Shooting By Hinika & James♥

24 May 2011

Herloo Peeps :) Hhahahaa..I  have two weeks holiday start from this week ...So freaking happy after all..But at the same time I'm worried about my result..But i think that wont be a problem for me :D 

Okie..Back to the topic! Last Sunday ...I went to Full House @Sunway Giza...had a photo shooting session with Hweesin , Mandy , Ika and James ...They're so friendly man! Everything run smoothly..and This is the first time I didn't delete any photo from them :D They really so nice! And the most unforgettable is..Finally I saw Ika's wifey, Mandy..She's so pretty and nice~ Ohh! she's my coffe :P

The first time meet them :) James keep talking with Hweesin..Leng Mandy sit at the table there care and watch for our bag ..Ika and James be our private photographer! HAHAHAHAH..jkjk~ So sad that I didn't took so much photo with them! But they really so nice and friendly :D Love Love..and the outcome is super Satisfied...Introduce with you guys Click inside and have a look with his photo :)

Most of his photo is shoot for his wifey ..She's a lovely girl :) Big eye ..Look like taiwan's girl, right? :] feel free and have a look with all his Portrait..and another photographer James..But I wonder where his blog :P Will update you guys later ya! [James's blog : ]

Share some photo here! others in my fb's page or account ya :) Enjoy! Really love all the outcome. .. Thanks for Ika,Mandy and James! Hweesiin so sexy that day too! Hope you like it too! muackx...

 For more photo click♥