♥ FURLA Candy Brissima Tour Event

08 March 2014

Hello  Baby Sweeties :3 Just back from outside!! and also can't wait to update about today's post. It's all about FURLA candy bag!!!! No need to mention you guys know that I'm such a pastel lover~ So I'm always loving pastel items no matter what. Pastel cakes , pastel outfit #OOTD & pastel stationary!!! OMG Guess what FURLA new collection is super nice!!!! Their latest candy bag is FULL OF COLOR!!! I think one of their collection is pastel yellow or blue too. I tell you .. YOU SHOULD GO to Pavilion Centre Court♥ tomorrow!!! Their FURLA Candy Brissima Tour will be held extensively at Pavilion Centre Court on the 5th March until  9th March 2014. Left one more day!!! Lots of pretty bags there too.

You know what... I purposely rush back from Ipoh to KL just to attend this event on that day. Such a memorable day because you know...I love colorful things! HAHAHAHAHA I'm surrounded with all pretty candy bags and also pretty girls! Lollllll I'm super glad that I get invited from them to this preview Didn't really take photo on that day because we just can't get our eyes off from those pretty bags! but dont worry!!! I record an insta video for all of you. Feel free to drop by Pavilion and pay a visit on those pretty candy bag!!! Just can't resist it.

So pretty right?! Of course, talking and chilling time with all my girls too. So happy to see them and nothing much I can complain about because everything was just great for me!!!I love the color of the bag and the design of their latest collection. It's so colorful and can easily match with our outfit. Not just that, they have lots of diff size candy bag and I'm in love with the smallest size one too!! OMG!!! I wanna get one for myself too. Guess it's super chio when match with our daily ootd especially like me who love to play around with diff color outfit. Not just their candy bag, the leopard clutch also not  bag!!!!!

Let's photo do the talking

 Bloggers and Celebrities Photo Time
 Jane, Nana , Povy , Me , Chenelle
 Both Pretty Babe - Bell & Chenelle
 Fourfeetnine , Bobo , me & Chenelle

All photo credits to Chenelle's camera!! AHAHAHAH Casio TR15 <3 That's all for today. Love, xx. 

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