Fashion Fun Fair Bazaar & My lovely Saturday ♥

19 March 2014

Hello Pretties & Sweeties  How are you today? Finally I'm done combining all the photo we took last week and it's time to blog about it. Yea!!! Should be glad that I still have a chance to collaborate and organizing this kind of blogger's bazaar. Actually just wanna you all to save up postage and come to touch or feel all the good quality item. This time we are glad that this would be a good beginning of 2014!! My first ever bazaar in year 2014. More to come k? This time I must say thanks to Kim , Chenelle , Cherrie , Evangeline , Mei Chi & her lovely mom. Thanks for making this happen♥ Sorry about that, Bobo sick on the day and I just noticed it few hours ago before the event. So I have no much time to announce and update you :'( Hope she's alright now!

So, back to the topic. I'm so satisfied that day although it wasn't really a business but it's really fun to meet all of you especially sharing some tips and just hang around keep kacau Duogig , Kim & Chenelle them! HAHAHAHAHAAH Not just you I also bought something from them I noticed that Duogigs always selling nice shoe or heel so I grab one for myself become their FIRST customer and I grab another piece of top from Kim too. I love Kim's stuff and Chenelle say maybe one day we should go and grab Kim's stuff from her wardrobe! HAHAHAHAHAHA Joking larh!  You know why am I so satisfied on that day because I go out from morning until night only back! LOL I miss Bebe too but it's okay la I earn some money for him to buy pet food! Pls forgive mummy k? Teehee*

Morning - Brunch with my Girls 

Before the event start, Kim & I actually planned earlier and we have our girls date time again together with another two pretty girl, Sharon & Cathy. I guess you're not the first time read their name from my blog because we came out together before. Guess it's time for girls gathering again. So we planned a week before that and we decided to have our brunch @ TOUS Les JOURS . It's my first time try their breakfast there. Not bad tho just that you must go earlier if not you need to wait as well. It's located opposite Lot 10, H&M. What to do when 4 of us gather together? Other than talk talk talk, we also snap snap snap! Even got little gift from Cathy too. 

Yum yum yum! Not bad and the price is still reasonable. It make me feel like I'm still at Korea!! I remember during my last Korea Trip with Smelly & his family we also went to this kind of place to have our brunch. Awww.. It passed too fast but memories never fade! Miss Korea and I'm definitely will visit there and Japan next year. This year I'm not going to anywhere except still planning for my SG Trip! I never went there before! Kim going back more few days and I must go SG to meet her too. Congratz Kim found her job in SG and can stay with her hubby now and once again congratz to Sharon!! She going to be mama liao! Cathy soon your turn , k?
4 of us! Flower 4!  

3 of them doesn't look like their age. You can't even know if I didn't told you all of them got hubby already one! Stay sweet sweet and continue to born baby baby la! Then I can be their kai-ma too! HAAHAHAHAH Thanks Kim for the fetch! Both of us spent more than 10 hours together. Really miracle because I still can't stop talking with her. She's my blog designer then turn to friends now closer & closer. I hope that she's doing good at SG! ALL THE BEST YOOOO!! After our brunch I'm sure we can't get enough but Cathy have to back home earlier. So left 3 of us continue shopping for a while. We went to Zara and H&M !! OMG I want that zara bag wehhhh!!

Afternoon - Fashion Fun Fair Bazaar 
After that we say bye bye to each other while Kim & I continue our private chatting time inside her car. Then, finally we reached Subang! Not sure where's the exactly location, so we simply open waze to check the road. Then we are the first one who reach there & start packing! Guess should let photo do the talking because not much can say just busy taking photo , checking our clothes , refund for sweeties , selling , talking talk talk talk! 
 Also, Thanks Emcee Couture for all the foods & drinks! Nom nom nom so colorful and my mood turn super good! Too bad Bobo not here :'(
 Chenelle has too much clothes. She even brought a luggage there but she's too thin to carry it. So Kim & I become her superwomen! HAHAAHH Both of us help her a bit and her table has not enough space for her to place her item. So... our table also full of her clothes! HAHAHAHAAHAH 
 Pretty Kim and my colorful clothes! HAAHAHAHAHAHA Brought a lot on that day end up still left some maybe will post it on facebook group :) For those who interested can find the group at facebook (chanwon ♥ sweeties) Then within that 4-5 hours , we just busy doing our business and talking. So here's some of the photo we took! Group photo and photo with sweeties who actually drop by on that day! Thanks for coming xx.

