WeChat x Yeo's ♥ 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest

14 March 2014

Hey my little sweeties  How are you today? Remember to take care yourself and drink more water during this period due to the haze was getting more & more serious. So... Guess why am I here today??? It's a good news for all of you!!!! WeChat is happy to announce that Yeo's Malaysia has join the WeChat family. I was glad that I'm able to attend every collaboration event for them. It was super fun especially this time we able to drink lots of diff drinks from Yeo's and also at the same time we able to join their 80 DAYS DRINK TO CASH CONTEST. It's not a small contest because for their special customer who consume Yeo's Drink you can win the cash prizes of RM500,000 & 72 ipad home!! 

Muhahahaha! I know you all must be shock right now but before you get shock remember to join this contest. I joined it yesterday with all of the bloggers during the blogger's night event. It's very simple you just need to know and I will put the video and show you guys how to join it. Is that alright!! So, keep reading until the end of this post.
It was a wonderful night together with both WeChat & Yeo's Malaysia. We enjoy our night with nice drinks & yummy dinner. This time the event located at D'Cuisine, Jaya 33 together with all my pretty babies there.My very last event before my holiday end :'(  This is my first time to Jaya33 I thought it was a shopping mall but it actually full of diff restaurant. We arrive quite early and thanks Bobo for the fetch we meet each other at One Utama before the event. After we arrived, we meet Karen & Chenelle too. After that all of us just sit together with each other and start to discover and try new drinks from Yeo's Malaysia too.
 It was like a great dinner and gathering time rather than just a blogger event. Thanks WeChat & Yeo's for everything. I had a great day yesterday especially the yummy dinner!But before the dinner , we were welcomed by Emcee. Later on a speech given by Ms.Leong (Business Development Director of  WeChat Malaysia and another short speech by Mr.Vincent Chui (General Manager of Yeo's Malaysia)
 After that, it's the best time ever. We can have our dinner and I'm so full after that. At first I'm so hungry AHHAAHAHAHAH. Other than the simple dinner, we can also try all the Yeo's drink on the table and I think we can't live without Yeo's now. Even CNY my mom purchased lots of Yeo's drinks. Guess it already become one of the MUST-DO things during special event in our life. I'm loving their latest yogurt drinks and the justea!
 Feel so blessed with everything yesterday. People around were super friendly keep reminding us don't feel shy just grab whatever we want and try whatever we want. AHAHAHAH I'm always craving for yummy food and drinks so...HOW CAN I SAY NO FOR THIS!! I just grab as much as I can~ Lol 
Btw, I love salmon. So I grab few pieces of Salmon sharing with all of the bloggers at the same table. Feel so full after that. nom nom nom. Thanks for the buffet dinner  

Next, after we had our buffet dinner , a friendly demo of contest submission IS A MUST!! So that we can join the contest at the same time too. I just can't wait to join because daily winner can win RM3,000 HOME!! In daily basis!!! wtf?! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!! We were like...OMG I WANNA JOIN then stop taking photo keep on clicking our phone for the wechat x yeo's ID!! AHAHAHAHAH

 Demo of Contest Submission by Yeo's , Mr.Kelvin Ng
 Q&A Session too

After joining and all the demo session, we have a group photo time again!! Every event must ended with a super chio group photo together with all the people there. Congratz and all the best for the contest. 
 Too many people there so end up Jacklyn & I have to stand in front!! HAAHAHAH This pose super hard to pose with. We have to pose like half bend down with our leg. Super tiring but super fun!! Especially all the laugh behind and after group photo time will be our BLOGGER PHOTO TIME. Happy that WeChat always make our event like a small gathering with all pretty bloggers and all the new friends we met yesterday.

 Doris , Karen , VickyBobo , Me, Chenelle , Bell & Jacklyn

 Enough for our face? HAHAHAAH Okie it's time to tell you few easy  & simple steps to join this "Yeo'S 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest" 


Yeo's 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest  

 It's super duper simple like a piece of cake! From 13 March to the 31 May 2014 , user who purchase any Yeo's / Justea / SoyRich beverage will be eligible to participant in this contest!! Is that simple?? If i find from my house now i have like 5 diff beverage from Yeo's one. So I can joined 5 time!! HAAHAHAHAHAH WOOOHOOO
Grand Draw
1 x RM100,000
9 x RM1,000

Daily Winner Draw
1 x RM3,000 x 80days
9 x RM100 x 80days

Special Bonus Draw
1 x RM10,00 x 8 special draws
9 x iPad’s x 8 special draws

How to join??? Win RM3,000 everyday in 80 days from Yeo's Malaysia starts from TODAY! 

1.Follow Yeo's Malaysia WeChat Official Accouunt NOW! (ID:yeosmalaysia) 
2.Just purchase any Yeo’s drink today, snap a photo and submit via Yeo’s Malaysia Official WeChat Account 
3.Upon successful submission , you will get a hyperlink to view Yeo's commercial youtube video.
4.Then, answer a simple question related to the video.

To make it simple you can just VIEW THIS VIDEO :3 

Now you can start buying your favourite Yeo's drinks today and start accumulating your receipts and product codes!!! The product code is something like this -

It was super easy right?? Simply add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia & join the contest to win it home!!! Imma now drinking Yeo's SoyRich and I'm gonna join for today's contest after I done blogging for this post!! MUAHAHAHAHAH Faster join it now~

 For further details on the contest you may visit www.yeos.com.my/contest 


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