Review : CANMAKE ♥ Glow Fleur Cheeks

23 March 2014

Hey my dear Sweeties Guess what should I blog about today? Gonna share with all of you this cute little stuff as my favorite item of the month! Yea!! My all time favorite Japanese Make Up Brand - CANMAKE. This time I'm really happy finally I done this blog post and want to share with all of you as soon as possible as I know that it might be out of stock so sooooon. Their latest product finally came in our country! Like finally and it's called CANMAKE Glow Fleur Cheeks!!! [Throw love and kiss on the product now] HAHAHAHAHA
 Yes! It's my favorite cosmetic brand. If you know that I actually did many makeup post using their brand too. From the mascara until the cream cheek blushes and now they came out with a new product known as Glow Fleur Cheeks. Throughout whole using experience I prefer using both cream cheek as a base and powder cheek after that. So I'm greedy and loving both :P

What special about this except their super sweet and cute packaging was it's a powder, but it doesn't feel powdery! It's an extraordinary texture that clings to your bare skin, as though the soft & translucence staying power worthy of a cream blush. I got this two color for myself I'm loving both and one of it is more on peach color and another one is full of girly pink.
The color on the top-left can use as a highlight on your cheek. I also use to highlight the area under my eyes and my cheek bone.
See the design on it. Look like flowers right? Let the flowers of a smile bloom in your cheeks.
Not just this two color they available in 5 different color!  Each color also so attractive. Some more on peach orange color some is just full of pinky color. For those who prefer peach healthy cheek grow can go for color no.1 and no.3 while more prefer pink can go for no.4 and no.5 too. Personally I think no.1 and no.2 look familiar :) So I also loving their latest new color too!!! Hehe Wanna to get more on it. 


color image[01] Peach Fleur
A beige-pink that provides a pinkish tint. For cheeks like the petals of a flower

color image[02] Apricot Fleur
A coral that provides a gradual flush that will suit everyone. Healthy!

color image[03] Fairy Orange Fleur
A juicy clear orange. For a stylish impression

color image[04] Strawberry Fleur
An icy girlish pink. For an innocent impression

color image[05] Wedding Fleur *NEW
A yellow-pink that is like sugar candy and very sweet color~ Increase the fascination!

Spot the diff?
For a lustrous, healthy-looking cheeks we also need to look for a good brush. As usual canmake powder for cheek always included a brush for easy application so you no need take additional brush for application. Surprisingly, the brush was amazing. It's so soft and after each application you can notice your brush slowly turn a little pinky on it. HeheSo cute right?
This soft-focus effect also gives your cheeks a poreless look 
Not just that!!! It contains cheek-friendly beautifying & moisturizing agents and plant & fruit extracts♥  

 It also FREE FROM mineral oils, fragrance & alcohol. It designed with your skin in mind CANMAKE also care for us !!

 This is before application
 This is the area that I will apply :) I wanna create a more Japanese sweet look so I will focus on the area below the eye then drag it until the area of the end of my eye too.
Apply to your cheeks with the brush about 3 times depend on your need
Using a circular motion to blend the color.
Then, finish it by applying the glow powder to the areas you wish to highlight with.
(Spot my pinkish cheek)
Look super feminine with it!! Love the overall result <3
Feel so happy that finally it available in Malaysia because I always check on their official website most of their product not available in Malaysia :'( Wait so long and was like FINALLY! OH YEA, BABE! Thanks Canmake Malaysia for all of these  For those who interested can purchase from any SASA OUTLET starting from this coming April or you can now purchase it in Isetan One Utama .

What are you waiting for?!! Go get yours now!! Pick your best blushes to create your pinky and natural cheek 


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