but he until now still don't wanna be friend with others puppy. I think he always think that whole world only he's the only puppy. LOL So anti-social. Anything can help with this? Eveytime a small puppy come to his side he will scared until can't run. Lol i was like HUH!??!!! Then I slowly train him but everytime brought him to grooming or bathing he always afraid of others except my family members and smelly. But really hope he can get some pet friends if not he might be so pity no friends lerh!

So, since I got him in my life. I finally get used to it. For example what time he will wake up and what time need to feed him food. When he wanna shit I can rush to take tissue paper and avoid all shits drop  on the floor! HAAHAHAH He's like my own son but my grandmom ask me dont call myself as mommy -.- I was like..WHY I CAN'T LOLLL! Smelly intern now but every week he still will come to my house for awhile just to accompany Bebe. Playing with him and at least I have few hour break to blogging. He very stick to me. Every morning I wake up and prepare for my class he will get very moody waiting at the down stair waiting me to come back on time. IF not he will keep looking at the main door of my house or once he hear some sound he thought that I'm back.

Not sure how you know it but I feeling good when someone actually wait me home. Like wife waiting for husband back! HAHAHAHAA Even the pet shop also say I'm crazy because he has tons of toys and clothes. I just can't wait to see his happy face every day. Now I hope to sleep with him every night and think about him. He suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and sleep beside me. So sweet hor every time I also can feel it. Our family and I were the only few people can accompany him. He treat us so good except always kacau me when shooting for something. LIKE THIS
Not just this even I shoot for my make up tutorial..half of his face must purposely appear on my camera -.- I never notice it until I put all the photo into my lap top -.-
You see you see. Now he's 8  months old!! I'm looking forward to his 1 years old birthday bash! HAHAAHHAAH I wanna buy lots of yummy pet food for him and myself also sendiri celebrating for him ! Lol Seriously he was so annoying but still everyone love him. My mom too. Although he still complain about him sometime because he over stick to me. Once I go out he will get really really emo but now he slowly get used to it. Like today I went to an event for 5 hours back home he wait me once he notice that I back! and kiss my leg when I'm home. No simply shit on the floor and accompany my mom too. Before he get grooming I actually shoot a video !! He's so fluffy but now he cut off his fluffy hair so he look like super slim with a super long hand. Look like Smelly 0,0 Both super thin one! HAHAHAHA


So what I did on few days ago was shooting for Bebe. My mom told me that maybe I should get him some new clothes so I just keep on searching and trying his outfit on. Because I'm not sure what size he should wear so I did the measurement and have a weird drawing on a paper send to the shop owner. Ask them to recommend me some outfit for Bebe. So here's some NG photo of Bebe &  of course HIS HAPPY FACE TOO!
He keep moving and jumping here & there. So I placed that mini soft toy for him. Thanks DoggieDooly for that. Then I ask him to stay calm BE AWESOME! HAHAHAA
So he was like. 'Okay mummy~ Like this? Pose like this?'
THIS WAS THE BEST PHOTO OF HIM! He laugh like an human!! OMG I cant believe that puppy can pose like this. This photo I accidentally snap one. I remember he keep moving then suddenly SNAP! 
'Mummy why you shoot from so high.I can't even look nicely on the camera'
'Am I done? (curious)'
'What's that?'
'Smile like this?!! can??'
See anot his hand so damn long leh! Actually very thin! AHAHAHAHA

Very natural side of me! Bright smile and annoying BEBE dont wanna look in the camera!! arghhh

So that's all for today. Just a little update on my pet diary because some of you didn't have instagram account and can't see it. Don't worry k? Pet diary always be here for you. For those who really really really love BEBE you're welcome to say HELLO with him @bebeoppa (insta) . Sometime my bro will reply your comment. HAHAHAHAAH I really hope Bebe can type leh so that he can reply you all. But he can't and I feel sad sometime I can't understand his language. Like he keep on kissing my hand I'm not sure what it mean. End up he want me to open the door and he wanna drink water ! SO CUTE GAH!! Mom told me that puppy can only live for 10-15 years. I will cry til die if he get older and older. hmmm.. I really start to feel emo when he getting older wehy...

Hope he can live as long as he can and dont get into any bad thing! I saw my friend's dog get cancer. So so so scary!! Jia you BEBE! Hope you can meet some new friend again next week k? Mummy love you xx


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