 Photo with sweeties too! Really thanks for coming on that day. Some of you are still the same familiar face but getting more and more pretty. Hope you get something you like on that day and stay happy with us! HHAHAAHAHA I saw some of you really bought damn damn damn lots of stuff. I hope that you got something you really really love. I know the feeling of getting thing you love with super cheap price leh! Super happy hor~ Thanks for those who came from super far place and some of you actually plan to come by bus and asking me where's the exactly bus you should get into. Very worry about that but luckily you guys come with another partner.

Thanks for the girl who come by taxi. Purposely drop by here! You know who you are and I know some of you came from Cheras too! Damn far hor!! But really really happy to see you on that day. Hope that you really really happy to see others blogger and me too nah~ HAHAHAHAHAHA Spot yourself and some of you didnt get a chance to take photo from you but it's okay i waiting for the tag so that I can include it inside this blog post too! Hehe
 This 3 lovely girls always came to bazaar. The pretty big sister dye her hair into red color damn suit her and her sister's eyes really big and cute. Both getting more & more pretty and another one with mint top was Bobo's fans! HAAHAH Too bad bobo not there :'( BOBO WHY YOU NOT HERE AAA!!!! Then of course must take photo and talk for awhile. Thanks for coming from so farrrrrr!! Love xx

The only boy appear after the end of the bazaar. HAHHAHAA You see I purposely feature you in my blog somemore put twice your head on leh! Dont cry! He's smelly's best bro lol! He drop by there and after that going to play basketball near Subang too and I know he purposely come to see other pretty girl! Lol too bad he was late larh! HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for coming ya and hope you gain more weight become fatty zaii :D HAPPY  BELATED BUFFDAY TOO. Owe you a meal and will clear it soon~  

Thanks for coming sweetheart! Received your msg a day before was quite worry about you because you told me you wanna come by bus! OMG If me I sure gone because bus number is too complicated but luckily you reach there safety. Really happy to see you ~ It's my first time to meet you too~ HAHAHAHAHA Your outfit very nice on that day especially your long hair . My hair getting shorter and shorter everyone keep wonder why am I dare to cut it. HAHAHA I just so free and get super bored so...decided to cut! Lol Glad to see you hope you enjoy your time and trip at KL for few months!

Thanks for coming both pretty babe too! HHAHHAHA They keep trying cloth and talk with us I'm really happy that both of you get something you like and we are getting closer & closer! HEHE Happy to see you on that day too and thanks for coming with your friends :) I love you guys! muackx muackx

Thanks for everyone who came on that day. Thanks for buying my item and talk to me. I'm really happy happy happy until I have no idea how to express myself anymore. Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU TOO ALL OF YOU! Thanks Chenelle , Kim , Duogigs and Mei Chi again!!! Love love love all of you. If I can i would like to kiss you all ! HAHAHAHAHAHHA So everything runs smoothly and BAZAAR SUCCESSFULLY end like that :)

Night - Dessert Time @ One City 
 After all, due to the terrible traffic jam we decided to hold on and search for some place to hang out again. Lol this time since we are here at Subang so we simply went to , One City!! Having our lovely dessert time again with both Kim & Chenelle! Actually I'm quite tired and almost fall asleep because I woke up damn early on that day! AHAHAHAHA My eyes look super tired but really satisfied on that day!

Seriously, Thanks all of you for making it happen. My life really become much more colorful with you all. I can't believe that I'm able to have all of you in my life. Blogging life really make lots diff to my normal life. Previously, I'm just a boring girl always love to talk. Teachers always complain about me even my result was good but due to my mouth was too talkative ...They always hate me. Telling me disadvantages of being too active and talkative but NOW you all make me feel good with myself. I accepted who am I and just being myself. I believe no matter what and how..someone or you gonna fall your love to my talkative mouth and personality. AHAHHAHAAHHAAHHA

WAH MACAM YES! That's all for today la I feel like crying already and really thanks Kim for the fetch I very paiseh keep tumpang your car so you wait me go SG find you chat chat chat again a!!! LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THANKS EVERYONE and a kiss for each of you! 

That's all for today, love xx.


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