Funny and NG part for the Shooting :3 ♥ *Added*

27 May 2011

Herloo mua sweeties here :3 Sorry is my picture above make you feel like vomit :P Hhahaha..I received the post just now..The photographer a.k.a Hinika already post the CD for us :D Woots..More than 100 pictures inside the CD..and few photo for me :) He's a good photographer and everyone will like him..Be confident Ika..and he has a beautiful wifeyMandy..again! His wifey is my TYPE
Sorry for the late update :) and this post gonna be the same as the previous post but this is the funny and NG part of our shooting last week..Please steady..Cause a lot ghost face appear while you're reading my post! 3.....2.....1....~ Most of the stupid funny photo took by James :) He pro catch people expression :D
 Oh my BabyG :) At first ...we're shy :D so I don't dare face the camera..act a bit! LOL
 My eye don't know look at which part~ But the dot dot pink car so cute :3
 Can't imaging and IDK why am i doing this expression ._. Abit regret now!
 Woooootz..This angle so nice cause my leg super long! LOL
 My hand dunno put where so just....:( weird hand! gooosh~
 Prepare ....the spec so funny ! BIG TIL DROP
 Her wifey look so young :) look alike with us and look same age with us..Ika就好了~ 每天看到她~
 Haven get ready! Pose 1st :P
 Aw...I melted already! @.@
 I wish this bed is  mine! so white! melting x2
 Stupid wind..keep blow and my hair like .______.
Last but not least..Ghost appear! HAHAHAHAHA ugly til drop..But I feel that's so cute -.- Don't slap me please!
 wah..this angle my face look "V" shape!
 Happy ending :) Thanks Thanks~
Waiting the stupid Mr.Kittyback :) Few more day to go! Remember bring 8423472084723 presents for me :E ..Plan for outing :] hmmmm~TATA! Ciaoz

*Finally James upload all the photos :D So I just share some here..Others please view :