Fav Stuff of May♥

31 May 2011

Hahaa :3 Hey mua friends..So happy today cause Mr.Kittyback to Malaysia today! :D Oh..Tomorrow is Wednesday..Damn cheap if we plan to watch movie..Hmmm..which movie better ?! Holidays end SOON :'( Still don't know how to register new subject in my degree year..IDK where to see my new course time table..goossssh!

This is my last post for May :3 So Fast..Bye bye May..Everything might diff in June..MMU new intake and new juniors ! :3 Finally I'm getting more and more old..Going to enter Twenty Already T.T..Can't imaging  I work and have my own salary from mua boss! Fly back to here..This post is about the fav stuff of may..or else you can say Fav stuff I bought :D
First is..New watch from my mom :3 My cousin's wifey back from Indonesia and she help me to get this Baby-G watch.. IDK why I'm so in love with black and pink colour! My high dunk shoe and watch all almost having the same colour -.- like uniform! Lmao.. Thanks mom! Love this so much..IDK which model with which model ..watever* i just choose the nice colour that i like :P
wow wow ..Welcome to my life Baby-G :D 
 I online shopping a lot recently after i know how to bank in through ONLINE :( Used a lot too! Bite myself and BANG wall! I ordered a personal customize necklace..The product is so satisfied but just the letter too small for me..Cause I didn't tell the people to enlarge it..Will order a new one which enlarge my font next time babeh! !
More information just click : http://www.facebook.com/edianstationshop Visit their page ya :)

 Next is...

Teehee! Love the most..
Bought it @Fashion Market, Kuchai Lama..Shop near Shabu garden/Shabu Shabu/ Sweethut! Go and have a look..The people there is so friendly and they have sales! 70% 50%...NEW STOCK and products coming on this JUNE 5! Go and grab some after i get my pocket money :D
and Of course! My big leopard bag ! You can bought it at Time Square, 1st revenue!
A very cool notebook which recorded all my daily transaction :D from Materials located @ F88..
 SexyLookbought it from Hannah :) Thanks pretty girl..She selling double eyelid sticker too..You can bought it from her :)
 and I finally received my shooting photo from Hinika..Thankiiuu so much..He is a very good photographer and should gain some respect from everyone..Planned for a outing with his wifey too :)weeeeeeee~ visit : www.hinika.net for more photo..
His beautiful wife :) The only model for him! Hahhahaa.. Really hope to be like them..so sweet and friendly :)

Last but not least! Iron curl bought it from my dearest friends Casey :) Anyone want can contact me..Teehee..Part time job mah! LOL
 This available in 2 colour..which is Pink (mine) and also White! :D
 This one is old one..bought it at watsons few years ago..It's 28mm and the new one just bought few days ago was 32mm..
 This can control the temperature and gain temperature so fast within 1 mins!Got diff colour light :D So damn cute! Welcomeeeeeee to my life ...I think this can create a new and nice curl! Hahhaha Inbox me if you're interested LOL...
 Arghh! Too much stuff to bought and too much to share..I love the shoe i bought from fashion market :) Really nice to wear out..And wont spoil easily...Go and get one babeh!That's all for today! Tata! enjoy your lunch Peeps..Love